How To Connect a Phone to a TCL TV

A smart TCL TV has more advanced functions compared to a traditional TV. It features high definition, built-in Roku support, and, most importantly, different connectivity options.

How To Connect a Phone to a TCL TV

Naturally, with a device like that, you’ll be tempted to expand its possibilities even more. And connecting your TCL TV with a smartphone will be the logical step in that direction.

This article will explain the process of connecting your phone with the TCL TV. As a bonus, we’ll add some useful tips on what you can do once the connection is established.

How to Connect Your Android Phone to a TCL TV

The best way to create a direct connection between your TCL TV and smartphone is through image casting or screen sharing.

How you’ll connect the phone with the TCL TV will depend on whether your Android smartphone has Miracast or not. Miracast is a standard for wireless displays and is present in every Android OS from version 4.2 upward.

Connecting Your Android Phone With the TCL TV via Miracast

If your phone has Miracast, connecting it to the TCL TV will be seamless. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Connect your TCL TV and Android smartphone to Wi-Fi. It’s crucial that both devices be on the same network.
  2. Make sure that screen mirroring is enabled on your TCL TV
  3. On your phone, go to “Settings,” then “Connection & sharing.”
  4. Find the “Wireless display” option and tap to enter the menu.
  5. Tap on “Screen mirroring.” You should see that the mirroring function is now turned on.
  6. Once you enable screen mirroring on your phone, you’ll see a list of available devices. Find your TCL TV and tap on it to select it.
  7. Connect the two devices by following the instructions on your phone. The exact steps will depend on your hardware and software version and may include entering a passcode.

Connecting Your Android Phone With the TCL TV Without Miracast

If your phone supports Miracast but the TCL TV doesn’t, you’ll need a workaround to connect the devices. The easiest way to make the connection will be to use a wireless display adapter.

These adapters hook up to your TV via USB. Once the adapter is installed, you can use the process described above to connect the TCL TV to your phone.

Connecting Your iPhone With the TCL TV

To connect an iPhone with your TCL TV, your phone will need to have AirPlay support. This function will be compatible with the latest Roku versions of TCL TV, although it might not work on earlier models.

If both your iPhone and TCL TV are compatible and support AirPlay, connect them using the following method:

  1. Make sure your iPhone and TCL TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Go to the “Control Center” on your iPhone.
  3. Locate “Screen Mirroring” and tap it to activate a drop-down menu.
  4. Find your TCL TV on the list of available devices and tap it.
  5. Your TV will display a code which you’ll need to enter on your phone. Once you’ve done that, tap “OK” to complete the process.

Using Screen Mirroring Apps

If you’re having difficulties connecting your phone to the TCL TV using the described methods, there’s an alternative solution that might work better.

You can install one of the dedicated apps on your TV and smartphone. These apps are designed to allow screen mirroring even if the firmware on either device doesn’t allow for it. Of course, you’ll use different apps depending on whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone.

Screen Mirroring Apps for Android Phones

There are various screen mirroring apps available on Google Play Store. However, not all apps are made equal in terms of functionality and connection quality. Some might have a significant lag, which can make the entire experience unpleasant and even frustrating.

We’ve selected two apps that perform better than most: LetsView and ApowerMirror.

The connection process will be the same for both apps. Here are the steps to complete the process:

  1. Download and install LetsView or ApowerMirror on your smartphone and TCL TV. Use the same app on both devices – LetsView and ApowerMirror aren’t compatible with one another.
  2. Connect the TCL TV and phone to the same network via Wi-Fi.
  3. Open the screen mirroring app on both of your devices.
  4. You’ll see a QR code on your TCL TV. Scan it with your phone using the scanning option in LetsView or ApowerMirror. The devices should now be connected.

If you need help choosing between LetsView and ApowerMirror, it’s worth knowing the standout features of each app.

LetsView has advanced features usually reserved for premium apps. This is a pleasant surprise since LetsView is available for free. Using this app, you can record your screen, capture screenshots, and even take advantage of certain drawing tools. This app will be ideal if you want to get creative with the material you’re viewing and record videos.

On the other hand, ApowerMirror focuses on quality. The app provides mirroring on a high level with crisp pictures and audio. In addition, the connection will last for a long time and usually remain exceptionally stable. With ApowerMirror, you’ll get a great gaming tool, but the app will also be perfect for watching movies, shows, or other video content.

Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhone

If you want to use screen mirroring to connect your iPhone with the TCL TV, you can use the MirrorMeister app.

Using this app will be possible only in situations where your TCL TV has screen mirroring support but the iPhone doesn’t. All you’ll need to do in that case will be to download and install the app on your iPhone, open it, and tap “Start Mirroring.”

The connection should be set up automatically and your iPhone screen should appear on the TCL TV. Of course, as with all other methods, you’ll need to hook up both devices to the same Wi-Fi network to make this happen.

Keep Your Tech Connected

Connecting your phone to the TCL TV can be very convenient. You can view content that wouldn’t look as good on the smaller phone screen, play games, and even browse the internet. If you’re an avid smartphone user but want the benefits of a larger screen, this solution will be ideal.

Now that you know how to connect your phone to your TCL TV, you can make the most out of both devices.

Did you manage to connect your phone to the TCL TV? Let us know in the comments below.

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