How To Turn Off Voice Assistance on a TCL TV

The TCL TV is one of the bestselling low-budget TV brands, and its excellent picture quality and price have attracted customers worldwide. When the “text-to-speech” feature is activated, your TV will start reading the menu options’ names out loud.

How To Turn Off Voice Assistance on a TCL TV

Read on to learn how to deactivate this feature and prevent it from being activated accidentally. Plus, how to troubleshoot other common TCL TV issues.

Why Is My TCL TV Talking to Me?

TCL TVs are built with “Audio Guide” assistance to help you navigate the on-screen menus. When the text-to-speech (TTS) feature is enabled, the Audio Guide will read on-screen text items such as the menu option names.

The feature can be enabled through “Settings” or by pressing the “*” button (also referred to as the options or star button) on your remote quickly four times. So, if the TTS is enabled, it could be that the star button was pressed four times accidentally. Luckily the feature can be switched off at any time.

How to Turn Off the Voice on a TCL TV

Follow these steps to disable the text-to-speech feature on your TCL TV.

  1. Push the “Home” button on your remote to access the main screen.
  2. Either scroll up or down to choose “Settings.”
  3. Press the right arrow, then choose “Accessibility.”
  4. Press the right arrow again and choose “TalkBack.”
  5. Press the right arrow once more to select “OFF” to disable the feature.

To prevent the TTS feature from being activated accidentally via the star button shortcut, you can disable it.

How to Disable the Voice Shortcut on a TCL TV

Follow these steps to disable the “Audio Guide” feature shortcut.

  1. Press your remote’s “Home” button to access the main screen.
  2. Scroll up or down to choose “Settings,” then “Accessibility.”
  3. Choose the “Shortcut” category, and select the “Disabled” option.

Now, your TCL TV will not automatically enable the TTS feature when the “*” button is pressed four times, either intentionally or by accident.

Talking TV Problem Resolved!

The TCL TV has an Audio Guide feature that reads the menu option names to the viewer. Since it can be activated by pressing the “*” button four times, one can enable it by mistake. Luckily, this feature can also be disabled by pressing the star button four times again or from the “Accessibility” menu. You can also turn off the star button shortcut to prevent it from being accidentally activated from your remote.

Has your TCL TV stopped talking to you? Is there anything else your TV does that you prefer it didn’t? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “How To Turn Off Voice Assistance on a TCL TV”

Amanda Jones says:
Have the same issue. So far nothing works.
Donna Morgan says:
I followed instructions and can’t turn off talk back!
Vicki Ellerton says:
Cannot turn off TTS feature. Followed instructions as above. I cannot find short cut from Accessibility.

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