How To Connect a Switch to a TV Without a Dock

The Nintendo Switch dock has revolutionized gameplay, allowing users to stream the action on the big screen. Unfortunately, when the dock is damaged or stops working, gamers are stuck with their small console display. But there’s a way to bypass the issue and continue gaming without forgoing the high-resolution of your TV.

How To Connect a Switch to a TV Without a Dock

This article will discuss connecting your Switch to a TV without a dock and which equipment will give you the best TV gaming experience.

Connect Switch to TV Without Dock

Connecting your Nintendo Switch to the TV is a relatively straightforward process. You’ll need to use an adapter to charge the Switch and link it to the TV.

The following equipment will enable you to play your favorite Nintendo titles without a dock:

  • Nintendo Switch Adapter
  • HDMI Cord
  • Tripod Stand or Holder
  • USB Type-C Cord
  • Charging Adapter

A quality HDMI cable will offer stable video and audio transmission, so not using the dock won’t affect your gameplay. They’re typically used for connecting PlayStations and digital TVs, so you probably have several lying around your house. Note that older models might not be able to connect to your TV or Switch, but most newer cables will get the job done.

When looking for a suitable adapter, make sure that it will support your console. For an elevated gaming experience, it’s best to use an adapter that offers 4K streaming resolution. A weaker adapter won’t work for gaming, so always check the specifications to avoid compatibility issues.

Also, charging adapters are handy when your dock is damaged or broken. Some Switch users have reported that their docks were extremely fragile and stopped working correctly. Even if you prefer gaming through your dock, you’ll need another way of charging your Switch once it malfunctions.

Investing in a charging adapter ensures that your console is always ready, with or without the dock. Third-party adapters are incredibly durable, so they’ll keep your Switch powered on for years.

There are many options available, but the adapter you pick should come with the following features:

  • USB Type-C Power Input
  • HDMI Output
  • USB 3.0 Slot
  • USB Type-C Connector

Look for a multipurpose gadget to make the most out of your adapter. The latest models offer 4K-support and can be used with tablets and mobile phones. Some models are made from aluminum components to improve heat dissipation.

How to Connect Switch to TV Without Dock

Even without a dock, you can still participate in some serious gaming action on the big screen. Before you start playing, make sure the console is fully charged.

 To connect your Switch to a TV:

  1. Remove the HDMI and USB Type-C cords from the back of your dock.
  2. Place the Switch on a tripod stand or a phone holder. Alternatively, put it on a table close to the TV.
  3. Link the USB Type-C cord and the HDMI cord to the adapter.
  4. Close the back cover of the dock.
  5. Connect your Nintendo Switch to the adapter.
  6. Remove the Joy-Con controllers from the console.
    If the Joy-Con controllers aren’t registered to the Nintendo Switch, you won’t be able to use them as wireless controllers.
  7. Turn on the TV and choose the appropriate HDMI input channel.
  8. Power on the Nintendo console.

While setting up your console and TV for a game is relatively uncomplicated, it largely depends on your adapter. Getting an adapter that meets the demands of your Nintendo Switch will provide you with the best gaming experience.

Newer adapters are compact and travel-friendly. You don’t have to go over your packing list to remember whether you’ve taken the dock. The adapter doubles as a console charger and a reliable piece of gaming equipment, so you can continue your game anywhere.

How to Connect Switch OLED to TV Without Dock

Fans of the Nintendo Switch OLED model also can connect their favorite console to a TV. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the dock’s back cover and take out the HDMI cords and the USB Type-C cable.
  2. Position the console on a tripod stand or a phone holder. If none are available, use a table close to the TV.
  3. Take the USB Type-C and HDMI cords and connect them to the TV.
  4. Close the back of the dock.
  5. Take out the Joy-Con Controllers from the Switch.
    The Joy-Con controllers won’t work as wireless controllers unless they’re registered to your console.
  6. Switch on the TV and pick the appropriate HDMI input channel.
  7. Turn on your Switch console.

Before setting up the connection, check whether the console is fully charged. If you’ve forgotten or damaged your dock, a reliable adapter will maintain the quality of your user experience. Since it’s a multipurpose piece of equipment, you can take it on your travels and connect the console to any TV.

Additional FAQs

Can I connect my Nintendo Switch to the TV wirelessly?

Unfortunately, connecting your Nintendo Switch console to a TV is impossible without a wire. While it’s relatively simple to mirror your mobile device to a TV or display, the Switch lacks the necessary internal components to support wireless gameplay.

Since many users are anxiously awaiting a feature that enables wireless game streaming, Nintendo will likely roll out a solution sometime in the future. Until that happens, Switch users can look into unofficial wireless options. For example, gaming enthusiasts have established the Genki ShadowCast, a crowdfunded campaign that enables you to connect any gaming console to a PC using a USB Type-C cable.

Can I connect my Nintendo Switch Lite to the TV?

Unlike the standard Switch console and the OLED model, the Nintendo Switch Lite doesn’t allow TV streaming. Nintendo has built the model as a practical handheld gadget, so the Lite version doesn’t have the hardware elements necessary for establishing a TV connection.

The Switch console can transfer video data to an external display, so the Lite caters to people who don’t want to use their TV screen for gaming. Because of its compact size and inability to work with external displays, the Switch Lite has a lower price tag. Users shouldn’t try to use the console’s USB port to connect it to a TV. It’s used only for charging the console.

Why is my dock not working?

Your dock may be malfunctioning due to several reasons.

Perhaps you’re using the wrong cables. Not all HDMI and USB cables are compatible with Nintendo products. Before setting up the dock, ensure that you’ve got the appropriate equipment.

Some smart TVs can also prevent your dock from functioning properly. Use the dock with older models to avoid compatibility issues since they generally provide more Nintendo support.

Occasionally, the dock can be faulty. They’re susceptible to damage, so you’ll need to apply for an online repair using your Nintendo repair profile to resolve the issue. In the meantime, a dependable adapter will take care of your gaming needs and keep your console fully charged.

Don’t Let the Dock Stop Your Game

Whether you’ve forgotten your dock or it’s stopped working, you deserve to have access to your favorite games. Luckily, an adapter with the appropriate HDMI and USB cords will ensure that a damaged or forgotten dock doesn’t disrupt your gameplay. Adapters work with the Switch and OLED models, while Switch Lite doesn’t support TV streaming.

Have you ever connected your Switch to a TV? Which adapter did you use? Let us know in the comment section below.

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