How to Convert Image Files from HEIC to JPG

Since iOS 11, Apple has been using the HEIC image format and, in some ways, it’s superior to JPG. For example, HEIC images are much smaller than JPG, making them perfect for mobile devices.

How to Convert Image Files from HEIC to JPG

Nevertheless, the format causes issues with certain apps and that’s why you might want to convert the images. The conversion itself isn’t tricky, but it requires a few steps (on a Mac). And if you’re not a Mac user, you might need to use third-party apps.

From the Web

Web conversion is probably the most common method. TinyWow HEIC to JPG Converter is among the most popular and user-friendly options.

Choosing one online conversion website over another is a matter of personal preference. All of them offer a similar or the same conversion method.

Drag and drop the images into the designated area or select the file, hit Convert, and wait for the software to do the heavy lifting. Then, you can download the converted files onto your computer.

You should know that some online conversion services also allow you to choose the image size, quality, and remove or keep the image metadata.

On a Mac

The easiest way to convert image files from HEIC to JPG is to use Quick Action. However, you need to set it up first, and here’s how to do so.

Step 1

Hit Cmd + Space to access Spotlight and type Automator, then select New Document at the bottom left of the window.

In the document template window, select Quick Actions, and confirm by clicking on Choose.

Note: Make sure your Mac is up-to-date because the Quick Actions template might not be available.

Step 2

Go to the search bar on the left side of the menu window and enter “copy finder.” Under search results, you’ll find “Copy Finder Items” – drag and drop this into the right section of the screen.

to convert image files from heic to jpg

In the menu window on the right, you can also select the destination of the converted images.

Tip: Omitting the “Copy Finder Items” action won’t create a copy of the HEIC image on your desktop.

Step 3

Select the search bar on the left again and enter “change type.” The “Change Type of Images” command should appear under results, and then you drag and drop it to the right.

image files from heic to jpg

Now, you should be able to see a drop-down menu next to “To Type,” click on it and select JPEG.

image files from heic to jpg how to convert

Step 4

Navigate to the menu bar, select File, and choose Save from the drop-down menu.

rom heic to jpg how to

Name the Quick Action in the drop-down window, and hit the Save button to finalize the process.

How to Use Quick Action for HEIC to JPG Conversion

Once the Action is set up, you’re only a couple of clicks away from making the conversion. Select the image file you’d like to convert, right-click on it, and choose Quick Actions.

from heic to jpg how to convert

The pop-out menu reveals the options and “Convert to JPG” should be the second one. Click on it and the system creates a JPG in the destination folder you chose earlier.

Quick Note: The Action works the same when you bulk-select images.

On a Windows 10 Device

There are two methods to convert HEIC images to JPG and both require you to install additional software. But first, let’s see how to make your PC recognize and open HEIC files.

HEIF Image Extension

If the Photos app is running on your PC, close it, then access the Microsoft Store and search for HEIF Image Extension.

heic to jpg how to convert images files

Hit the Get button and install it on your computer. Then, open the Photos app to access the HEIC files on your computer.

Note: From Windows 10 update onward, Microsoft prompts you to download codecs that read HEIC files. This method works pretty much the same as the extension.

iCloud Trick

If you’re using iCloud to store the images, you can download HEIC files as JPG onto your computer. And the best thing is that this is the simplest way to convert the images.

In the Photos Options window, make sure the “Keep high efficiency original if available” option is unchecked. This automatically converts HEIC images to JPG upon download.

Directly on the iPhone

It’s important to stress that iPhones with iOS 10 don’t have the option to save and create HEIC images. But with newer software iterations and iPhones you can do everything on your phone.

Tap on the Settings app, swipe down to Camera, and tap to open. In the Camera menu, select Formats and choose JPG as the “most compatible,” and HEIC as “high efficiency.”

from heic to jpg how to convert images files

Then, access the Photos menu and navigate to “Transfer to Mac or PC” and select Automatic. This is how you configure your iPhone to convert the photos on auto.

As indicated, you can also try third-party software such as iMazing, if that’s more convenient.

Additional FAQ

As you can see, converting HEIC images to JPG isn’t as tricky as you might think, even if you’re a Windows user. Still, certain questions need to be addressed.

Can I Automatically Save Images as JPG Instead of HEIC?

As indicated, there’s an option to automatically save images as JPG. To remind you, go to the Settings app on your iPhone and select Camera options.

convert image files from heic

Under Formats choose “high efficiency” for HEIC and “most compatible” for JPG. Then, switch over to Photos and choose Automatic under “Transfer to Mac or PC.”

It’s important to note that the format in the settings might be labeled as HEIF/HEVC. No worries, you’re in the right place and the saved file is HEIC indeed.

Why Do iPhones Use the HEIC File Type?

To disambiguate the lingo first – HEIF is a High-Efficiency Image Format standard, and HEIC is the file format you get. As said, Apple adopted this from iOS 11 onward because of a more advanced compression method.

In a nutshell, the format allows you to take high-resolution images of a smaller size. This way, you get the crisp, sharp photos iPhones are known for, yet you don’t use up the free memory on your iPhone fast. Plus, this is more storage-efficient should you decide to keep the photos on iCloud.

image files from heic to jpg how

At this point, the compatibility of the HEIC format is its major limitation. In fact, macOS prior to High Siera isn’t capable of recognizing and opening HEIC files. Nevertheless, this can be solved with a simple update of the system.

And you now know that there are ways to make HEIC files Windows-friendly. 

Can You USE HEIC Format on Android?

Android doesn’t provide native support for the HEIC format and third-party apps are few and far between. Nonetheless, there’s a neat trick to open, view, and manage HEIC files on your Android device.

Install Dropbox and use the app to store or transfer all your HEIC files. That way, you can preview them through the Dropbox app. Then, you can send the images to Adobe Lightroom mobile or any other software that allows you to edit and manipulate the given files.

from heic to jpg how to convert images

With this in mind, most Android users rarely encounter this type of file due to the native formats of their device.

HEIC Conversions Made Easy

It’s safe to assume that the HEIC format is here to stay because of its compression rate and image quality. Consequently, this high-efficiency format will find its way onto more devices, smartphones in particular. But if you’re serious about photography RAW is still the gold standard to retain as much information in the image as possible.

When was the first time you encountered the HEIC format? What is the conversion software or method you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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