How To Find the Default Password for a Brother Printer

Do you have a Brother printer and have forgotten its password? Nothing could be more frustrating than when you quickly need to print an important work assignment or document but you can’t connect to your printer. Fortunately, there’s no need to panic.

How To Find the Default Password for a Brother Printer

This article will guide you through everything you’ll need to do to get reconnected to your printer. Let’s get started.

How to Find the Default Password for My Brother Printer

In most cases, the default password for your Brother printer is “access.” Although this is true for most models, it sometimes isn’t the correct password. An alternate password to try is “initpass.” If these two passwords don’t work, follow the steps below:

  1. Depending on which model of Brother printer you have, the password could be in one of two locations. Look on the back and the bottom of the printer to find it. The password would be preceded by “Pwd.”
  2. If the password isn’t located on the printer, you can also try printing the “Network Configuration Report” from your computer or laptop. The password for your Brother printer should be listed.

Please note that if you had previously changed the default password to a custom password and you’ve forgotten it, you’ll first need to reset the printer to factory default settings to regain access. You can accomplish this by following these easy steps:

  1. On the printer, press the “Up” or “Down” arrow key until you find “Initial Setup,” then press “OK.”
  2. Next, press the “Up” or “Down” arrow key until you find “Reset,” then press “OK.”
  3. Lastly, press the “Yes” to Reset.

How Do I Reset the Password for My Brother Printer?

It’s highly recommended that you change the default password for your Brother printer to keep it secure and protected against unauthorized use. This is easily accomplished with a few straightforward steps.

To change your printer’s password, do the following:

  1. Open your preferred web browser.
  2. Using the address bar on the top of your browser, type “http://printer IP,” but use the printer’s IP address and not “printer IP.” You can find its IP address in your computer or laptop’s “Control Panel.” Alternately, you can print this information directly from the printer by navigating through the menu options.
  3. Type in the default password in the “Login” field.
  4. Click on the “Administrator” tab or “Login Password.”
  5. Locate “Enter New Password” and type in the new password you’d like to use.
  6. Next, click “Confirm New Password” and retype to confirm.
  7. Click “Submit.”

Now that you’ve created a new password, it’s recommended that you write it down and save it in a secure location.

How to Change the Name of My Brother Printer

  1. Open your web browser. In the address bar, enter the IP address of the printer.
  2. Press “Enter.”
  3. Type your printer’s password and click “Enter.”
  4. From the printer’s home page, click the “Network” tab located at the top of the screen.
  5. Click your interface type, either “Wired” or “Wireless,” depending on which configuration you use.
  6. Click “Node Name (Wired)” or “Node Name (Wireless),” depending on your configuration.
  7. Go to the “Node Name” field, delete the current name and replace it with the desired name for your printer.
  8. Click “Submit.”

You’ve now changed the name of your printer. Please note that the first character of the name must be a letter. Brother doesn’t allow for the first character to be a number or special symbol.

Additional FAQs

Is it really necessary to have a password on my printer?

Yes, it’s actually very important. Unauthorized printing on a shared work printer could result in the loss of resources like toner and paper, creating unnecessary waste and increasing expenses. Also, hackers could gain access to your personal files on your computer, laptop, or other devices that are connected to the same network as your printer. Network printers are often a source of entry for hackers which makes a password a necessity. In today’s world of cybercrime, adding extra layers of security is always recommended.

Does Brother have a Customer Service department to help me if I have a problem with my printer?

First, you can check to see if there’s an answer to your problem by going to their FAQ and Troubleshooting page. If you’re unable to locate a solution to your issue, you can open a call ticket here.

Locating the Default Password for Your Brother Printer Is Hassle-Free

We all have way too many passwords to remember. But finding the default password for your Brother printer is a snap, and it’s easy to change it to a custom password. All of which provides much-needed peace of mind in terms of potential security risks.

Have you recently needed to locate your default password? Did you follow the methods described in this article? Let us know in the comments section below.

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