How to Delete Messages on the ClassDojo App

ClassDojo has three user groups: teachers, parents, and students. Communication is, of course, more than encouraged here. The app comes with a messenger that allows the teachers and parents to communicate with each other.

How to Delete Messages on the ClassDojo App

If you accidentally send a message to a wrong person, make a ridiculous typo, or make another mistake, you can quickly delete the message.

Deleting a Message as a Teacher

As a teacher, you want to come off as professional as possible. After all, you’re in charge of people’s kids, and they do take this seriously, sometimes even more than necessary.

Deleting any message from a ClassDojo chat is straightforward. Simply navigate to the message that you want to delete, wherever it is, and hover over it. A small X sign should appear to the message’s left, in the upper corner. Click the X button and then confirm the deletion.

On the mobile/tablet app, you’re going to have to tap and hold the given message. Then delete it and confirm.

delete messages on classdojo app

On some other chat apps, you can delete a message for you this way, but it remains visible for other users. On ClassDojo, this action removes the said message both from your and the parent’s feed.

Deleting a Message as a Parent

Although most chat apps allow every involved party roughly the same privileges, ClassDojo isn’t among them. With ClassDojo, the teacher has more control over the app than the parents. After all, it’s the teacher’s classroom that’s in question (virtual or otherwise).

Therefore, parents can’t delete messages. You also need to be extra careful about what you type as a parent because the teacher can see the entire chat history. It is best to be respectful and professional, regardless of your role.

Downloading Chat History

Teachers can download the entire chat history in no more than a few easy steps. To download a complete chat with a class or with a parent, go to your profile. To do this, navigate to the upper-right screen corner and click or tap the profile icon.

Then, navigate to Account settings, followed by the Messaging tab (located on the left-hand screen side).

Find the Download message history option and click Download next to this option.

A screen should appear, listing every single class that you teach. Below, you’ll see the list of parents that you’ve chatted with. To download all the messages in a chat, tap on a class name or parent name. You will then see a prompt about downloading the chat history.

Note that the history will be downloaded as a .txt file.

Messaging Privacy and Access for Parents

You should note that ClassDojo respects your messaging privacy and that the teacher who receives the message is the only one who can see it. Although other parents will likely be a part of the classroom, they won’t be able to view your correspondence with the teacher.

Although you can obtain the messaging history, you, as a parent, don’t have direct access to it. You can request the history of a particular correspondence with a teacher by contacting ClassDojo support at However, if you need access to the chat history, it’s recommended that you contact the teacher directly, to avoid any awkward situations.

how to delete message on classdojo app

Deleting ClassDojo Messages

Only teachers can delete messages on ClassDojo, whether they’re textual entries, photos, or stickers. Teachers can also delete entire chat histories. While there’s no official confirmation, we can hope that ClassDojo will give the parents the same privileges in the future.

Have you ever deleted messages on ClassDojo? Can you give an example of a situation where you’re thankful for this option? Feel free to hit the comment section below with any thoughts and experiences.

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