How to Delete Points in ClassDojo

Schools are not only about learning a bunch of facts – building character and improving the kids’ behavior are equally important tasks. That’s precisely the purpose of the ClassDojo online behavior management system: to connect teachers, students, and parents so that they can reach these goals together.

How to Delete Points in ClassDojo

This free system will strengthen communication between home and school, foster classroom culture, and promote positive behavior by awarding students “Dojo Points” based on their classroom conduct.

Nevertheless, ClassDojo is an app, and teachers can assign points in haste. So, let’s take a look at how to delete them.

The Setup

Before we move on to the process of deleting points, we’ll quickly go over the setup, so there’s no room for doubt on how they work. After they name the class and assign a grade level, teachers need to establish so-called “class values.” These values, when practiced by students, turn to their skills and earn them points.

Teachers have six pre-existing positive values to choose from: working hard, helping others, teamwork, on task, participating, and perseverance. They also have five negative values at their disposal, cleverly referred to as “need work values”: unprepared, disrespect, talking out of turn, no homework, and off task.

Teachers will use these values to assign “Dojo Points” to students, determining the weight of positive behaviors (from 1 to 5 points) as well as of negative ones (from -1 to -5 points). That means that a student can earn some points for teamwork but loose some for talking out of turn on the same day.


The Undo Option

If you realize that you made a mistake right after you assign the point, you can delete it immediately with the Undo option. You can do this on your desktop through the website, or from an Android or iOS app. Therefore, we’ll go through the steps for both computers and mobile platforms.

After you open your class on your desktop, you can select one student or the whole class tile, depending on whether you want to give a point to the individual or the entire class. Right after you assign the point, the “Undo Last” button will appear in the upper-left corner. All you need to do to remove it is to click this button.

Desktop undo

On an Android device, the steps are the same: after you give the point, a banner will appear momentarily at the top of the screen. Instead of the “Undo Last” button, there will be the reverse arrow symbol, which will undo the last action.


Undoing a point using the iOS app is the same as on Android, so follow the same steps.

Keep in mind that this way you’ll delete just the last point you’ve assigned. If you want to delete an earlier mistake, check the steps below.

Earlier Point Removal

Sometimes you won’t notice the mistake right away, so you’ll need to delete a point you gave earlier from the student’s report.

To delete an earlier on your desktop, open your class and choose the “Options” button on the right. Click on “View reports.” On the left side on the screen, there’ll be a list of students, so select the one whose record you wish to edit.

Scroll down until you find the right value/skill, then click the downward-pointing arrow, and the “Remove“ option will appear.

Desktop delete

After you select it, the app will ask you, “Are you sure you want to delete this award?” To confirm, press “Delete.”

On the Android app, find the student you wish to remove a point from and tap his/her tile. After it opens, choose the option “View report.”

view report

Next, you need to scroll down to find the point you wish to remove. Then you need to tap on the vertical three-dot button, and the “Delete” option will appear.


For the iOS app, the first steps are the same: you need to find the student, view his/her report, and scroll down to locate the point you wish to delete.

After you tap on the downward-pointing arrow, instead of “Delete,” there’ll be the “Remove feedback” option. Tap on it, confirm, and the app will modify the student’s record.

iOS delete

Keep in mind that this approach is a permanent deletion, and you can’t recall it.

Customizable Values

Every class is different, and every child an individual. With only pre-existing values at your disposal, you may assign points reluctantly or even randomly.

Fortunately, ClassDojo’s class values are entirely customizable. You can establish your own, tailored to the specific needs of your classroom and students. Here’s how to do this.

After you open your class on the desktop, navigate to the top-right corner and click the “Options” button, then select “Edit class.”

On the pop-up box, choose the “Skills” tab. There’ll be a blue “Add skill” tile, which will allow you to include a new one.

add skill

You can click on any skill tile, which will allow you to edit its point weight, name, and icon. A click on the skill tile will also give you an option to delete it entirely.

The steps of editing skills on mobile apps are the same for both Android and iOS. Once you open your class, navigate to the top-right corner and tap the three-dot button, then select “Edit skills.”

edit skill

You can tap the blue “Add skill” button or edit one of the existing skills. After you select a current skill, you’ll be able to change the icon, skill name, and point value.

remove skill

As you can see, the same window offers the “Remove skill” option.

Tread Lightly

Deleting points in ClassDojo is quite simple, but that doesn’t mean you should assign them lightly. The removal options are there to correct the mistakes made in haste or due to the lack of concentration.

What do you think of Class Dojo’s point system? Do you know another way to undo points? Give us your two cents in the comments section below.

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