How To Delete/Remove all Likes on Facebook

Facebook’s “Like” button has been around for almost ten years. It is a handy way to show appreciation for your friends’ posts and express interest in niche Facebook pages. However, the number of pages and posts you like can accumulate quickly, flooding your News Feed.

How To Delete/Remove all Likes on Facebook

Luckily, there is a way to remove all the likes from your Facebook account. There’s also a way to remove all Facebook posts without deleting your account, but that is another topic. This article discusses removing all Facebook likes. The methods below work for liked photos, posts, pages, and anything else you’ve thumbed up. You still can’t unlike many pages and posts at once, so you must have patience when you start filtering through all your Facebook Likes.

Remove All Facebook Likes using a Browser

Despite the popularity of the Facebook smartphone app, many people still access Facebook on a desktop. You can remove likes from Facebook using your chosen browser. Since there is no official way to bulk delete likes on Facebook, you have to unlike each one step by step. There is an “All” option above the list of Facebook Likes, but it currently does not do anything. More on that below. Follow these steps to remove/delete all FB likes using your browser of choice.

  1. Access Facebook from any browser, then click on your Profile icon in the top right corner of the page.
  2. Select “Settings & Privacy.”
  3. Select “Activity Log.”
  4. Go to the Activity Log Section on the left and select “Interactions.”
  5. Choose “Likes and Reactions” from the submenu on the left.
  6. The list in the left column will show all likes and reactions chronologically.
  7. To sort your “Likes” even further, by year and month, click on “Date” under the “Filters” menu on the left.
  8. Choose your sorting options in the popup window, then click “Save changes.”
  9. Your filtered list of “Likes” appears on the right.
  10. Click the three dots on the right of each post you liked, and then select “Unlike.”

In case you noticed in the second-to-last image above, an “All” checkbox exists above the list, plus checkboxes next to each “Like.” As it stands right now (August 2022), these checkable boxes do nothing for deleting Likes, including the “All” box. As mentioned several times, you cannot delete all “Likes” in bulk, but the sorting option helps make the process quicker.

Remove All Facebook Pages Likes using a Browser

There is another category of likes you may want to edit, known as Facebook Pages Likes. You have “Facebook Pages” (not posts) that you have liked, such as “Pages” for musicians, movies, websites, or any other type of Facebook Page, official or unofficial. You might want to update your likes in this location if they didn’t appear in the above method.

  1. Launch Facebook and head to your profile page from the link on the left.
  2. Select “More,” which is located under your cover photo and name.
  3. Click “Likes,” which loads your Facebook page likes.
  4. Hover over a liked page and click on the blue “Liked” button to unlike it. The “Unlike” button immediately changes to a gray “Like” button, showing that it was indeed unliked. It will disappear from your page likes upon refreshing the browser tab.

Remove Likes on the Facebook Android or iOS Smartphone App

Wondering how to delete all Facebook likes using the smartphone app? No need to scratch your head anymore. Follow the steps below to unlike posts, pages, and comments.

  1. Launch the Android or iOS Facebook App, then tap the menu (hamburger) icon to access the options. The icon is at the top of the screen on Android and the bottom of the screen on iOS.
  2. Select “Settings & Privacy.”
  3. Choose “Settings.”
  4. Tap on “Activity Log.”
  5. Select “Category.”
  6. Choose “Likes and Reactions.
  7. Tap the arrow down icon next to each post you liked, and select “Unlike” in the popup window.

Alternative Smartphone App Method

A quick way to access all the likes on a smartphone is to do the following:

  1. Launch the smartphone’s Facebook app.
  2. Tap on your profile photo, then tap “Activity Log.”
  3. Select “Category,” then choose “Likes & Reactions.”
  4. Tap the dropdown arrow next to each post you want unliked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facebook is one of the more popular social media platforms today. Unfortunately, there are some limitations to what you can do. However, we’ve included this section to answer more questions you may have about curating likes on the platform.

Can I delete all of my likes on Facebook all at once?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to get rid of all of your likes on Facebook at once is to delete your account completely. The issue with a full delete is that everything (your posts, comments, friends) will also disappear.

Can other people see what I like?

Other people cannot see your Activity Log. But, if you like a post or a meme, your name will appear on the list of people who interacted.

Each post you see lets you read comments and view who liked the post. So, while other users can’t see everything you like, they can see if you liked a particular post.

As you can see, removing or deleting Likes from your Facebook account is pretty straightforward. The methods listed above provide a slower but guaranteed way to delete all likes on Facebook. The process removes the load from your timeline and gives you a chance to “thumbs up” what currently interests you.

7 thoughts on “How To Delete/Remove all Likes on Facebook”

Jedidja says:

I noticed that I have some pages I want to unlike, but the pages don’t exist anymore. Yet I can’t get them removed frome my list. What to do?

mike says:
same problem. I cannot find anywhere how to get rid of the pages that don’t exist anymore but still show in my list of likes
Miguel says:
I am considering a job at Appen and they require me to send them my FB URL. If I do everything “Only me” and delete my “likes”, would they still be able to see the info/posts, etc.?
Miguel says:
If you remove a “like”, would you then not receive posts from that page?
Larry Long Jr says:
Why don’t you have a select all button to select pages you want to unlike. I got 300 likes I want deleted. I can’t believe this isn’t a basic function.

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