How to Delete Venmo Transaction History

If you’ve been using Venmo for some time, you probably understand the social network aspect of the app. You might also know it can make some or all of your transactions visible to a certain circle of people. If you’re concerned about privacy, chances are you’ve wondered about how to delete your Venmo transaction history.

How to Delete Venmo Transaction History

In this article, we’ll tell you if it can be done and provide alternative solutions to any privacy concerns.

A Brief History of Payments

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to completely delete your transaction history from Venmo. Even if you take the extreme measure and close your Venmo account, the history of your payments will remain in the system. Single payments will also be left on devices of those you’ve made transactions with, since those payments are part of their transaction history too.

Don’t worry, though – there are other ways to protect your privacy on Venmo.

Venmo transaction history

Private Matters

The main problem with visibility of transactions stems from the way Venmo’s feed is set up. The default setting is that all transactions go to Public feed, which means that anyone who has Venmo’s developer API can see them. They don’t need to have the app, nor do they need a permission from the users.

While the feed doesn’t provide the amount that was transferred, names and pictures of all parties involved are shown, as well as the date, time, and purpose of the transaction. Also, any messages that were included with the transaction will be publicly visible.

The best way to protect all this information from people outside of your friend list is to change the default settings for publishing in the feed. This can be done for all transactions, including past transactions. Here’s how to do that:

  1. In the Venmo app, go to Settings, then Privacy.
  2. Under Default Privacy Settings, there’ll be three options: Public, Friends, and Private. Select Private. Tap Change Anyway in the confirmation prompt that will appear.
  3. Again, on the Privacy page, under More, select Past Transactions.
  4. In the Past Transactions tab, tap Change All to Private, and then do it again in the confirmation prompt.

You should be aware that, while you can change the default privacy settings to other options at any time, if you set your past transactions to private that change can’t be undone.

After you’ve followed the steps described above, all your transactions will be removed from the Public feed and you’ll be able to see them under the Private tab. Note that all private transactions will still be visible to the recipient or sender of each payment.

Aside from this method that applies to all transactions, you can also change privacy settings for every payment individually. This can be done from the moment of making the payment onwards, by selecting Privacy Settings for any transaction and choosing the preferred option.

Who Else Can See?

Like every other payment service and social network, Venmo collects a great amount of information about its users and their transactions. The complete list of information gathered can be found in their privacy policy, under “The Information we Collect” section. While Venmo does share some of your data with third parties, most of what is gathered is used to improve transaction security and prevent fraud.

delete Venmo transaction history

The main reason, though, to make sure your information is safe, are unauthorized individuals who want to access your data for any number of reasons. So far, the best-known stories about endangered privacy on Venmo have been benign in nature and serve more as cautionary tales than anything else. Still, you should be aware there are prying eyes online and make sure to remove the risk.

Playing It Safe

When it comes to finances and online privacy, there’s no reason not to be cautious. In today’s world, when so much user information is gathered and circulated with explicit or even just implicit consent, it’s in your best interest to keep some more sensitive matters private. Venmo’s services should be no exception.

There’s Always an Alternative

While we found out there was no way to completely delete Venmo transaction history, we’ve shown you how you can improve some important settings on the app. Now you can go on and make your Venmo account a safer place!

Did your change privacy settings for Venmo feed? What default setting did you choose? Tell us in the comments section below!

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