How To Join a Group in Diablo 4

“Diablo 4” is a sensational multi-player open-world game allowing players to team up against the dark forces roaming Sanctuary. Joining a group helps increase your experience points (XP) and boost your content-clear speed so you can grab more loot.

How To Join a Group in Diablo 4

If you’ve been wondering how to join a “Diablo 4” group, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about joining a party, how groups work, and starting a couch co-op session.

Joining a Party

A significant part of the “Diablo 4” main storyline will see you exploring the dark-infested Sanctuary dungeons in search of loot. But you don’t have to face the evil demons alone. Teaming up with friends will help you enjoy the game more.

Plus, staying close to a player will earn you an additional 5% XP bonus, while staying in an active group will help you gain a 10% XP boost. The instructions below will help you send out a request to a player to join their party.

  1. Hover your mouse over the player to access the “Action Wheel.” Players using Xbox and PlayStation should try and get close to the player.
  2. Select “Invite to Party” or click on the directional key floating near the player.
  3. An invite request will be sent, and they’ll instantly join your party once they accept your request.

Alternatively, you can:

  1. Open the game’s primary menu.
  2. Navigate to the “Social” tab.
  3. To add a friend to your group, click “Add a Friend.”
  4. Input the character “BattleTag” or the email associated with their “Diablo 4” account.
  5. Click on “Send Request.”
  6. Once the character accepts the request, you’ll be able to see them on your friend’s list.
  7. Click on the name to select.
  8. Choose “Request to Join Party.”

The game typically prompts the player you’ve invited to “Join that player’s instance.” It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to join any groups in “Diablo 4” until you’ve completed the games Prologue and have arrived in Kyovashad.

How Groups Work in Diablo 4

There are some basic mechanics that groups in “Diablo 4” must follow. Ensure that you comply with the game mechanics to reap the countless benefits of joining a group.

  • There can be no more than four party members in a group.
  • The leader is responsible for adding or removing party members; each group has only one captain.
  • The party leader is responsible for the condition of your Open World State, and how you progress on the game’s quest depends on the group’s captain.
  • Players can abandon their groups at any time.
  • Each group has a unique in-game party chat room where all party members can communicate.
  • A boost in skills will benefit all group members and non-allied players close to your group in the Open World.
  • Tall members of a group must belong to the same World Tier.

Selecting Party Members

“Diablo 4” doesn’t have any automated mechanism in place to help you find a group. But there are many options in-game to help you find party members. Below are some of the channels you can pursue:

Local Players

You can locate your local player system next to your friends list in “Diablo 4.” Use this feature to connect with players near you in the Open World. Friend List

If you’re a veteran of the “Diablo” series, you’ve likely made many friends on the server over the years. Players can reach out to people they’ve interacted with while playing Blizzard games and request to join their group.


Clans in “Diablo 4” refer to a group of players who slay demons together. It’s a handy tool for helping friends connect and form groups. Here’s how you can create a clan:

  1. Open the game’s primary menu.
  2. Go to the “Clan” tab.
  3. Search for a public clan and join or select “Create Clan.”

Be aware that creating a clan will require a Clan name, tag, and set objectives for your group. Clan creation is free, but one of the best things about creating or joining one is that it holds more members than a group, a maximum of 150.

In-Game Chat

The game provides a variety of in-game chat options that you can use to join a group. Players can try to connect with other players after a trade or when exploring a similar region in the “Diablo 4” world.

Discord and streaming communities are a couple of other avenues players can use to find and join different groups.

Couch Co-op Support in Diablo 4

This game mode allows multiple players to share a screen while playing the same game on the same console. While “Diablo 4” supports couch co-op, it’s only available for consoles. Here’s how you can activate couch-co-op:

  1. Power on the second controller for your console.
  2. The game will request a second account sign-in.
  3. Pick a second character.

Once the process is complete, your friend will drop into your world, and the couch co-op will commence. Remember that joining a party will increase your adversary’s power, level, and durability. However, this isn’t likely to cause any issues if your group meshes well and is united.

Also, remember that even though you’re in a group, you won’t always have a similar progression. For everyone in the group to achieve the same quest progress and rewards, everyone should be at the same stage of a quest.

Otherwise, you can select the lowest-level player to become the leader. This will help them scale the ranks faster and catch up with other group members.


How many people can you couch co-op with in Diablo 4?

You can have a maximum of four party members, including yourself.

Does Diablo 4 limit your gear when joining a group?

No. The game doesn’t place any restrictions on gear or ranks.

Have More Fun Slaying Monsters as a Group

Playing “Diablo 4” alone is already pretty exhilarating, but it’s sure to be epic when you team up with friends. The game has five classes that complement each other in unique and exciting ways, and group play can enhance that dynamic. Joining a group and making allies is also a great way to improve your chances of survival in the game.

How can the developers improve the group setup in “Diablo 4”? Let us know in the comments section below.

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