How to Get a Mount in Diablo 4

Mounts are a must-have aid for players exploring the perilous Sanctuary realm in “Diablo 4.” They are unique collectibles can be transformed into a horse you can ride throughout your playthrough. This makes the journey from a portal much easier and quicker. Even though the quest to get a mount can be triggered early in the game, you can only obtain mounts in Act Four.

How to Get a Mount in Diablo 4

Read on to learn how to get mounts in “Diablo 4.”

Completing Donan’s Favor Quest

To obtain mounts in “Diablo 4,” you must first complete the first three acts of the game. The order you follow to finish them doesn’t matter. The instructions below will guide you in getting a mount through the Donan’s Favor quest:

  1. Head to Kyovashad and complete a “Master’s Touch” quest.
  2. Find Oskar, the stable master, and interact with him.
  3. Oskar will offer you the old Nell Steed for free, and you will have completed the Donan’s Favor quest.

If you’ve got some gold to spare after getting your hands on the Nell Steed, you can also purchase Grey and Mottled Steed from Oskar. They cost a total of 40,000 gold. You can easily spot a stable in the game and search for the horse icon under Services whenever you highlight a city on the map.

Making In-Game Purchases

Mounts can also be purchased using in-game currency like Gold or Red Dust. You can buy these types of Mounts at the Stable Master or head to the Fields of Hatred to trade with the Unconventional Mount Armor Vendor. Only the Bloody, Grey Steed, Old Nell, and Mottled Steed Mounts can be obtained this way.

Mounts From Shop Purchases

Once you’ve obtained your first Mount from the non-player character (NPC), you can pursue other Mounts in the game. But it will cost you real money. You’ll need to get Platinum to purchase Mounts at the in-game shop. Only four types of mounts can be purchased this way: Endurance, Ingot, Liath Icehowl, and Triune Charger Mount.

Be aware that the in-game Mount collection keeps changing. You may not find the same Mounts available for purchase each time. Be on the lookout for new Mounts and rare items that may pop up in the shop anytime.

Collecting Mounts From World Content and Treasure Drops

Undertaking world event challenges and hunting Treasure Goblins can help you get mounts. But, it isn’t a reliable method because the drop probability is relatively low. Looting high-tier and silent chests can also provide new and unique mount breeds. It’s recommended that you join in on World Bosses and Legion events promptly to increase your chances of collecting a mount drop. Fortunately, they can be found in many locations of the game. You can obtain 21 different types of mounts using this method.

Using a Battle Pass

This is a great way to earn mounts without spending a dime in the in-game shop. Players get to purchase a Battle Pass instead. However, this method has faced some backlash for being a micro-transaction.

Promotions and Special Rewards

The mounts you can obtain in this category are limited. You can get the Light-Bearer mount as a reward for pre-ordering any of the “Diablo 4” editions. You’ll find it in the stables once you unlock your first Mount. Meanwhile, you can obtain the Primal Instinct Mount through Blizzard’s collaboration with Twitch.

Players must create an account on the Twitch platform and gift one Twitch streamer two subscriptions from Blizzard. The subscriptions can belong to any tier, but the streamers must have been approved by Blizzard. Players will then receive a code to help them unlock the Mount. This code can only be redeemed on the Blizzard website before it is added to your Mount collection.

The last Mount you can get from this method is the Temptation Mount. Players who have purchased either the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of the game will find this Mount at the Stable Master immediately after you unlock Mounts in Diablo 4.

Using Mounts in Diablo 4

If the monster density in Diablo 4 gets too high, your Mount will likely get scared, and you might fall off when the meter fills up. Keep an eye on the enemy count if you want to avoid combat altogether.

Pressing the Space key on your PC will help you outrun mobs. But you’ll have to wait 8 seconds after each burst of speed.

You can dismount from the collectible by pressing the Z or right mouse button. When you want to get off your Mount for combat, you can also choose to launch a Dismount Attack. This deals significant damage to all mobs around you. Pressing the 1 key on the PC will enable this attack.

Players also have the option of customizing their Mount in the game. But, this Mount armor and trophies only provide a cosmetic effect. You can’t unlock any ability, skill, or advantage through this customization. Whenever you want to change the customization option on your Mount, you’ll have to interact with the Stable Master to change the cosmetics. This is also applicable when you’re looking to change the Mount.

Class Dismount Skills and Abilities

You can enable your dismount abilities once you get the Mount and travel through Hell’s Depths. Each class carries a specific attribute, as explained below:

  • Bone Spike Dismount: This belongs to the Necromancer class. The ability allows players to jump off the mount and conjure spikes from the ground.
  • Volley Dismount Ability: You can only earn this ability if you belong to the Rogue class. This move discharges multiple arrows. However, players will need to have a ranged weapon in their inventory to unleash this attack successfully.
  • Bounding Slam: The Barbarian class wields this ability. The attack is achieved by leaping from the Mount and pounding from the ground. But, you must have a two-handed weapon to effect this attack on the mobs.
  • Freezing Wake Dismount Ability: This attack belongs to the Sorcerer class. It enables players to freeze mobs for two seconds.
  • Pummel Discount Attack: The Pummel ability enables the Druid class to launch an attack on the mobs by turning you into a Werebear and pounding the ground.

Summoning a Mount

Mounts in “Diablo 4” can be summoned at will. You can call your horse by hitting the right button on the controller’s D-pad or pressing the Z key for PC users. They, however, have a 10-second cooldown period once you dismount them. This typically occurs when players want to battle since you can’t fight directly when on a Mount. However, there’s a caveat: you can’t summon mounts in dungeons and inside structures. The only exception is the villages.

Ramp Up Your Speed Using Mounts

Obtaining mounts in “Diablo 4” helps you save time and quickly escape mobs in this hellish world. However, it is best that players only use horses when necessary so they can pick up valuable points that can only be obtained by taking down enemies appearing in the game’s side content.

Do you use Mounts in “Diablo” 4? Which method in this list do you prefer to use in getting Mounts? Let us know in the comments section below.

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