What is Local Mute in Discord

As you may know, Discord is a free chat service popularized by gamers and entrepreneurs alike. It’s a great space to build a community or get things done thanks to its focus on text and voice communication alongside useful features like image sharing, gif posting, and screen sharing capabilities.

What is Local Mute in Discord

However, the longer you use Discord, the more people you’re going to get involved with on there. You’ll join different servers, make new friends, and associate with more groups. That said, you’re not going to want to talk to everyone. That’s just how it is. Not everyone gets along with everyone else.

If you get involved for long enough, you may end up becoming a server moderator somewhere. If this happens, your job is much more than participating in the server activities. You instead have to monitor others and make sure nobody is causing problems within the Discord platform.

Moderating A Discord Server

Say that someone in the Discord server you’re monitoring is causing big problems. You could choose to temporarily mute them, talk to them, or ban them altogether.

If you take the muting route, that tends to happen when you’re in a voice chat group and doesn’t so much apply to a text chat. However, if it comes down to that, here are some of the ways you can mute others:

Local Mute

Local mute is the easiest way to go about muting. However, take note that the “local” in there means just that: muted on your side or your “local” area. Choosing local mute ensures that you won’t have to hear this person at all. That said, keep in mind that everyone else will be hearing them within the chat.

To execute a local mute, head to the user on either mobile or desktop, press down on their name, and select “Mute.”

Server Mute

Server mute is a bit more of a drastic option. If someone is causing significant problems to everyone and you think that they shouldn’t interact with anyone at all, you may want to utilize this choice.

If you server mute someone, nobody in the entire server will be able to hear them. Absolutely nobody. No matter what they do. So keep that in mind before acting upon this. You may want to speak to them first just in case they are unaware they are causing problems.

To server mute somebody, go to Discord on either desktop or mobile, press down on their name and select “Server Mute.”

Now that you know the different forms of muting somebody be sure to use that power wisely and responsibly. Of course, if you’re just trying to mute somebody for yourself and you aren’t a mod, take advantage of the local mute option as much as you’d like. That said, if you’re a moderator or managing a server in some way, you may have to lean on the server mute button a little more often. Either way, it’s excellent that Discord provides so many options to make your online chat experience even better.

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