Does Facebook Notify the Poster if I Remove a Tag?

Tagging has been a feature on Facebook for years; some people like it, and some don’t. While tagging is basically attaching a link to someone in an image or video, it also allows you to tag posts and comments. So, what if you want to be removed from a tagged post that you are in? Will the poster know you removed yourself from the tag? The answer is both a yes and no, mainly because it depends on your actions.

Does Facebook Notify the Poster if I Remove a Tag?

This article explains the tagging process and the notifications that come with it, as well as what happens when you remove a tag.

Facebook Tagging Notifications

When you’re tagged in an image, you will receive a notification, and the image will show up in your timeline. You can then decide whether to leave the tag in place or remove it.

There is also an option in Facebook settings called “Timeline and Tagging” where you can control who can tag you and choose to receive notifications allowing you to control the tag. If you’re interested in tagging, it might be worth checking out the settings. It is always nice to get a notification and review it for approval before it heads to your timeline.

Facebook also notifies you if you’re tagged in a post or comment. The post will appear in your timeline for you to review if you have it set up.

Removing Facebook Tags from Your Timeline

Facebook notifies everyone who appears in a tag as per above, but it doesn’t notify parties if a tag is removed. Adding a tag has privacy implications; removing a tag does not, so no notification is necessary.

Bear in mind that if the other user tries to tag you again, they will receive a message stating, “Cannot Add Tag.” More tech-savvy users may understand that this happens because you’ve untagged yourself, while others may have questions for you.

You may not have control over what other people do with their posted images, but you do have a little control over links in the images. If you don’t want to be tagged in an image, you can remove it. As you are notified of the tag, and the image appears on your timeline, you can remove the tag from there.

  1. Select the image on your timeline.
  2. Select Options at the bottom of the image.
  3. Select Report/Remove tag.
  4. Select I want to remove the tag.

All tags relating to you get removed from the image. Removal deletes the link on your timeline and to your profile, plus it removes all copies of that image on Facebook.

Note: Deleting a tag does not prevent others from seeing it, mainly because their devices have it already cached. The removal process is dependent on when devices and Facebook refreshes the feeds.

  1. Find the post in question and click on it to open it.
  2. Select the vertical ellipsis(three vertical dots) menu icon in the top right section.
  3. Select Remove Tag.

The tag will get removed immediately and you can go about your business.

Tagging Someone on Facebook

Tagging someone in a Facebook image is very straightforward and familiar to most users. However, many do not know how to tag more than images on Facebook. Here’s how to do both actions.

Tagging a Facebook Image

  1. Open the photo on Facebook.
  2. Hover over it and select Tag Photo from the menu.
  3. Select the person in the image you want to tag. You should see a box appear.
  4. Add their name or page.
  5. Repeat as necessary.
  6. Select Done Tagging when finished.
  7. Publish the photo as usual.

Tagging Comments and Posts on Facebook

Besides images, you can tag comments and posts on Facebook. Just use ‘@NAME’ within the post or comment. Use the person’s profile name as it appears on Facebook for a successful tag. If it’s a popular name a list will appear. Just select the right person from the list to tag them.

  1. Open Facebook on your mobile device.
  2. Open the photo you’d like to tag. If it’s a post with multiple photos, you may have to tap on the image twice.
  3. Tap the Tag button (similar to a price tag) in the upper right-hand corner.
  4. Select anywhere on the image or the image of the person you’re trying to tag.
  5. A list of suggestions appears. If shown, choose the user’s name, or type it in the search bar and select the correct profile to tag.

After tagging someone, they receive a notification of the tag.

What’s the point of tags anyway?

Tagging is a way of sharing a moment or an event.  It’s a way to include people in your life with images, posts, and comments. For most people, getting tagged is harmless and freely used throughout Facebook. However, some people have various reasons not to want to be tagged in specific posts. The possibilities are endless. I’m sure you can think of a few reasons, and you may even have some of your own.

Furthermore, you may worry about the other party knowing that you removed a tag or declined it using the tag review option. As more people pay closer attention to tags, it becomes a normal process that most users understand. Therefore, many Facebook users know about the possibility of tag removal and accept it without commotion.

When tagging, it makes sense to bear in mind the person you’re tagging. Someone who is more privacy-conscious won’t always appreciate getting tagged as it spreads links to their profile all over Facebook. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to ask someone if it’s alright to tag them before doing so. Regardless, they know the possibilities of getting tagged because they know how Facebook functions.

If you remove a tag, you may also wonder what your profile looks like to your friends.

Facebook Tagging Notification FAQs

If I block someone, will the tags still be there?

Technically no, the tags will not exist anymore when you block someone on Facebook. The user’s name may still appear on the post or photo, but it will not have the hyperlink that allows you to click on their profile.

If I unfriend someone, will the tags still be there?

Yes, unfriending someone still leaves tags in place on Facebook. No matter who you unfriend, the tag will still exist.

What can I do if someone tags me in something inappropriate or spam?

You can click on the vertical ellipsis (three vertical dots) icon and click Report Post. Facebook may take some time to remove the post, so in the meantime, follow the instructions above to untag yourself.

How can I stop someone from tagging me?

Unfortunately, the only way to stop a Facebook user from tagging you is to block that person. Otherwise, you can use the timeline and tagging settings to approve posts you’re tagged in before any of your friends can see them.

If I remove a tag, will the picture still be there?

Yes, even if you remove a Facebook tag, the photo is still visible on the original poster’s timeline. Friends who are not mutual contacts may still see the image depending on the poster’s privacy settings and how the image was posted (public, private, friends of friends, etc.).

Does Facebook notify another user if I tag someone in an image? Does Facebook notify the other user if I remove a tag? Can I remove a tag from someone else’s image that I have been tagged in? What is the point of tags anyway?

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