How to Download Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TVs

With Disney Plus, the company has finally delved into the world of streaming and is now enjoying substantial success with the venture.

How to Download Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TVs

We live in an era where Disney is no longer a network that offers children’s programs exclusively. With movies such as Star Wars, you’re going to want to know how to download Disney Plus on your Samsung Smart TV. This article discusses how you can get Disney Plus on your Samsung TV.

Get Started By Signing Up

Before you start streaming your favorite Disney movies on Disney Plus, you’ll need to sign up for an account if you don’t have one already. You can register for an account by signing up here. Aside from the regular Disney+ subscription, you can get your favorite movies, shows, and sports for one low price by bundling Disney Plus with Hulu and ESPN Plus.

Does It Work on Samsung Smart TVs?

Samsung TVs have become increasingly popular and readily available to purchase in many retail stores, delivering on-demand applications like Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, Disney+, and more.

Though Disney initially left Samsung televisions off their list of supported apps, they have since expanded to Samsung TVs and many other devices and brands. They now support Amazon Fire TV and LG smart televisions too. It was apparent that they would grow their list of compatible devices, but a new venture requires gradual growth and changes. Getting back to Samsung TVs now, you can search the SmartHub to see if Disney+ is available on your particular model.

If your specific Samsung TV does not offer the Disney+ application, there are still ways to enjoy the service on your big screen. Here’s the scoop.

disney plus

What If My Samsung TV Doesn’t Support Disney+?

If you’re familiar with modern technology trends, you should know at least one thing. Finding workarounds has never been easier than it is today. Even when devices function on a microscopic level, you can almost always find a solution to any technological problem, mainly owing to the “solve it or innovate it better” mentality. Nobody is reinventing any wheels in this day and age. Most companies are all about finding solutions to existing problems.

So, is there a way to download Disney Plus on your Samsung TV if Disney doesn’t support your model? Well, not exactly. No hack or add-on component is available to open the flood gates to the world of Disney Plus. However, you CAN add devices that support the app. Here are some workarounds to watching Disney+ on your Samsung HDTV.

Samsung TV Workarounds for Disney+ Streaming

The word ‘workarounds’ perhaps makes you feel like you’re about to throw on a white coat and rock those protective science goggles. No, you just need the right device to do the job.


Every modern smartphone or tablet device comes with a screen mirroring/casting option. Essentially, all you need to do is download Disney Plus from your device’s app store and let your smartphone or tablet send the stream to your Samsung HDTV. Of course, it depends on what model you have, but you can also use a USB device such as Chromecast if it doesn’t have the feature.

When it comes to iOS devices, make sure that both your smart TV and your smartphone get connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then, download an app that will help you mirror your phone/tablet screen. Many iOS phones have it built right into the OS using the Apple AirPlay 2 feature. If your phone doesn’t have that option, look around the app store to find one that suits your needs. AirPlay 2 is available on most Samsung Smart TVs since 2018.

download disney plus

With many Android phones, you can use the built-in app for screencasting/mirroring, or find one that suits your needs better in the Play Store.

As soon as you see your phone screen mirrored on your Samsung smart TV, you can run the Disney+ app from your smartphone to stream the HD content all you want.

Streaming Devices

You’ve probably heard about Roku, Chromecast, and similar ‘streaming’ devices. Most smart TVs, Samsung or otherwise, aren’t usually loaded with a bunch of apps, but they do offer a small handful. This is where the “streamers” come in handy.

With a good streaming device, you’ll no longer have to worry about connecting your laptop to the TV via HDMI or finding ways to stream videos from your phone to the TV, while simultaneously looking for a decent charging spot to keep the fun rolling.

Streaming devices specialize in on-demand entertainment, and they work as long as you want them to, without the need for a charger. You simply connect one to your Samsung TV via an HDMI cable and then download the Disney Plus streaming app directly to it. Of course, each of these contraptions has a different setup tutorial, but they tend to be very simple and straightforward. Many streaming devices require USB power, whether you use a USB port on the TV or a power adapter (like a smartphone charger) in the wall.roku hard reset pinholeHow to Watch Live PD without Cable - Apple TVDisney+ supports Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and Android TV, so almost any streaming box will do just fine.

In summary, screen mirroring, screencasting, or using one of the popular streaming devices is always an option for any Samsung HDTVs that don’t support Disney+. Of course, some models don’t have built-in mirroring support or any USB ports for mirroring devices, but they do have HDMI for streaming devices, so your still good to go!


29 thoughts on “How to Download Disney Plus on Samsung Smart TVs”

Peter Evans says:
Well I don’t have a Samsung Smart TV. It’s seems I purchased a Samsung Dumb TV.
Please remove this tag that the industry have adopted. You treat us as Dumb and sell us Dumb equipment.
Bring back books I reckon.
Terry Hollands says:
I too have an older Samsung TV and was told today that it would not support the new DisneyPlus App. I have contacted both Disney and Samsung to let them know how disappointed I am that I cannot get it. Tomorrow I will be canceling my Disney Plus subscription.
Anthony L says:
I have Hulu on my apps but not Disney +. If I download the bundle package from Disney that includes Hulu, will I then be able to get Disney through my Hulu app?
Keith says:
If you have a PS4, you can watch disney + through that on your older samsung tv. Otherwise, any tv older than 2016 is out of luck!
Rex says:
Have a 2014 SUHD 45″ Samsung. Knew that the apps were limited and had to use older Firestick to get ESPN+. Also knew, according to online sources that Samsung would not provide a Disney+ app for this TV. Bought a new 4K Fire TV stick and while I can get the Disney+ app, can see the content, it freezes after a few seconds of play and without sound. Surprising the same happens to the ESPN/ESPN+ app on same Fire TV. ESPN/ESPN+ works on older Firestick but no access to Disney. Any thoughts?
Joe G says:
I have the Disney+ app on my 55”Samsung, but when i launch it, it just hangs on a blue screen, no request for log in, no nothing…Reset TV many times, every time the same, app begins to load, circle spins but just hangs at the blue screen.
Linda says:
I am having the same problem. TV is 4K two years old, app is there, but just a blue screen. I have given it sometime hoping that there would be some information of how to rectify this. Emailed the concern to Disney+, but never heard back.
Christine says:
I have the same TV and exact same problem (blue screen only)
The worst part is that it worked for the first week when I subscribed.
Have you found a solution ?
Hillary says:
It works perfectly on Roku – there’s an app and there are no issues.
Chuck says:
Can’t get it on my 10 year old Samsung Smart tv either just unexceptionable that Samsung can’t or won’t work it out!
Mel says:
I too have sound, the logo, but no video. Why is that? My Samsung TV is a 2015, and I have an Samsung S8+ phone.
Drat, I was hopeful. Anyone have a clue why this is?
Ashley says:
Same here. I’m so disappointed. My TV is beautiful and not that old. We should be able to get the app like everyone else. Connecting my iPad has only given me the sound and logo but not video.
Jeanne Kaufman says:
I am terribly disappointed…I cannot get the Disney channel on my TV. I am a long time Disney fan and so are my children and grandchildren. As a child I read Disney’s auto biography and have been in love with all he has done since then. I am to old to watch it on my screen phone (I don’t have an I phone) or my apple computer. We (my husband and I)
are going to Disney (Florida) in March and I thought we would be Able to see it on a VERY
large screen (like we did for The Lion King).
Disappointed in East Northport
Roger says:
i have a 2018 75 inch samsung tv running on tizen as they specify on their site and a samsung tablet running on 5.0 as they also specify on there site and neither of them can even download the app because it doesnt even show up anywhere. i can also screencast on my phone to the tv and that kinda worked at least for the birds short they have on there everything else only play sound but no video i know its not my internet because i have very fast internet being that me and my kids are gamers hope this gets fixed
Daren says:
Screen mirroring only works on my Samsung on one movie so far which is Avatar. Not sure if it is a app issue or Disney trying to be sneaky.
Debbie Edmonds says:
I have a 2019 Samsung smart tv was not aware of this issues when I signed up with Disney paid for a year now have to buy something else to make it work so mad this is crazy I not using my phone I have a dvd blue ray that has apps also can use if no cable I going to try this but Samsung should have informed people of there choice not to add as well as Disney plus
patricia says:
Well, I was so excited for the launch of Disney plus, just couldn;t wait
and I too have the 55 inch Samsung curve 3 d television and was convinced
that I would have the access to it, but turns out that I dont.
I managed to find the app and was able to select Install but from that point
on just did not work and shut on me. I have an older Samsung as well.
You would think that Disney would offer the option of their streaming services
to all. Samsung is in practically all households in some form or another.
Please Disney, make it happen as I have been waiting and have been so excited
to have the access to your streaming service
Wolcott says:
I can find it on my Samsung tv that has smart hub any clue how?
Lacey Wyatt says:
I have a 1 year old Samsung TV, downloaded the app yesterday morning and haven’t been able to get it to work. Can log in and see all programs available but nothing will load when you click on them to watch. Anybody know a fix for that one??
AJ Mara says:
I must have a 2015 Samsung TV because I can’t find the Disney+ app anywhere, and I can’t even put a Roku stick in it because the port is behind the tv (our tv is hung up on the wall).
Robert N. Griffith says:
This whole issue of incompatibility is poor relations between two supposed giants of the entertainment industry………..The ability to work with EVERY smart TV should have been worked out LONG before the launch of the service. I have a full tilt Samsung 4K…that is unable to find Disney Plus despite having all the other major streaming services
AJ Mara says:
I must have a 2015 Samsung tv. I can’t even put a Roku or Amazon stick because the port is behind the tv and our is hung up on the wall….
Bummed StarWars fan says:
According to the release today, Disney+ is not available on any tv older than 2016. I have a 2015 4K Curve Smart Samsung and it’s not available for my tv.
Patti says:
We purchased Disney + from IPad tonight and now seeing comments that we can’t get it on our 2013 Samsung TV. Yikes…do we have to cancel the subscription?
William brehm says:
Can not get it on my lg tv. Have signed up and can get on my pc . .?..
Patti says:
Contacted Samsung support today and was advised it’s only available on tv’s purchased from 2016 and on. Of course my living room tv is an older tv but I was assured it would be available with the new update which they said they didn’t have a release for yet. So not I sit and wait.
Izzy says:
Thanks Patti for the update. Good to know Samsung will update so my 2014 Samsung Smart will be able to download Disney+. Come on Samsung make that soon new update COME REAL SOON!!!!
Julie says:
I was told that it will never be available for Samsung TVs older than 2016. That was via Samsung support this evening.
Nikki says:
I cannot download the app to my Samsung tv, but I did download it to my fire stick and it streams perfectly…with a few hiccups.
Logan Fenske says:
Sadly I just tried the screen mirroring option and the audio will play through but the video will not appear. This is day one so maybe there is an issue on my end. I’ve tried some fiddling though and cant seem to get it to work. Currently dont have internet so using my phone would be the only way to use use the app on my tv. Kind of a bummer because I was excited to give the app a try.
kevin says:
I tried that too I have wifi connecting with both phone and my samsung smart tv for the screen mirroring option and it did the same thing ….only audio no video but the Disney Plus logo came thru maybe it’s on Disney’s part right now …crossing fingers lol
Katherine says:
We had the same issue with trying to mirror the screen.

A bit disappointed to be honest.

JeepersCrisp says:
These comments are horrible. Everyone needs to settle down. Disney+ hasn’t launched yet. The app isn’t available ANYWHERE at the moment, including platforms it will certainly be on.

Disney will want this app on everything it can possibly go on (I’m sure the Amazon spat will work itself out too). Hulu and ESPN+ are part of Disney+ package deals and those exist on Samsung smart tvs. Maybe wait for official news before you open your mouths and pick up your pitchforks.

mike says:
hahhhhahahahah…. peoples fears…my fears…it didnt work on my samsung smart tv
Brad Leach says:
Well crap I just signed up. I guess I will cancel right away. If I can not have it on my TV (Samsung) what is the point? I am not going to buy a streaming device.
KSD says:
Let’s go, Samsung; They don’t support DC and Disney Plus. Amazon stick doesn’t support it as well. It’s true Netflix, Prime, and Hulu support Samsung smart TV. But we have a loophole, Hulu support Disney Plus. Hulu will launch Disney Plus on Nov 12, 2019. Disney merger with Hulu. Plus, Hulu is adding three more new shows under Disney Plus, what I like the most about Disney Plus, UFC. New shows 20. Seventeen on Disney Plus and three more on Hulu. The catch is we all have to wait on or after Nov 12. Instead of paying DisneyPlus and Hulu, paid one streaming for the price of one bundle deals. I suggest getting Hulu after or Nov 12, 2019.
Lawrence Tiernan says:
I have a TCL TV, as well as a Samsung TV. I know I can download the Disney + service on the TCL set. If I do so will I then be able to view on the Samsung?
DayVess says:
And what about the Apple tv? Will there be an Apple tv channel, or since Apple will eventually be doing their own streaming service will they choose not to offer one?
Oliver Kloseff says:
Both of the streaming services (DC Universe/Disney Plus) are lacking Samsung TV support. I guess an option would be to use it through the built in browser if it works. I personally, will not be buying additional equipment to view this programming. I will stick to what is readily available, Hulu, Netflix, Prime, Vudu, HBO, etc. The screen mirroring does not work good enough for me, I have a Samsung 82″ Q90 and the screen mirroring does not use the whole screen and the resolution leaves a lot to be desired.
James G says:
Rule #1 – give the customer what the customer wants!!! There is no reason Samsung can’t reach a deal to include Disney Plus as an available app to choose from (other than economics). Given the sales both will lose because of this, it’s foolish for each of them not to reach an amenable agreement!
Claudia Gonzalez says:
I totally agree! So much for keeping up with technology. Why can Netflix do it??
Michael James Briand says:
This is a disappointment, If Disney wants my subscription…..
They will need to add Samsung Tv’s and Amazon Firetv.
D Cl says:
No doubt. Samsung’s are in most households around the world. So confused..

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