How to Download the Images from a Google Doc

Google Docs is one of the best cloud software alternatives to desktop word processors. This is a cloud app with which you can draft documents that include tables, charts, hyperlinks, YouTube videos, and images. Sure, it might still have fewer text formatting options and tools than MS Word, but Google Docs is getting better and better. Yet, there’s still one notable option missing from its picture context menu. Where’s the “Save image as” option in Google Docs?

How to Download the Images from a Google Doc

Alas, Google Docs doesn’t have a “Save image as” option to download selected pictures whenever you right-click them. As such, there is seemingly no way to select and download a few pictures directly from a document. That option would certainly be a handy addition to the cloud app’s context menu. Nevertheless, there are still a few ways that you can download selected pictures from documents open in Google Docs.

Download Docs Images by Publishing to the Web

Google Docs does have a “Publish to the web” option that enables you to open a document in a browser tab. This feature lets you download the images directly from the document’s page. You can select that option by clicking “File > Publish to the web,” which will open the publishing menu.

Press the “Publish” button and click “OK to confirm your submission. Select a hyperlink to copy by pressing the “Ctrl + C” hotkey. Open a new tab in your browser, and press “Ctrl + V” to paste the hyperlink into the URL bar. Press “Enter” to open the document in a new page tab.

Now, you can right-click any picture on that page and select the “Save image as” option. That action opens as the “Save As” window, where you can enter a file title for the image. Press the “Save” button to download the image to the folder you selected.

Save the Images to Google Keep

Google Keep is a handy note-taking app that is now integrated with Google Docs. This means you can open the “Notes from Keep” sidebar in Google Docs. Furthermore, that also means you can save Google docs images directly to the sidebar and download them!

To save a picture to “Keeps,” choose then right-click the image in the document. Select a “Save to Keep notepad option from the context menu to save the picture.

Now you can right-click the picture in the “Notes from Keep” sidebar and choose the “Save image as” option. Enter a file title for the picture and select a folder to save it to. Press the “Save” button to download the image.

Download the Document in HTML Format

If you need to download lots of images, it is probably better to download the document in HTML format. This option saves photos in a Zip folder. Extract the file and open the images subfolder that includes all the pictures in the document.

To download as HTML, open the file in Google Docs. Select “File > Download as to open the submenu. Then, select “Web Page.”

A File Explorer window opens with the HTML document’s Zip folder tab. Press the “Extract all button to open the “Extract Compressed Folders” window. Click the “Browse button on that window to choose a path for the decompressed folder. Then, click on “Extract.” A new folder tab will open in File Explorer, from which you can open your images subfolder containing all of the document’s pictures.

Extract Pictures from Documents with Add-ons

You can install a Chrome browser add-on such as “Shift Click Image Extractor” that downloads pictures from open documents in Google Docs and other webpages.

Add-ons from the Google Workspace Marketplace do not include any image capturers for Docs, such as the widely discussed add-on known as “Image Extractor,” which is no longer available.

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