How to Tell if Your Echo Dot Has a Charge

Echo Dot is essentially a smaller version of a regular Amazon Echo. Despite having a smaller and less powerful speaker, it still provides all the essential features expected of an Echo device.

How to Tell if Your Echo Dot Has a Charge

It’s compact and light-weight, so it’s always tempting to move it around. However, if you unplug it, it will turn off.

Well, how do you know if Echo Dot is charged? When can you take it with you on the road? Read on, the answer may surprise you.

Can Echo Dot Be Charged?

You might not know this, but Echo Dot doesn’t come with an internal battery. So, unlike your other smart devices (tablets, phones, etc.), plugging Echo Dot to an electric outlet won’t charge the device.

If you don’t have any alternative solutions, the only way to move your Echo Dot around is to unplug it from the electric outlet (which will turn off the device), move it to another place, and plug it in there.

Fortunately, if you look online you may find external batteries made for Echo Dot that will grant the device some autonomy. Let’s find out more about it.

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Battery Base – Charging Echo Dot

Even though Echo Dot lacks an internal battery, you can purchase a special external battery base for the device. This battery base acts like a mini portable electric outlet and enables you to carry your Echo Dot around without turning it off.

The base is shaped to fit your Echo Dot like a glove. As soon as you unpack it you just need to connect and lock-in the two devices. Afterward, plug the electric cord from the battery into the port on the Echo Dot. The device should instantly power up and start working.

With the battery base, you can take your Echo Dot with you anywhere, even outside. As long as there’s enough power your Echo Dot will work as a portable device. You may find different versions of the battery base, including wall-mount base, or the one with a carrying case.

Each generation of Echo Dot has a different battery base, so pay attention when buying one.

How to Know When the Battery Base Is Charged

Each battery base, regardless of the version or manufacturer, should have an indicator informing you about the battery life.

Most bases have 4 small LED lamps that glow brightly when the device is fully charged. As the device loses power, the lights start to dim. The lights will gradually switch off, as the battery level drops. When only one lamp remains glowing, it’s time to recharge the batteries.

A good battery base should last for about 12 hours and it should have a smart indicator that will preserve battery life while the device is idle.

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Is There an Amazon Echo Device with Internal Battery?

There is only one Amazon Echo device that has a built-in battery – Echo Tap. This device was designed as a portable wireless speaker with an immensely long battery life.

In an always-listening mode (the device is always standing by and waiting for your commands) the battery lasts for about eight hours. However, if you deactivate this mode and turn it on only when necessary, the battery could last for up to three weeks.

Unfortunately, the Amazon Tap was discontinued in 2018 in favor of, ironically – the better-selling Echo Dot. You can still find the Amazon Echo Tap in certain stores and online, but it seems that users prefer Echo Dot with an external battery base.

Improvise and Improve Your Echo Dot

Even if Echo Dot doesn’t have an internal battery, those who intend to use it as a portable device can improvise with additional gadgets.

Since an internal battery would significantly increase the cost of the device, this option is beneficial for both parties. Those who want to use Echo Dot as intended can plug it in and leave it be. Others can easily find a suitable battery base.

How do you prefer to use your Echo Dot? Which external battery base would you recommend? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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