How to Edit Faster in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Editing is a central feature of Fortnite, no matter what kind of player you are. Winning isn’t only about shooting – it’s about creating an environment that will help you win. However, creating isn’t enough. Nowhere near enough, actually. You have to be very quick about it.

How to Edit Faster in Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

Have you ever seen another player edit their way to victory at superhuman speeds? Without a doubt, you’ve seen a clip on social media that dropped your jaw. Well, it’s not about being superhuman. It’s all about practice and knowing what to practice. Here’s how to edit faster on Fortnite using Nintendo Switch.

Ebb Away the Ping

Experiencing Nintendo Switch lag in online gaming is like trying to play the game drunk – you’ll be able to do it but definitely not at your peak performance. For max results, you’ll want Fortnite to run as best possible on your Nintendo Switch.

Many Switch players are experiencing ping issues. Fortunately, there is a way around this. Or, at least, a way to alleviate the lag issues.

First, go to System Settings, an icon located on your Switch home page. Then, scroll down to the Internet tab in the left part of the screen. In the main part of the screen, select Internet Settings.

From the list in the next screen, find and select the network you’re currently connected to that you plan to use for your Fortnite session now. Then, select Change Settings from the next menu. Now, scroll down to DNS Settings and select this entry. You’ll be prompted to choose between Automatic and Manual. Select the latter. Now, you’ll be able to change your primary and secondary DNS numbers.

Select Primary DNS and make sure that the numbers are as follows: “” Now, change your Secondary DNS to “,” and save these settings.

If you’re wondering what this does, it switches from the default Switch servers to Google’s DNS servers, which are faster than Nintendo’s.

This will not only make your Fortnite editing experience much faster and more precise but also every aspect of online gaming on Nintendo Switch.

edit faster on nintendo switch fortnite

Use 720p

If you like playing Fortnite on a TV screen, that’s great, but it’s not the same as using the Switch’s built-in screen. Primarily because you’ll likely see a drop in the FPS rate. This might be fine for your gaming pleasure, but for fast editing you’ll definitely see some issues. So, go to the TV Settings on your Switch, located in the System Settings, and change the TV Resolution from 1080p to 720p. You’ll immediately notice that your edits are much smoother.

Confirm Edit on Release

By default, Fortnite doesn’t have the best editing options turned on. If you don’t change this early in the Fortnite gaming experience, you’ll have a hard time dropping the old setting habits. If you’re used to the default ways, you need to change them as soon as possible so that you can adapt to the new settings quickly.

First, start Fortnite on your Nintendo Switch. Then, go to the game settings tab (found in the upmost part of the options screen in Fortnite). Then, scroll down to the Building section in the menu to the left. So, if by any chance the Confirm edit on release setting is off on your Switch, make sure that you turn it on.

This setting means that you won’t have to press a button again to confirm every single edit that you make. This will significantly improve your editing speed in Fortnite.

Change the Edit Key

The default Edit button in Fortnite wasn’t assigned with quick editing in mind. Either that or the game designers failed to recognize the best possible option. Most Fortnite Switch pros, professional gaming YouTubers, and seasoned gamers will agree that the best key for editing is a joystick press.

nintendo switch fortnite how to edit faster

Changing this setting is as simple as changing the key assignment. Just go to the main options screen and navigate to the controller icon at the top of the screen. Then, select the Left/Right Joystick and assign it with the Edit setting. This will turn you into a much better and faster editor.

Combined with the Confirm Edit on Release, using one of the joysticks for editing will make for a smooth experience. Bear in mind that it may take some getting used to, especially if you’re accustomed to the default settings.

Motion Options

As a Switch player, you’ll get access to the motion sensitivity settings. Mobile gamers, however, don’t get this setting, and not even PC players can use it.

In other shooter games, the motion options mostly pertain to aiming your weapon. You need to make them work perfectly for you if you want to achieve peak gaming performance.

And for Fortnite, that doesn’t only lie with shooting your weapon. There are other factors, such as editing. Make no mistake, because to make quick and great edits you’re going to have to make the most out of those motion options.

But first, what does it mean? And how come PC players don’t have this option? Well, this doesn’t only pertain to your typical sensitivity. In fact, the motion options (when enabled) turn your Nintendo Switch into something like the Wii controller.

So, how does it work? When you have the Motion enabled settings on On, you can physically move your controller around to make your character look in different directions. This might be a bit overwhelming in the beginning, but once you’ve picked it up, you’ll see a vast improvement in your editing skills. Oh, and the Motion enabled option will improve your general aim, especially with the shotgun. It’s a win-win, really. A learning curve is to be expected, but it all pays off in the end.

Editing Faster and Better

Take care of that nasty ping on your Nintendo Switch and make sure that you use the 720p setting while playing on the TV. A smooth frame rate is essential if you want to be at the top of your editing game. You should also enable the Confirm edit on release mode, as well as tweak the motion options. Once you’re done with settings, it’s time that you got out there and started practicing those Fortnite editing skills.

Have you tried these options? Which ones have helped you the most? Do you have other tips for other Fortnite Switch gamers? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t refrain from asking any questions about the game or the console.

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