How to Equip Badges in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a game about skillful decisions and fast gameplay to beat all other teams for supremacy in the arena. As you progress through the game and become better, your achievements for each legend will be noted as badges. You can put these badges on your legend’s banner to display them to your enemies as a sign of prowess.

How to Equip Badges in Apex Legends

Find out more about badges and how to equip them in this article.

How to Equip Badges in Apex Legends?

After each game, you’ll receive a badge if you’ve fulfilled its condition. Most of the badges are legend-specific, so you’ll only have them on the character you’ve played with, but some are account-based and can be put up for any (or all) legends you play. Once you’ve unlocked a badge, follow these steps to equip it:

  1. From the main menu, select the “Legends” section on the top.
  2. Select (click on) the legend (character) you want to equip the badge to.
  3. Click on the “Banners” tab on the top.
  4. Select “Badges” on the left-hand side.
  5. You’ll see a grid of badges. The colored badges are the ones you own and can equip, while the greyed-out badges are locked. You can hover over each badge to learn about its unlocking conditions. Hovering over the badge will also scroll through all the tiers available, if applicable.
  6. To equip the badge, click on it. You’ll see a menu pop-up with three available badge slots. Click on the badge slot to place it in that slot.

  7. You can right-click on an equipped badge (noted with a checkmark in the corner) to un-equip it.

That’s pretty much it. You can use these steps to go over each legend you play in the game and set their badges accordingly. If you have an account-wide badge, you can equip it to any number of legends at once.

What Are Badges in Apex Legends?

Each badge has specific requirements to unlock. While some of the badges are account-wide, (meaning they count your performance across all games) other badges are only unlocked while you’re playing a specific legend.

In general, there are several broad badge categories:

  • Level badge
  • Account badges
  • Event badges
  • Team member-oriented badges
  • Wins with each legend
  • Damage count (in a single game) for each legend
  • Kills (with wildly varying conditions) for each legend
  • Club badges
  • Battle Pass badges and Rank badges for each season
  • Game mode badges

When you access the “Badges” section of each legend, you can hover over a badge to see its requirements and whether or not you can unlock it.

Some badges are season- or event-based, so you can only unlock them during that particular event or season. If you’ve started playing after those events have ended, you won’t have a way to unlock them again. Some events may reoccur in the future, but previous season badges will be locked forever.

Additional FAQ

Why Can’t I Equip the Badge Even Though I Have Finished the Task?

If you have unlocked a legend-specific badge, you can’t equip it to any other legend. Some legend-specific badges are identical for all legends (down to the icon), but you still need to repeat that task for each legend to effectively collect them all.

In other cases, you might not have actually finished the task precisely. The most common example is the difference between reviving and respawning teammates. Reviving a downed teammate gets them back to partial HP (and Armor if you have the Golden Backpack item).

On the other hand, respawning teammates require you to collect their banners (by interacting with their death box) and using the respawn beacon. They will then drop from a respawn shuttle without any gear.

Sometimes, the game has a slight delay between handing out the badge and making it available for equipping. Restart the game to see if that fixes the problem.

How Do You Get All Badges in Apex Legends?

If you’ve started playing the game recently, unlocking all the badges is impossible. Since there are a few badges that are season-specific (for example, your season’s rank in the ladder), you won’t be able to unlock them during the later seasons.

Other badges are event-specific. Most events run through different holiday seasons (Halloween, New Years’/Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.). Each event can earn players unique badges, and most won’t be repeatable after that event.

How Do You Equip the Same Badge in Apex Legends?

While the game doesn’t normally allow you to equip one badge to multiple slots for a legend, there is a way to circumvent the system and have the same badge show up two, or even three, times on your legend’s banner.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Go into the badge screen for the legend you want to equip the badge.

2. Scroll to the badge you want to equip.

3. The following steps are time-sensitive, so you have to be quick about it!

4. Disconnect your internet cable or modem.

5. Equip the badge to the first slot.

6. Equip the same badge to the other slots.

7. If the glitch works, you shouldn’t be able to see any changes on the legend’s banner while you’re disconnected.

8. Reconnect the cable or modem. The game will reconnect to the internet and you’ll hopefully see three of the same badges on the banner.

The game has a connection detection system, so disconnecting from the internet will often cause the game to exit to the loading menu. For this glitch to work, you have to work very quickly.

This glitch may be patched in a future update, so it might not be replicable for all players.

How Do You Do the Badge Glitch in Apex Legends?

We haven’t found any other badge glitches other than the one described above. If you want to add the same badge to all three banner slots, follow the previous answer’s instructions.

What Are the Achievement Badges in Apex Legends?

For Apex Legends, the terms ‘’achievements’’ and ‘’badges’’ are interchangeable. There are no achievements in the game which aren’t depicted in a badge. Here’s a list of all badges available:

Account-Wide Badges

• Baller: Own 125 cosmetic items.

• Banner Legend: Fill out the banners on eight different legends.

• Black Lives Matter: Handed out to all players who logged in during Black History Month 2021.

• Fashionista: Own a legendary skin and finisher on eigh different legends.

• Fully Kitted: Equip two fully-kitted weapons at the same time.

• Group Theatrics I/II/III: Win 1/2/3 games with a full pre-made squad where each member executes (performs a finisher on) an enemy.

• Long Shot: Knock a player down from at least 300 m away.

• Master of All: Win at least ten games with eight different legends.

• No Witnesses: In a pre-made squad, kill 15 players where no enemy you downed was ever revived or respawned.

• Pack Victory: Win a game with a full pre-made squad.

• Team. Work. I/II/III/IV: In a pre-made squad, win a game where each member got at least 3/5/7/10 kills.

• Warlord: Own legendary skins or at least 15 weapons.

• Well-Rounded: Deal 20 000 damage with eight different legends each.

• Origin Access: Subscribe to Origin Access (PC-exclusive).

• EA Access: Subscribe to EA Access (PS/Xbox exclusive).

• Anniversary Badges: Play a game during the anniversary events. The badge is more exclusive the closer you are to the anniversary day (February 4th).

• Respawn Developer: Only Respawn staff members and voice actors get this badge.

• Founder: Received when purchasing the Founder’s Pack (no longer available).

• Feeding Frenzy: Received when purchasing the Starter Pack (no longer available).

• Angel Struck: Received when purchasing Lifeline Edition in the shop.

• Tormenter: Received when purchasing Bloodhound Edition in the shop.

• Venomous: Received with the Octane Edition in the shop.

• Lone Bot: Received with the Pathfinder Edition in the shop.

• Making Waves: Received with the Gibraltar Edition in the shop.

• Event badges for time-specific events and game modes (see the list of past events here and the list game modes here).

• Club Player I/II/III: Play 1/25/100 game with two clubmates.

• Club Victory: Win a game with clubmates.

• Flawless Club I/II: Win a match with clubmates where no one on the squad is killed/knocked down.

• Flawless Club III: Win a match with clubmates where all members of the squad are alive at the end.

• Powers of Two I: Play a match of Duos.

• Powers of Two II/III/IV: Win 2/4/8 Duos games.

Legend-Specific Badges

The following badges need to be earned separately for each legend, and have the same appearance:

• Assassin I/II/III/IV: Play 5/15/50/100 games with five or more kills.

• Apex Predator: Win a game where you’re the kill leader.

• Deadeye: Get the last kill in the game.

• Double Duty: Win a game when you’re both the kill leader and the champion (champions are determined at match start based on the previous match performance).

• Flawless Victory I: Win a game where no one on the squad dies.

• Flawless Victory II: Win a game where no one on the squad is knocked down.

• Headshot Hotshot: Win a game with at least five headshot kills.

• Hot Streak: Win two games in a row with the same legend.

• No One Left Behind: Respawn both teammates.

• Rapid Elimination: Down four or more enemies within 20 seconds.

• Reinforcement Recall: Kill someone within ten seconds of them landing from the respawn dropship.

• Shot Caller: Win a game as the jumpmaster.

• Squad Wipe: Kill all three enemies on an enemy squad.

• The Legacy Continues: Win a game where your entire squad was alive at the end.

• Triple Triple: Kill all three members of three squads in the same game.

• [Legend]’s Wake: Kill 20 or more enemies in one game.

• [Legend]’s Wrath I/II/III/IV: Deal 2000/2500/3000/4000 damage in one game.

These badges have the same requirements, but their appearance is customized for each legend:

• Apex [Legend] I/II/III/IV/V: Win 1/5/15/50/100 games as [Legend].

Ranked and Season Badges

There is a different badge for each ranked season and rank. The ranks are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Master, and Apex Predator (introduced in season 2).

Each Season also has a battle pass level badge. The first season required the battle pass to be purchased, where the latter seasons don’t have that limitation. The badge gets more intricate at every five battle pass levels.

Season One features a different set of badges:

• Glory Seeker I-V: Achieve top 5 with seven different legends 1/5/10/25/50 times.

• Variety Show I-V: Get 1/5/25/50/100 kills with seven different legends.

• Wild Frontier Champion I-V: Win 1/5/10/25/50 games with seven different legends.

Ranked and season badges are account-wide.

How Do I Change My Banner in Apex Legends?

Your legend’s banner will be displayed at the start of the game and if you are the game’s current champion, throughout the map during the match. Here’s how to change each legend’s banner:

1. Select the “Legends” tab on the top from the main menu.

2. Click on the legend you want to change the banner for.

3. Finally, click on the “Banner” tab.

4. You can change the frame, pose, badges, and trackers by clicking on the tabs on the left.

5. The quips are voice lines your legend speaks during the game (match start/kill).

Grab Your Badges in Apex Legends

Now you know how to get more badges in Apex Legends and how to equip them on your legend’s banner. Showcase your achievements to the enemy (and teammates), but don’t stop improving at the game just because you finally reached that 4k damage badge.

What is your favorite badge in Apex Legends? Leave a comment in the section below.

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