My Facebook Account Was Hacked and Deleted – What Should I Do?

Having a hacked Facebook account is highly frustrating and can lead to misunderstandings. However, some hackers go further and delete the account altogether. Sadly, if this happened more than 30 days ago, your only option is to create a new account.

However, if the deletion happened less than a month ago, you might still have a chance to save your account.

Protect Your Facebook Account from Deletion by a Hacker

Before diving into fixing the problem, let’s first explore actions you can take before the hacker can delete your account.

Note 1: Be sure to perform routine backups of your Facebook Data because you never know what might happen or when! You can also manually download/save pictures and images into a particular folder on your device(s). Both suggestions help protect your valuable data in case of a hack or social disaster.

Note 2: It is highly suggested that security and privacy settings for all social accounts get reviewed and implemented to help protect against data theft, malware, and hacking. Be sure to review your security info for all your social accounts. Ensure that two-factor authentication is enabled and that your backup contact information is current.

Note 3: To further protect your Facebook account from hackers, it is advised that you avoid auto-login features whenever possible.

Note 4: If you link other social accounts, ensure they are protected with two-factor authentication and other security settings as well. Otherwise, a hacker can access your Instagram account, for instance, and then go straight to your Facebook account from there.

If you aren’t sure whether your Facebook account is compromised, you should verify whether or not someone is using your Facebook account. Catching the problem at the onset is the best-case scenario for recovering your account.

As a Facebook user, you should keep your contact information up-to-date, including your email and phone number. Facebook will send you alerts for new logins and changes to your login information. If someone has taken over your account, you’ll first want to go to your email account. Search for communications from Facebook.

If you’ve received an email from Facebook alerting you of changes, open the email and click on the “Secure your account” link. This process sends you to a help page that assists you in recovering your account.

Assuming you didn’t catch this email in time, that’s ok. Other options exist to help you recover your Facebook account after deletion, even if the hacker changed your login credentials.

How to Recover a Hacked and Deleted Account

The good thing about account deletion is that Facebook doesn’t delete it immediately. Instead, it keeps the account “alive” but makes it invisible to your friends for 30 days. Here’s how to go about recovering a hacked and deleted account.

Recover Facebook if Password and Email Were Not Changed

There is a slight chance the hacker forgot to change your login data before they deleted the account. If that’s the case, here’s how to reactivate and regain access to your account.

  1. Open the browser on your computer and go to” If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, launch the “Facebook” app.
  2. Next, enter your “email” and “password.” If you were logging in with your phone number, type it in instead.
  3. Click or tap the “Log In” button.

If you’ve succeeded, you should see all your contacts, photos, posts, and so on, assuming the hacker didn’t delete them.

Recover Facebook if Password was Changed

The most common scenario, especially with inexperienced hackers, is that they only change the password. While you can’t reactivate your account with the old password, you can still get your account back. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Open a browser on your computer and navigate to” If you’re on a smartphone or tablet, launch the “Facebook” app.
  2. Enter your “old login credentials” and click/tap “Log In.”
  3. Facebook will then show you a screen saying you have entered an incorrect Password.
  4. Click or tap the “Forgot Password” option.
  5. Check the current email account you have associated with Facebook. Choose “Send code via email,” then hit “Continue.”
  6. You will receive an email with a six-digit code. Type the provided “Security Code” into the provided field, then click or tap “Continue.”
  7. You will then be prompted to provide a new password for your account. Type in a strong, new password. Use special characters, uppercase and lowercase letters, and throw in some numbers too.
  8. Tap or click the “Continue” button.
  9. Next, you will see a message telling you when your account will be deleted if you don’t cancel the deletion. Keep in mind that after that date, recovery will be impossible.

Recover Facebook if You Can’t Access Your Email

Let’s say that the hacker was a bit more thorough than in the previous case and that they’ve disabled your access to your email account to log in to Facebook. You still have a way to get your account back. First, you should check whether the password is still valid.

  1. Open a browser, head to Facebook, or launch the “Facebook” app on your mobile device.
  2. Click on your “profile photo” for the mobile app and skip to “Step 4.” If on a PC, continue to “Step 3.”
  3. Enter the “most recent password” you used. If the hacker hasn’t changed it, Facebook will allow you to cancel the deletion of your account. Skip to “Step 5.”
  4. Type in the “most recent password” you’ve used if on a mobile device. Facebook will show you the Confirm Your Identity message if it checks out. Tap “Get Started.” You will then see the message about when your account was slated for deletion.
  5. Tap the “Cancel Deletion” option on the browser or the “Yes, Continue to Facebook” button on the mobile app.

Recover Facebook using a PC if Both Email and Password Were Changed

If the hacker was thorough with their actions and changed both the email and password, you could possibly recover your account using your phone number.

  1. Launch a web browser and go to “”
  2. Enter the “most recent credentials” that worked, then click “Log In.”
  3. On the next screen, click “Find your account and log in.”
  4. Enter your “email address” in the search box. If the email search fails, instead, enter the “mobile number” linked to your account.
  5. Check the “Send code via SMS” option.
  6. When you get the text, copy and paste the code into the correct box, then click “Continue.”
  7. Enter a “new password,” then click “Continue.”
  8. Select “Cancel Deletion.”

Recover Facebook using Android/iPhone if Both Email and Password Were Changed

  1. Launch the “Facebook” app.
  2. Choose the “Find Your Account” option.
  3. Check the “Confirm via SMS” option, then tap “Continue.”
  4. Copy the “SMS code,” then paste it into the provided field and tap
  5. Create a “new password” and tap “Continue” once more.
  6. On the “Confirm Your Identity” screen, tap “Get Started.”
  7. Choose “Yes, Continue to Facebook” to cancel the account deletion.

If none of the methods helped, you should report it to Facebook.

No matter what process you used to resolve your hacked Meta Facebook account issue, ensure you create a super-strong password now and in the future. Also, consider changing the associated email and adding 2-factor authentication to make future hacks even less likely to happen.

Hacked Facebook FAQs

Can I recover my Facebook data after 30 days?

Facebook gives users the option to download and save all of their Facebook data on the website. But, if your account got deleted after the 30-day holding period, there is no way to retrieve it. While Facebook states that they can store some information, this has no personal posts, pictures, or anything related to the individual.

Essentially, if someone has hacked your account and deleted it, there is no way to recover anything after the first 30 days.

Does Facebook have a customer support team?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t have a phone number or chat service that puts you in touch with a customer service representative for more help. The only option you have is to reach out to the Facebook Support Team. You won’t receive immediate feedback, but the team will do their best to help you.

Remember, you must be as detailed as possible when filling out the forms to reduce the number of interactions you have and how long it will take to resolve your issue.

30 thoughts on “My Facebook Account Was Hacked and Deleted – What Should I Do?”

Ahmed Zedan says:
No search results
Your search did not return any results. Please try again with other information.

that’s what facebook telling me while i am searching for my account and my account still exist because hacker changed everything to back my account

HELEN says:
Akankwasa Eric says:
Both my Facebook and my Instagram have been hacked and my email changed as well.. i can’t access any .. am worried 😫
Florina says:
My account was also hacked and hacker changed email password phone number, everything

I sent email to many facebook emails but never received an answer

What can i do ?

Clare says:
Same here, I wish I knew
Gerri says:
My Facebook was hacked and my password was changed so as soon as I realized this I let Facebook know and they directed me to where I could send them my ID to prove my identity. They accepted my ID and sent me an email to reset my password so I did that but then they sent a six digit code. I put the six digit code in and it said incorrect code so I tried it again and they sent me the exact same code as before and of course it said it was the wrong code again. Why is it doing this and what can I do to get back into my account?
Steve Larner says:
Generally, repeat security codes are due to server issues or cache that needs cleared on your device.
Sandip Mansukhani says:
My account is hacked and I am not able to recover it. All my details (email, phone number and the alternate details as well) are changed. I couldn’t find the way to recover it in this page. The person who got into my account has changed the name as well. I have the name and phone number of that person but he won’t answer. Can somebody help me in this case.
Steve Larner says:
There is really nothing you can do if you have no valid login credentials, email, phone number, etc.
Kathleen OFarrell says:
My fb account was hacked yesterday in the early hours of the morning so it was too late to respond. Followed all the instructions even sending photo of passport. Had email asking me verify my own email address but that got sent to the hackers address. Then got email saying I could access my account and sent a password I could use. This didn’t work either as my email address still wasn’t recognised. I’m now hidden from my fb friends and family. No response yet from separate emails to support and security. Don’t quite understand why I’m getting emails from fb if my address has been removed. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg will reply to an email from me or is that a bit of wishful thinking
Marcita says:
My account was hacked on July 11 2023. Not only did they hack the account they changed the name to a celebrity name: Olivia Rodrigo. It was reported for impersonating a celebrity. My account is completely missing and I can’t even submit a report because “I don’t exist” on fb and my phone number and email aren’t even considered valid. 14 years of content. I don’t think I’m going back. Shameful. No proper support only scripts to follow. I wish I would have known they had no customer support to truly address this. I want to drive to their offices to get answers!
Sarah Taylor says:
This happened to me to on the same date and they changed my phone number and email and password and changed my first name to Robert. I can’t recover it… does anybody have any tips on how to do so
samantha guest says:
Has anyone managed to recover it, the same this has just happened to me this morning, they have changed my email address, phone numbers, recovery email address, name and deleted the account 🙁 I cant find a way to recover ive tried all of the above and cant do anything, 16 years worth of stuff
Shawn says:
My FB account was hacked on 06/26/23. I didn’t see the email about my password being changed until a few hours later, so I couldn’t react quickly. I couldn’t find a way to contact FB by chat or phone but sent an email to a supposed email that handles hacked accounts. No answer yet. I never thought my FB account would be a victim because I rarely post, just comment and share every few months. Such a pain! I am doubtful that my account can be fixed.
sonia says:
fb was just hacked and fb support is worthless. Is there anyone that can be held accountable???!!!!
Tanya Hensgen says:
My Facebook account was hacked they changed my email password and phone number they are from Nigeria please how can I get it back
Syed Waqar says:
That’s no recover and fb has no secure….same things and happened… But fb has no solution this problem 😔😭😏
Michelle says:
My Facebook account got hacked I was able to recover it back through PASSCODE_RECOVERY on Instagram
Brian says:
I need some advice. Someone got into my account, they changed my name, removed my email addresses, phone #, etc. The good thing though, is I was online as they were doing it. So I kept saying “this wasn’t me”… and the account got totally locked down by Facebook (insert ovation here).
By going through the account recovery options, I got all the way to sending my ID to them. but the picture was never clear enough for them, and they kept saying to resubmit the photo. Through the recovery, I was able to add my email back, I got my pw changed. I can login, but then it says I need to finish and send my ID. When I click to send it, it says I did it too many times and need to wait. I’ve been waiting for a while. But it still says the same thing.
I know it’s “close” to recovered… because I am once again getting status emails daily. I’m getting messenger “updates” sent in email too.
I just don’t know what the “timeout” is on the submitting an ID. How long do I have to wait to resubmit the ID? I don’t think there’s another way to submit….
When I try to submit it and it says “please wait, try later”… if I try later, I don’t think it starts the wait period over…
Anyone have any insight?
Steve Larner says:
It could be that Facebook wants to prevent multiple submissions that cloud their lists and delay other profile responses. Also, how did you acquire your image. If you used a phone, you can try setting the camera to macro to get up-close details.
sonia says:
same thing just happened to me!!
Moena Fazila Abdull says:
My account has been hacked on the 6 june 2023 at 11.59AM the person is from Abuja Nigeria using Techno POP2F android phone my email was deleted and my cellphone number i have been trying to get my account back but i cant who do you speak to and who wil ever help with this big problem my facebook account is linked to my ather accounts my concern is if they asked my facebook friends and family for money and arrange a date or a meeting and people can be harmed who wil be blamed for this
Fb name Abdullah Anowar both of my new and old hacked account has the same pfp and name says:
My account got hacked the hacker removed and changed my email address, password and phone number but I still have the hackers email address on my hacked account from my Gmail notifications but it almost seems like the hackers are hiding my hacked account from me like they won’t let me see it
Vida says:
My facebook was hacked on the 18 May by the time i got the notifications my email address was added with the hackers email address and my cell number removed the hackers added 3 other contact details, including whatsapp i have the hackers email address and 2 of the phone numbers, i have tried to report it almost every day, the solutions facebook gives on hacked accounts are not solutions. you cannot change a password if your info is removed. i am non existant to friends on facebook its like the hackers have hidden the account, my facebook has been removed like its hidden but in my email im still getting shared posts and notifications. i dont understand how facebook doesnt have support in place for this, my instagram was also hacked but there is processes in place i could get into my instagram after 2 weeks because they do video recognition to confirm with the photos in your instagram account its you. i could then login and remove the hackers posts email and contact details. i feel this is a simple process facebook can also put in place.
Ruby Bates says:
My Facebook was hacked and I can’t get into nothing I have a FBI person working to find out who it was and tracing everything on my phone.
Dawnita says:
Any luck on this? Mine was just jacked and everything changed from someone in Nigeria and I don’t spent the last 4 hrs trying to figure how to get it back….
Tammy Lynh Le Ngo says:
My FB “Digital Creator” account has been deleted. My email address was removed and replaced with an unknown email address. When I tried to recover my account with my phone. I got in an empty account with just my name and birthdate. All my contents for the past 12-15 years have been deleted. Please help.
Brett says:
Hello. My fb account was hacked and they changed my username, now my account is disabled and I cant find anyway to retrieve it. Any help would be greatly appreciated
Cheryl says:
My Facebook was just heck today I got an email saying they changed my email address that on my Facebook and my number also I’m so mad..
I don’t know what to do this never happened before I have my facebook since 2010
Pascua janilyn milar says:
My Facebook was just heck today I got an email saying they changed my email address that on my Facebook and my number also I’m so mad..
I don’t know what to do this never happened before I have my facebook since 2010
Cristyl Casumpang says:
Today i was shock seeing that my fb was hacked..i can’t longer log in in my fb account even my email were change and my mobile number were also use of someone of different person…i was so devasted and matter what i do to recover my account were all useless…everytime i put my number..different person appeared…Hope this problem will me to recover my account soon…And those suggested tips on how to recover my account were in no use…hope there will be a specific way or methods in retriving the account related on this problems…
Moses Wayne lyoma jr says:
My Facebook password has been changed and even the email and the password has been changed and when I try to log in or I go on found my account, it only shows send via email
Dick says:
My Facebook was hacked and they attached an Instagram account. The account name was mc******er. The Instagram account was banned which deleted my Facebook account.
Rachael Varela says:
What can I do if I found the email of the account that hacked me and changed email and phone number associated. I ask for a code to reset and its sending me the same number each time that doesn’t work.
zakaria says:
Hi, i’m new, just stamble upon this blog and read the comments, my account just got hacked today, my account was super secure, with number verification ID card verification, two authentificator factor, it’s hacked from vietnam,they change mobile number, email adresse, and deactivate the account, my question is how did anyone reach facebook somehow by email or anything else than the simple useless script on facebook ?
Steve Larner says:
It was probably caused by a hack into one of your devices that opened the gateway to Facebook.
iyasu gebrie says:
Hi! my facebook account name, email address and phone number is changed. how can I retrieve it?
Ross says:
My wife’s account was hacked as well. They got in, changed her name, email, phone number everything. FB support is useless. Can’t even look up an old number since it has all be changed. I am curious at to how they are able to get around the FB email that goes out whenever the email address/phone number is changed.

I am wondering if the Federal Trade Commission could/would do anything about this issue. Since we are all apparently in the same boat. Maybe a class action law suit? hmmmmmm

Karyl says:
I would say lawsuit. Apparently, the support on Facebook doesn’t care about all of us being hacked. Mine was just hacked yesterday. They removed my email address and changed my password. I have no way of recovering it. Same thing just happened to my sister-in-law. I have a lot of memories on there now gone.
LlAURA says:
There must be thousands in this position once your Facebook is hacked there seems no way back…no email answered no customers service. They get away with taking but no giving. Folks have been harmed by this years contributing to making Facebook billions then a slap in the face with no service. Only way media publicity and class action. Stolen info and total control over ordinary everyday posts. Business accounts cut off no way back.
costas says:
My fb account has been hacked since 02/04/2023.. and all the many thoudsnts of photos posts and comments plus messenger seem to be lost… At least, my email is stolen/chsnged so fb cannot sent to my real email a code but they try to do that to the hacker’s email.. I have no control of my account as before altough I can see my name, my cell number and my profile photo (in two profiles, one the fake one).. I sent few days ago my ID card to fb through my laptot’ s camera as I was asked, and I wait an reply hoping for an answer (?)..
Gay L Henderson says:
Somebody hacked my Facebook page changed the telephone number on my account change the password. I cannot get into my page anymore.
Joe Carlo Lacno says:
my fb account was hacked, my email, password and cellphone number are changed, what can I do to recover it back?
Syed Obaid Grami says:
No reliability and pathetic Facebook support, my account was hacked i can’t able to contact them for further assistance. they attacked second time after recovery hacker will attack again after 5 minutes i was hacked again and facebook just support on pre defined support messages , that all pre defined support not fruit able for me
Kate Coleman says:
I was hacked on facebook by 2 different people. Didn’t get any resolution from facebook so I set up a new account. 48 hours late that was hacked by a third person. What do I have to do to get my original fb back. Just Answer were not helpful and I am furious about the whole hacking business.
Megan Valentine says:
I had this happen to me just yesterday. I got very little information about them before I lost the battle trying to keep them put of my account. I have the email they are using and the phone number. They even contacted me on my phone 😱😡Its very disturbing to say the least and the fact that Facebook can’t even have someone available to speak to on matters like this! It’s complete bullshit! Pardon my French, but this is absurd and should not be happening as frequently as it does!
Fakir liton says:
My account was hacked and every data on it changed, my email, password and phone number was changed.
Samantha says:
Someone in Vietnam got into my email and stole my FB that way. They either posted something bad right away and got if disabled or because I reported it as hacked, either way it’s not available. 15 years of memories, my son, my husband and I meeting. It’s all gone now cause someone got bored and stole it.
Celeste says:
Hi. My facebook was also hacked. Changed my password and my email and Facebooks Help Center is no help at all trying to get my account back. I will loose all my photos I had on it. makes my so angry cause what do they gain by hacking ones account.
Arlene Cachero says:
My wife’s account was hacked both email and phone number has changed by the hacker and password so what can I do we don’t have access to her account pls help us
K Remedy says:
It seems facebook has mistakenly employed some hackers or Facebook is collaborating with them to hack people’s account. These hackers targets old accounts. The Facebook account have been using since 2008 was hacked on Friday 14th of April 2023, everything I was asked to do by Facebook has been done but all I get is “The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed”. Some Facebook sponsored ads are scammers who impersonate celebrities, I have reported and also commented that they are scammers on most of their posts, maybe that’s why Facebook purposely hacked my account. Facebook is one of the worse social network right now…. Thank God for twitter..
Jfinnhelltown says:
I was thinking the same thing. My acct was from 2007. My acct was hacked two weeks ago, done everything Facebook help blogs have asked. The hacker is even using my phone number for another page. Still nothing. Days before my acct was stake I received a notification about the lawsuit against Facebook involving old accts and how my account was available for a settlement, I never responded to it but then days later, I was using Facebook and randomly the screen went to logging out and I tried to log in but password was changed. Phone number tied to a K****** ****y, some guy I never met, email address not recognized. The hacker has been messaging all my friends and family asking for favors. I communicated so much on messenger so many lost contacts that weren’t stored anywhere else. No one from Facebook to help. All the money they make and no support system for users!! Pretty Sad!

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