How to Change the Currency in Facebook Marketplace

Buying and selling with Facebook marketplace can connect you to users from all over the world. This means it’s a necessity to switch between currencies to determine exchange rates. Fortunately, the e-commerce platform has simple settings, allowing users to update their preferred currencies.

How to Change the Currency in Facebook Marketplace

In this article, you’ll learn how to change currencies on the Facebook marketplace.

Changing Currencies

The actual steps for changing currencies within the Facebook marketplace are fairly straightforward. However, once you change the preferred currency, you cannot switch it again for 72 hours. Currency settings changes in the FB marketplace also apply to all of your currency preferences on Facebook, not just the marketplace e-commerce platform.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log into your regular Facebook account.
  2. Select the option with three lines. This is in the upper left corner of the interface.
  3. Click on the “Market” option.
  4. The top of the interface will display multiple currency options. Select your preferred currency.
  5. Refresh your window or log out and log into Facebook again.

Once you complete the process, you can view your listings or make a listing of your own. They should appear as the new currency you selected.

Changing Currencies on Facebook Pay

Facebook marketplace and the interface can differ among users. Since the payment is connected through all settings, there are multiple ways to change your currency if the options above aren’t present.

Here’s how you can change your preferred payment currency:

  1. While logged into your account, select the account menu option with your profile picture.
  2. In the menu, locate and select “Settings & Privacy.”
  3. From the options that open up, choose “Settings” again.
  4. Select the “Orders and Payments” option.
  5. In the settings regarding payment, select “Activity.”
  6. Locate the option that says “Currency” and select your desired currency.

Changing Currency with Facebook Ads

Suppose you’re using Facebook ads to sell products within the Facebook marketplace. In that case, you can also change the currency through their specific settings. However, you can only do this once every 60 days rather than 72 hours as on Facebook’s other platforms.

Here’s how to do so:

  1. Log into your Facebook account and select the menu button.
  2. Choose the “Ads” option from the drop-down menu with a bullhorn next to it.
  3. From the ads manager, navigate to payments.
  4. Select the option “Edit” underneath “Business Info.”
  5. Select your desired time zone (handy for ensuring you’re using the correct currency) and currency.

Once you adjust these settings, it should change the country currency you make your transactions on Facebook too. However, you can only apply these changes if you’re the administrator of the Facebook ad account. Likewise, the country of your settings must be aligned with your chosen currency for this method to work.

Changing Your Location on Facebook Marketplace

One of the main reasons users may want to change their currency on the Facebook marketplace is due to either moving or traveling. For this reason, you might also need to know how to change your location through the settings.

  1. While logged into your Facebook account, select the “Marketplace” option on the left menu.
  2. Under the “Filters” option, choose “Location.”
  3. You can choose your location and how far away you want your visible listings.
  4. After entering the requested information, select “Reply.”

Once you apply these changes, feel free to refresh the page or log out and on Facebook again if the changes don’t appear immediately. The difference in location will affect your visible listings; however, the location of your existing Facebook account (and not your marketplace) will stay the same.

Buying Items on Facebook Marketplace

Once you’ve changed to your preferred currency and location on the Facebook marketplace, it’s time to shop by browsing the listings you want. Perhaps you’ve found a listing for a product you’d like to buy. It’s worth noting that this option may not be available for some countries across Europe and Japan.

Here’s how to browse the listings and use the checkout option:

  1. While in your Facebook account, select the “Marketplace” option from the left menu. It should have a blue tent emoji next to it.
  2. Browse from the listings available and choose the product you wish to buy.
  3. You’ll have two options to contact the seller. You can select “Message” to write the seller a personalized message, or you can choose to send a message that asks, “Is this available?”

When the seller sees your message, they can answer to begin the negotiation process for the item. This simple process makes e-commerce easy.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace

While the process is more simplified than other e-commerce platforms, selling with Facebook marketplace might be slightly more confusing than buying. Facebook will take a 5% fee for any sale you make while listing the items is free. If your item sells for under $8, Facebook marketplace will charge $0.40. It’s also worth noting that this option is not available in certain countries.

Here’s how you can start selling your things by posting listings on the Facebook marketplace:

  1. Through your Facebook account, access Marketplace from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select the option that says, “Create a new listing.”
  3. Select the “Item for sale” option.
  4. A specialized interface for listing customization should appear on the left-hand side of your screen.
  5. Choose the “Add Photo” option. This will allow you to upload a picture of your item from your device or take a picture if you haven’t already.
  6. Add information on your item and the pricing, then click “Next.”
  7. Select the appropriate delivery method and then select “Next” once more.
  8. Finally, select the “Publish” option, and your listing will be on Facebook Marketplace.

During the listing customization process, the middle of your screen will display a preview to show you what will be visible to users who see the listing. Make any necessary changes.


Why does the Facebook marketplace have a 72-hour time constraint on currency change?

Facebook utilizes a 72-hour constraint to prevent fraud to ensure all transactions are legitimate. Buyers may attempt to manipulate currency exchange rates, so the regulation prevents this.

Can I buy and sell items overseas using the Facebook marketplace?

Yes, you can buy and sell items internationally using the Facebook marketplace. The system will automatically convert the payment to the appropriate local currency. However, there might be additional costs when buying or selling items internationally.

Can I return items through the Facebook marketplace?

Facebook marketplace has not established a return policy with which users must comply. However, they encourage sellers and buyers to work together to create a personalized return policy. If you wish to return something on Facebook marketplace, contact the seller or customer care of your payment method to file a complaint.

Using Currencies on Facebook Marketplace

Fortunately, the Facebook marketplace offers multiple methods of changing and adjusting your desired form of currency. However, knowing the exchange rate when dealing with international sales is essential. Be sure about your currency before switching it, as the 72-hour constraint can keep you from making changes.

Did you find changing your currency and location easy on Facebook Marketplace? What about buying items and selling listings? Let us know in the comment section below.

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