How to Rate a Seller in Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a popular online destination where people buy and sell items locally. With millions of active users, knowing how to evaluate the seller is necessary to ensure a safe and successful transaction. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about how to rate a seller on Facebook Marketplace.

How to Rate a Seller in Facebook Marketplace

How to Rate a Seller

To ensure the platform remains a reliable marketplace, Facebook allows buyers to rate their experience with a seller after a transaction or after communicating with them. They allow ratings after communicating with a seller even without a completed transaction to allow users to rate the seller’s communication and behavior.

If you’ve recently purchased an item on Facebook Marketplace, you can rate the seller by following these simple steps:

  1. First, navigate to the Facebook app and log in to your account.
  2. Next, click on the “Marketplace” option. If you do not see “Marketplace,” click “See More” to expand your options.
  3. Then, click “Your Reviews” . This will take you to a page that shows all of the products you have purchased on Facebook Marketplace.
  4. Find the product you want to rate or review and click on it to open.
  5. There are two buttons click “More option”.
  6. To rate the seller, click the “Rate Seller” button in the “More option” section. This will take you to the rating screen, where you can choose a rating from 1 to 5 stars. A rating of 1 indicates a poor experience, while a rating of 5 indicates an excellent experience. You’ll also have the option to write a comment to describe your experience in more detail. This comment will be visible to other buyers who view the seller’s profile.
  7. After you have chosen your rating and written a comment (if desired), click on the “Submit” button to submit your rating. Your rating will appear on the seller’s profile and be visible to other buyers who check their profile out.

Understanding the Rating System

Facebook Marketplace’s rating system allows buyers to rate sellers based on their purchasing experiences. The rating system consists of a 1- to 5-star rating scale, with 1 star representing a poor experience and five stars representing an excellent experience.

To keep ratings fair and prevent users from being pressured into giving compelled ratings, buyer ratings are no longer publicly visible. This means that only the seller can see the ratings they receive from buyers. The seller’s overall rating will still be visible to buyers, but the individual ratings and comments from buyers will not be displayed publicly. Seller ratings for buyers are only available on the Facebook apps for Android and iPhone, but not on Facebook’s web page or Facebook Lite.

Even though buyer ratings are no longer visible to the public, they still help keep the Marketplace community safe. By providing feedback on their experiences with sellers, buyers can help other buyers make informed decisions when purchasing products on the Marketplace. Additionally, Facebook can use this information to identify sellers who consistently provide a poor experience to buyers and take appropriate action to protect the Marketplace community.

When leaving a rating and comment for a seller, it is crucial to provide honest feedback. Buyers should consider their overall experience with the seller, including communication, product quality, and shipping. For example, if the seller was slow to respond or the item arrived damaged, these should be mentioned in the rating and comment.

It is worth noting that sometimes, buyers may have unrealistic expectations, misunderstand the product description, or encounter unforeseeable issues during the transaction. Therefore, an overall rating that isn’t perfect may not necessarily indicate an unreliable seller.

Tips for Rating a Seller

When rating a seller, consider some factors that can impact your experience. Here are some tips to help you rate a seller effectively:

  • Communication: One of the most important factors to consider when rating a seller is their communication. Did the seller respond promptly to your messages? Were they friendly and helpful? If the seller is unresponsive or unfriendly, it could negatively impact your experience and potentially cause issues with your transaction.
  • Item Description: When rating a seller, determine whether the item you received matches the description provided in the listing. Did the seller accurately describe the item’s condition, size, and other relevant details? If the item is not as described, it could lead to disappointment and a negative experience.
  • Shipping: The shipping process can also impact your experience with a seller. Did the item arrive on time? Was it well-packaged? If the item arrives late or is damaged during shipping, it could impact your satisfaction with the transaction.
  • Overall Experience: When rating a seller, it’s crucial to evaluate your overall experience. Was the transaction smooth and hassle-free? Were there any issues that needed resolution? Would you buy from this seller again?

Considering all these factors, you can provide a comprehensive rating that accurately reflects your experience with the seller.

Leaving a Meaningful Review

While rating a seller on Facebook Marketplace is straightforward, there are a few things to remember on your end before leaving a rating.

Be Honest

Being honest about your experience is essential when leaving a rating and review. If you had a positive experience with the seller, leave a rating that reflects that. Likewise, if your experience was negative, be honest about that. Your review can help other buyers make informed decisions.

Be Fair

It’s essential to leave a rating that is fair and accurate. If a seller goes above and beyond to provide an excellent experience, they may deserve a high rating. However, an average rating is appropriate if the seller’s behavior is only average. It’s unfair to leave a low rating if the seller did everything they were supposed to do.

Be Specific

When leaving a comment, be as specific as possible. Instead of writing “Great seller,” describe why they were great. For example, you could say, “The seller shipped my item promptly and provided excellent customer service when I had a question about the product.”

Be Respectful

It’s essential to be respectful when leaving a rating and review. While you may have had a negative experience, using derogatory language or making personal attacks is inappropriate. Stick to the facts and professionally describe your experience.

Don’t Blackmail the Seller

It’s never appropriate to blackmail the seller by threatening to leave a negative rating if they don’t do something outside the transaction’s scope. Blackmailing can result in account suspension, and it’s not a fair or ethical way to conduct business.

Why Rating a Seller Is Important

Rating a seller on Facebook Marketplace is an important aspect of the buying process, as it benefits the buyer and the entire online community. When you rate a seller, you essentially leave a review of your experience with them, which can be immensely helpful for other potential buyers. Your rating can help others make informed decisions about whether or not to purchase from the same seller.

By rating a seller, you also provide valuable feedback that can help sellers improve their customer service and overall performance on the platform. Sellers can use the ratings and feedback to identify areas where they can improve their business practices, such as enhancing communication, shipping times, or product quality. This, in turn, can lead to higher ratings and more positive reviews, attracting more buyers and ultimately increasing sales.

Furthermore, rating a seller helps to build trust and accountability within the online Marketplace. It provides a mechanism for buyers to hold sellers accountable for their actions and encourages sellers to maintain a high standard of customer service. This can lead to a more positive experience for everyone involved in the buying and selling process.


Can I change my rating for a seller on Facebook Marketplace after I’ve submitted it?

Yes, you can edit your rating and review for a seller if you change your mind or if there’s new information to add. You can change your rating within 14 days or after the other person has submitted their rating.

How does Facebook handle fake reviews or ratings on the Marketplace?

Facebook monitors the Marketplace for fake reviews and ratings. Users engaging in fraudulent activity may have their accounts suspended or face other penalties.

How can I check a seller’s credibility if individual buyer ratings and comments are not publicly visible?

Although individual buyer ratings and comments are not publicly visible, you can still gauge a seller’s credibility by checking the overall rating displayed on their profile. Additionally, consider how long the seller has been using Facebook and the Marketplace and any mutual connections you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact the seller with inquiries, and trust your instincts when deciding to purchase.

Happy Customer

Rating a seller on Facebook Marketplace is an excellent way to help improve the platform’s credibility and reliability. By understanding the rating system, following the steps to rate a seller, considering important factors, and recognizing the importance of rating a seller, you can make informed decisions and help others on the platform.

Have you had any experiences with rating sellers on Facebook Marketplace? Let us know in the comments below, and share your tips and tricks for a successful transaction!

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