How to Get a Rare Prism in Fate Grand Order

FGO has several types of currencies players use to improve their Servants (playable characters). One rare resource they can obtain is Rare Prisms, awarded rather sparingly or using up characters players don’t need in their current roster.

How to Get a Rare Prism in Fate Grand Order

This article will provide all the information you need about rare prisms, how to obtain them, and how to use them.

What Does the Rare Prism Do in FGO?

Rare Prisms are a unique form of currency produced in rare circumstances due to a general lack of in-game resources that make them. Rare Prisms are used to unlock more cosmetic content, such as alternate Heroic Spirit Portraits in the exchange shop for quests or event-unique Craft Essences. Event-based purchases are limited to once per account.

Rare Prisms also have a more practical side:

  • You can use one Rare Prism to get 20,000 Friend Points once every month. You can then use Friends Points to purchase various boosts, summon lower-rank heroes, or provide Craft Essences, Status-up Cards, Experience Cards, and some Command Codes.
  • You can purchase Chaldean Visionary Flames for three Rare Prisms. The Visionary Flames increases a Servant’s maximum bond level by 1, up to a maximum of 15 (from the starting 10). It’s one of the more recommended items since it’s hard to come by other than in some events.
  • Purchasing a Code Remover for one Rare Prism when you need to remove a Command Code from a Command Card you want to reuse. You can buy three Code Removers a month.
  • You can purchase one Crystalized Lore for five Rare Prisms each month. Crystalized Lore is the only way to rank up a skill from level 9 to level 10.
  • Each month, you can buy Status Up Cards with three Rare Prisms, one for HP and one for ATK. This is one of the only ways to get higher-tier Status Up Cards in the game.
  • Perhaps the best use of Rare Prisms is the unique Mana Prism Craft Essence unlocks. Using Rare Prisms is the only way to obtain these items, and they stay permanently affixed to your account, providing small but stacking passive bonuses. All four choices should be prioritized, especially the QP generation provided by the “Mona Lisa” Craft Essence.

How to Get the Rare Prism Through a Quest?

Rare Prisms were used as daily login rewards for a few events in the past, particularly the 17M and 20M downloads commemoration quests. They ran in late June 2019 and early May 2020, respectively. During the events, players could get one Rare Prism just by logging into the game for a certain amount of days.

Other quests include the 2020 New Year campaign (at the start of January 2020), for which players also received one Rare Prism for logging in on January 1st.

Unfortunately, events that award Rare Prisms come few and far between. That means they shouldn’t be considered a stable or reliable source of Rare Prisms. Having a few Rare Prisms from events can be regarded as an achievement in itself for following the game for so long.

If you want to get the best odds of finding a Rare Prism in an event, keep logging into the game regularly to keep track of upcoming events. You never know which one will award Rare Prisms or other useful currency or resources.

How to Buy a Rare Prism at a Shop

There’s no direct way to purchase Rare Prisms in the in-game shop. What you can do, however, is burn a high-rarity (four stars or five stars) Servant to get some Rare Prisms, Mana Prisms, and QP back. It’s generally an unfavorable exchange, especially considering how long it usually takes to summon a single 5-star Servant and how powerful they are when leveled up (for which you need a total of five copies).

Since you don’t need more than five, getting the 6th copy of any 4-star or 5-star Servant is essentially getting the equivalent amounts of Rare Prisms. Here’s how you burn the extra copies of Servants:

  1. Select the “Da Vinci’s Workshop,” the fourth item in the navigation menu.
  2. Tap on “Burning.” It has an icon that looks like a disintegrating card.
  3. Select the non-event 4-star or 5-star Servant you want to burn. Four-star Servants received as event rewards do not provide Rare Prisms when burned.
  4. If the Servant you want to burn is locked, select the unlock button from the mini menu on the left side.
  5. Four-star Servants burn for one Rare Prism per their NP level, up to five. Five-star Servants will burn for three Rare Prisms per NP level, up to fifteen. Although, good luck in getting to an NP5 five-star Servant in the first place. It’s a valuable resource that is far more precious than anything you could buy with Rare Prisms.

How to Use a Rare Prism

Rare Prisms are similarly used in Da Vinci’s Workshop:

  1. Open the “Da Vinci’s Workshop” by tapping on the fourth item in the navigation menu.
  2. Select the “Rare Prism Exchange.” It should be the fourth item available, with an icon of a sparkling gem (not to be confused with the “Mana Prism Exchange,” for which there are no sparkles around the gem).
  3. Select the item you want to purchase from the limited or rechargeable shop portions.
  4. Confirm the purchasing choice.

Additional FAQ

Can You Buy Rare Prisms With Money?

You can’t purchase Rare Prisms directly with money. However, you can purchase Saint Quartz with fiat currency, which allows you to roll for additional summons. These summonses can be four- or five-star Servants, which you can then use to burn into Rare Prisms at Da Vinci’s Workshop.

Keep in mind, though, that the rate at which you receive higher-rank Servants and the usefulness of those characters heavily outweighs the need to get a few Rare Prisms from a potentially massive monetary investment that you might make.

We generally don’t recommend relying on the luck-based gacha system to immediately provide you with the exact item you need. Keep playing the game and accumulating daily rewards from quests and missions to slowly obtain every item and improvement you need to progress forward. After all, the game doesn’t have a PvP mode, so there’s no real pressure in being the best in the world.

Rare Prisms Might Be Too Rare

Considering how uncommon the Rare Prism is, count yourself lucky if you manage to obtain some on a free-to-play account. Higher amounts are generally reserved for players spending considerable funds on this freemium game. Whether you plan to become a whale is up to you (and your bank account statements).

What will you use Rare Prisms for? Let us know in the comment section below.

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