How To Find Out How Many GB My iPhone Is

Not all iPhones come with the same storage capacity. Just because you have a newer version of a phone doesn’t always guarantee you more gigabytes than on the earlier models.

How To Find Out How Many GB My iPhone Is

Before you decide to download some apps, sync with your other devices, or take a bunch of photos, make sure to check the capacity of your iPhone. Finding out how much space your phone has is a key factor in managing your storage.

Why Is Storage important?

Storage capacity is your device’s internal memory and it is listed in gigabytes (GB). One gigabyte equals 1024 megabytes (MB). The iOS system files are all installed in your phone’s memory and take up around 1.5GB.

Most apps take up around 50MB, but larger apps and video games can use more, sometimes over 500MB. Most of your audio and photo files take up no more than 5MB. This scale can maybe show you how large your storage can be.

When it’s near full capacity, your storage will have a hard time functioning. Your current apps may need space when they update, and you need to free up storage for new files and new apps. All this can make your iPhone malfunction. There are different ways to learn about the storage space of your iPhone.

To learn how many gigabytes your phone has and see how much space you have left, follow these methods.

Find the Information in Settings

The easiest way to find your iPhone’s capacity is to look in the Settings app. This app is built into your system, so you cannot remove it. You will find it in the application menu (the gear wheel icon).

  1. Tap the ‘Settings’ icon.
  2. Open the ‘General’ menu in ‘Settings’.
    Find Out How Many Gb My iPhone Is
  3. Press ‘About’.
  4. Scroll down until you see ‘Capacity’. Here you will see how much space your device has.
    Find Out How Many Gb iPhone Is
  5. Scroll further down to the ‘Available’ section. Here you can see how much space you have left. The difference between the general space and unused space is the amount of space your files are currently taking up. If your device has too little available memory left, you may look to remove some unnecessary data from it. Otherwise, you will not be able to download any new files.

Some iPhones can access the Storage directly from Settings. Repeat steps 1 and 2 and instead of looking for ‘About’, try to find ‘[Device] Storage’. Here you will see the same information – how much storage space you’ve used, how much you have left, and what the total capacity of your device is.

Check Your Storage with iTunes

Once you connect your iTunes to your iPhone, it will automatically check the available space. This lets you know how much data you use for different content.

First, you should open iTunes on your computer. It usually comes preinstalled on all Mac computers, but if you don’t have one, you will have to download the app and install it.

itunes iPhone Gb

You then link your iPhone to the computer via cable, hotspot, or Bluetooth.

When the two devices connect, just click on your iPhone in the iTunes app.

This will open a window that lists all the important information about your iPhone. In the bottom, you will see a storage bar. Different content is shown in different colors. Once you move your mouse pointer over color, you will see which content type it represents. Content types may be video, photo, audio, apps, documents, and others.

On this colorful storage bar, you will see how much storage you have left and how many gigabytes different types of data are currently using.

Find the Info via IMEI/MEIDD or ICCID

There are situations when you can’t access your device apps. Whether the system is not working, or you have some hardware problem, sometimes you can’t manage your device.

In these instances, you will have to find your telephone specifications externally. The best way to get the exact information is to find your device’s IMEI/MEID or ICCID.

Some devices have the number written on the SIM tray, while on others the number is printed on the back.

Once you find your ID, visit SndeepInfo and type your serial number there. This website will track the exact model of your phone and list all the essential information.

iPhone How Many Gb

If you just want to check your storage space, scroll down to Technical Specifications. Your phone capacity is listed there as ‘Internal memory’.

Check Your Storage Regularly

If you pay attention to the storage, you won’t have any trouble with updates, unresponsive apps, or malfunctioning camera.

Make sure to check your iPhone’s available storage space from time to time and remove files and apps you no longer use. If you manage your iPhone’s storage well, you will also prevent any unnecessary problems.

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