How to Watch Live Sports with a FireStick

You can watch live sports on FireStick quite conveniently. There are free and premium options to make this happen. This article covers everything you need to know about watching live sports on the FireStick device.

How to Watch Live Sports with a FireStick

Watching Live Sports with FireStick Apps

If you have replaced with FireStick, you’ll have more to stream than just TV shows and movies. Many apps are accessible on FireStick allowing you to have a seamless viewing experience.

There are a few notable paid apps that provide live sport streaming services. You can download these through the Amazon Appstore on your device. To get the official apps:

  1. Go to the FireStick home screen.
  2. Use the “Find” option.
  3. Select “Search” and type the app name.
  4. Use the virtual keyboard to confirm the search.
  5. Choose the app you were looking for from the search results.
  6. Download or get the app.

To add more apps, repeat the steps above. This should get you ready to run and start streaming live sports.


Sports fanatics love ESPN+ due to its extensive coverage options and reliability. The standalone streaming service gives you access to on-demand content, original programming, and live events in the sporting world.

You can watch some of the most popular and some more obscure sports, including soccer, boxing, golf, MLB, NHL, MLS, and other events. The unique feature is pay-per-view UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) matches. The events can be streamed live through ESPN+ in the U.S.

ESPN+ requires a subscription to stream live sports. If you already have a subscription and get a prompt to subscribe, relink your account (there should be an option you can choose on the same prompt). This should update the information.


While Fubo is known for its TV show and movie repertoire, this IPTV service was first launched to focus on soccer. The programming was later expanded, and more channels were added. FuboTV now offers even more sports events and has over 100 channels.

This is one of the best options for watching live sports on FireStick. The available sports channels include NHL, NFL, NBA YV, Fight Network, Tennis Channel, ESPN, and Stadium. The live games covered include soccer, fight sports, American football, hockey, basketball, and baseball.

Live streaming is also available through major U.S. TV networks, including FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC.

Using Unverified Apps to Stream Sports

If you don’t want to pay for live sport streaming, there are a few free options that you can use. However, be cautious when using unverified apps. Since most of these apps are not fully legal to use, it’s heavily recommended to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to mask your IP address. This means bypassing online surveillance, content geo-restrictions, and ISP throttling.

Pick a good VPN and set it up to stream anonymously:

  1. Subscribe to a reputable VPN such as ExpressVPN and choose a plan that works for you. You need to subscribe first.
  2. Power on the FireStick and choose “Find.” Select “Search.”
  3. Type in the name of the VPN you subscribed to in step one. Select your VPN in the search results.
  4. Select “Download” and follow the prompts to set it up on your FireStick.
  5. Open the VPN and enter your credentials.
  6. Choose “Sign in.”
  7. Select the Power icon. This will connect you to the VPN server.
  8. Choose a server depending on the availability of the app, program, or channel you’re trying to access.

There are three major apps that could be used alongside a VPN to give you a similar viewing experience to the official apps above.

Keep in mind that a good VPN won’t come free, so you’ll most likely need to pay to watch live sports one way or the other (or take a risk with untested, risky apps that might put you in legal troubles).

Since most of these are Android apps, you need to enable developer options to allow apps from any source, enable FireStick’s Downloader, then find the APK file for download.

To allow apps installation from unknown sources, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Fire Stick Developer options and turn on “Apps From Unknown Sources.”
  2. Open My Fire TV in the settings section.
  3. Choose “About.”
  4. Once you locate the Fire TV Stick option, tap repeatedly to until you see “No need, you are already a developer.”
  5. Return to My Fire TV screen and select “Developer options.”
  6. Turn on “Apps from unknown sources” and “ADB Debugging.”
  7. “Apps from unknown sources” warning popup is displayed. Choose “Turn on.”
  8. Navigate to the downloader and turn it on.

After the downloader is set up and you want to download APKs:

  1. Click the icon on your home screen
  2. Scroll and click “Downloader.” If opening for the first time, select “Allow” and “Ok” on the quick start guide prompt.
  3. On the downloader screen, click home.
  4. Click within the text box on your right.
  5. Enter the URL of the target file and select “Go.” The download will start.
  6. After installation, open and use the installed app.

You can also use the browser option to download APKs.

Live Net TV

Live Net TV can be accessed on Android. The reason for its popularity is because of the vast library that has more than 800 live channels. Naturally, these include over 150 sports channels. They include golf, motor racing, American football, and soccer.


This is the other unofficial app that you can settle for to stream live sports. This app itself is a legal and relatively straightforward media player. The grey area comes with add-ons, which allow you to stream live sports, TV shows, or movies. Due to these add-ons breaching streaming restrictions, you’ll most certainly need a VPN to avoid legal issues.

Lepto Sports

This Android-based app gives you access to live sports on FireStick. The app is very similar to its predecessor (Vola Sports). Lepto has more features in comparison. The live sports accessible on the app include soccer, cricket, and basketball. You get extensive events like game previews, talking points, and live games here.

The app covers competitions and leagues, international and local basketball, cricket, and soccer games can be streamed live. You don’t have to deal with ads on this app either.


Do I pay for FireStick every month?

When you purchase FireStick, there is no monthly fee to use it. It is used to stream shows, movies, and sports with no charges. However, you may have to pay the streaming service providers to access content.

Does FireStick offer any free services?

FireStick has many free-to-view streaming services, such as Pluto TV, which are usually supported via ad revenue.

Can FireStick be used on different TVs?

FireStick is portable. It can be used on any monitor or HDMI TV. You will need a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection.

Are there Local TV channels on FireStick?

Yes, if your subscription has local channels, they can be available to you. There are apps with local TV channels as well.

Is an Amazon account necessary to use FireStick?

You need a free Amazon account to use FireStick. You can add optional services like Prime Video but you’d have to pay for these separately.

Are free apps legal?

While verifying whether an app is legal is hard, you must be careful when dealing with free apps. Usually, if you cannot find an app on Google or Amazon Play Stores, be careful. To limit legal and privacy issues, get a premium VPN.

Are the apps available globally?

In most cases, live streaming apps can only be accessed in specific locations. This is especially true with paid apps and streaming services. In case there are restrictions in the app you intend to use, consider bypassing them by installing or activating a VPN.

Don’t Miss Out on the Live Action

FireStick is an excellent alternative if you want to say goodbye to costly cable providers, and you won’t even need to miss out on live sports. Leverage which streaming service has the best selection of sports you watch, and don’t forget to research before you buy.

Have you had a chance to stream live sports on FireStick? Which app did you use, and how did it work? Let us know in the comments section below.

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