What to Do When Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Keeps Buffering/Stopping

If you’re looking for a way to add smart TV functionality to an older flat screen—either one without any streaming services or one that has aged out of app updates for its platform—Amazon’s Fire TV line of devices is a fantastic addition. From Netflix and Hulu to HBO Max and Amazon’s Prime service, there’s no shortage of media you can watch on your Fire TV, and since the device starts at just $29 for the Amazon Fire Stick Lite, it’s an affordable and easy to use option for anyone to set up.

What to Do When Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Keeps Buffering/Stopping

Of course, like any gadget, your Fire Stick can and will run into bugs and issues. One of the most common problems users encounter is buffering issues, stopping their streams in the middle of the latest Stranger Things or Big Mouth season.

While this can be annoying, fortunately, it’s rarely a sign of any serious issue with your device. Instead, it typically comes down to problems with your internet connection not being fast enough to handle streaming over your network. Let’s take a look at how to diagnose and solve this issue.

Firestick Buffering Problems: Check Your Internet Speed

The first thing to check is the Internet connection speed that your Fire Stick receives. Streaming video is fairly bandwidth-intensive, and if your Internet connection isn’t up to par, then your Fire Stick may not be able to keep up with those Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes you’re blasting out. The main reason your Fire Stick might buffer is that it doesn’t have enough of the video stream loaded to keep playing, and it has to catch up.

Select your preferred browser in the Fire TV home menu and go to the search bar. If you haven’t installed a browser yet, you can follow these steps to access the Silk browser.

  1. Install the Silk browser on your Firestick. If you already have a browser (any you want), skip to “Step X.
  2. To install the Silk browser, wake your television and your Fire Stick using the power button on the Fire TV remote.
  3. On the “Home” screen, select the “Apps” tab.
  4. Select “Categories,” then choose “Utility.”
  5. Choose the “Silk Browser” app.
  6. Select the “Get” button.
  7. The Silk browser will install on your Fire TV Stick.
  8. Launch the Silk browser, or one of your choices on your Firestick.
  9. In the URL box, type www.fast.com. The website (owned by Netflix) tests your internet speed automatically when loaded.
  10. View your downstream internet speed from the generated results.
  11. Confirm your speed needs to meet the following: standard-definition video (while not doing anything else) is 3 to 4 Mbps. High-definition video requires 6 to 10 Mbps. 4K video streams need around 25 Mbps.
  12. If your Fire Stick doesn’t get more than the minimum speed you need (bandwidth), it’s not going to give you a good video streaming experience.

It’s important to remember that you need to test the Internet speed from your Fire Stick, not at the router or elsewhere in your network. It doesn’t matter if your ISP provides you 100 Mbps at the router if your wireless connection to the Fire Stick only passes through 3 Mbps of that. Test at the TV set, not anywhere else.

Firestick Buffering Problems: Disable Collecting Application Data

Another possible source of slowdowns is that your Fire Stick collects data from all applications installed on the device. This activity is one of the things slowing it down. You can easily disable the option in Settings. Here’s how to disable the collection of app data.

  1. Select “Settings” in your Fire Stick menu.
  2. Choose “Applications.”
  3. Select “Collect App Usage Data.”
  4. Turn off “Collect App Usage.”

Firestick Buffering Problems: Tweak Your Preferences

You can make some adjustments to your Fire Stick that optimize its overall performance, which may help resolve buffering and freezing problems.

  1. Select “Settings” in your Fire TV menu.
  2. Choose “Preferences.”
  3. Select “Data Monitoring” and turn it off, then exit the “Data Monitoring” menu.
  4. Select “Notification Settings.”
  5. Choose “App Notifications,” then turn off all notifications that you don’t actually need. Exit “Notification Settings.”
  6. Select “Featured Content,” then turn off “Allow Video Autoplay” and “Allow Audio Autoplay.”

Firestick Buffering Problems: Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

It’s tempting to install many cool applications that you see on your Fire Stick, but it’s important to remember that the device is like a computer. If you load it down with a lot of junk, it’s going to start running slowly and develop problems. If you have performance issues, uninstall all of the apps that you’re not using.

  1. Select “Settings” in your Fire Stick menu.
  2. Choose “Applications.”
  3. Select “Manage Installed Applications.”
  4. Choose an application and select the “Uninstall” option to remove the app.
  5. Repeat this process for all the applications that you don’t actually use.

Remember that your Fire Stick includes several pre-installed apps, so even if you’re new to using Fire TV, you might need to look for pre-installed apps you don’t use.

Firestick Buffering Problems: Free Up Your Fire TV Stick RAM

If you run many processes on your Fire Stick, you likely run out of RAM fairly quickly. Exhausting the RAM causes the device to stop or stay in an infinite buffer loop. You can quickly free up the RAM via a third-party app.

  1. Download the Phone Cleaner app.
  2. Launch the app and select the “Memory Booster” cleaning option.
  3. You can also use the “Junk Cleaner” option to help speed things up, but there is no guarantee it will help, although it does free up more space for cache and removes old, unused data.

Firestick Buffering Problems: Use a VPN Service

As I explained above, fast internet is crucial for a Fire Stick to operate smoothly. However, sometimes your Internet provider may be throttling your speed because it recognizes that you’re streaming video. Throttling is the deliberate slowing down of your internet speed to minimize congestion. Luckily, you can easily work around throttling. Using a VPN service allows you to connect to a different server and avoid congestion and throttling altogether.

Resolving Firestick Buffering Problems

There are many reasons why your Firestick could be experiencing buffering problems, so start with the simple solutions. Given that they never actually turn off unless unplugged, it can be good to occasionally turn off your Firestick for a few minutes to allow it cool or perform a restart on it. From there, check your Wi-Fi network for issues and try reinstalling apps that are causing the problem.

16 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Amazon Fire TV Stick Keeps Buffering/Stopping”

John Holloway says:
have 2 tvs and 2 firesticks with same apps. one buffers and other does not. swapped firesticks with the tvs and same one buffers. could the one firestick be bad?
Steve Larner says:
It may need its cache and possibly data cleared.
F Farrag says:
There is a calculated and organized effort on the part of the VPN industry to promote there product and makes it appear to be the magic pill for everything and every problem people have with their devices or connections, it is untrue that having a VPN service will resolve all the connections problems or speed, on the contrary, having a VPN may hinder your connection and speed. the simple fact is in the process of hiding your info. it puts a straining by itself on your connection. do not buy in this VPN crap. and try to find the real reason behind your slow connection or restrictions put in place by certain links.
Matthew Balitewicz says:
My Polish language channels buffer. None of my US channels buffer. My Tv is old. It’s a 2005 Sony. My internet speed is fine. Any suggestions?
lars says:
We have a 4K fire stick and It’s my second, the first one crashed.
I got a new one and this one still buffering on the TV channels.
I have the app Smart IPTV and I don’t know if that app is the problem.
I shall try to test another app and then I will see..
If I watching Netflix or another streaming service everything works great.
DMACK says:
I paid the fast internet speed. I have a VPN and the firestick still buffers.
Gajendra says:
I have problems with installed applications they can’t run smoothly just a buffering please suggest me how to fix this problem???? If you fix it thanks a lot…..
Janet C says:
When selecting a movie or show in a streaming device (i.e. Typhoon TV), how do I which link is the best to eliminate buffering?
Mary Brown-McHenry says:
Need all help with buffering issue please.
Wayne says:
My FireStick 4K drops download speed after 5-10 mins. If I reset the stick it comes back for a while. But inevitably it drops again. I have tried plugging an Ethernet adapter in but again drops after a while. I’m getting between 70-80mb at the router. Speed tests on the stick show between 50-70mb on start up but when it drops it’s between 0.5-2mb. It’s the same on WiFi or cable. I’m using a VPN but doesn’t make any difference. Does the FireStick throttle itself if your not using amazon apps or is my isp throttling because I’m streaming. Either way I’ve tried removing apps that I’m not using, also stopping background apps. I know FireStick isn’t a powerful device. But surely it should be able to keep a steady connection.
Melissa says:
I have recently upgraded my internet to 400 20, I can not get the firestick to work on the 5Ghz band which is incredibly fast. Any suggestions on how to fix? Thanks!
Mark says:
The wifi router selects the 2.4 or 5ghz channel – it’s likely the 5ghz isn’t in range of your stick, or the 2.4 signal is stronger…
Loz says:
Can anyone help! I bought my fire stick just last month (July) it was working perfectly fine for around a week. Now it still works in the sense that I turn it on it connects, however after 5 minutes or so it completely switches itself off. The problem is not the Tv as that works normally. I’ve tried everything that’s been suggested such as rebooting, take the plug out etc etc, and even when you try to do something within the app, you can’t because it will just switch off again. Has anyone else experienced this? I don’t understand how it can go from working, to then nothing??
hulladekaim says:
Similarly, the issue could be due to a faulty power adapter. While Fire TV Stick comes with a 1 Amp adapter, using a different adapter with a similar or slightly higher power (2 Amp) is known to fix the restart issue.
It helped me.
hulladekaim says:
Similarly, the issue could be due to a faulty power adapter. While Fire TV Stick comes with a 1 Amp adapter, using a different adapter with a similar or slightly higher power (2 Amp) is known to fix the restart issue.
Lisa Edwards says:
I’m not an expert on these things but what I find is maybe is you could move your internet closer to the firestorm as that works for me
Bski says:
This can’t be every one’s issue. I’ve had the firestick for months with no issue and just this week it won’t let me get through a single show on any app without buffering and saying my internet speed is too slow. I know several people who just started having the same problem.
Sharon says:
I have a fire stick on my tv downstairs. My wireless router is upstairs connected to my modem and desktop computer. My tv is buffering and stopping every 4-7 seconds. How do I get a better signal from my router to stop this insane buffering? If I can’t do that, is there a way I can move the router downstairs by my tv and leave the modem upstairs still having internet on my computer upstairs? Someone please help me.
Haappyone says:
Buy an extender put in the same room works for me but don’t forget to connect to it
M Sprawling says:
I Have a 4K TV and 4K Firestick but after doing everything suggested mine still freezes after a short time. I also have i.p vanish which i connect first before using the Apps. I just wish it would work like my TV.
Felipe Rivera says:
TV tap app is not working a my TV. Please fix it. Its very frustrating.
Richie Girouard says:
same here, just buffers all the time.

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