Firestick vs. Apple TV – Head to Head

Streaming players are excellent home upgrades, but selecting the best product can be overwhelming when so many brands are releasing new devices. If you’re wondering whether to invest in a Firestick or an Apple TV device, you’ve come to the right place.

Firestick vs. Apple TV - Head to Head

This article will discuss the main features of both media players to help you make an informed decision.

About Firestick

Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is a streaming device that allows users to elevate their TV’s performance. The portable device fits perfectly into the TV’s HDMI slot, and its design is reminiscent of USB drives. Despite its size, the handy gadget is a powerful streaming device that will equip your television with numerous smart features.

Once your insert the Firestick into your TV, you can browse popular streaming platform libraries from Hulu or Netflix. The Firestick lets you play your favorite movie or show and turn your living room into a cozy at-home theatre without difficulty.

Moreover, people who enjoy using Amazon devices can connect them to the Firestick and discover numerous exclusive features.

About Apple TV

Shaped like a tiny black box, Apple TV has an unassuming appearance but offers an unmatched streaming experience. The device connects to your TV with an HDMI cord. Once it’s set up, you can access audio and video content from apps like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, Apple Music, and more. Additionally, it’s a great way to replace a cable TV subscription since it comes with Sling TV support.

Apple has built the device using its reliable iPad Pro hardware, meaning that Apple TV acts as a portable high-powered computer. It also has a graphic processor that turns the device into a multipurpose gadget that can serve as a game console.

Firestick Features

The Firestick has a lot to offer, but it may not be the perfect fit for your home. To determine whether it ticks all the boxes, it’s essential to learn more about its features. Let’s look at what this streaming device brings to the table.

Affordable Option

Devices from the Fire TV range have different yet affordable prices, especially compared to other similar products.

In 2021, Amazon rolled out the Fire TV Stick 4K, which will cost you $49.99. However, you might be able to find a Firestick for approximately $20-$40 during sales. There are no additional fees associated with using the streaming device. But users should keep in mind that to unlock the Firestick’s full potential, they’ll need an Amazon Prime subscription, which comes in at approximately $12 monthly.

Excellent Streaming Quality

When it comes to audio streaming, few devices compare to the Firestick. The product works well with Dolby Atmos, 2-channel stereos, and supports 7.1 surround.

In terms of video streaming, Amazon’s Firestick ups the ante. The device is compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10. Depending on the make and model of your TV, it might even work with HDR10+.

HDR10+ provides premium screen brightness that operates on dynamic metadata. This advanced technology analyses the color scheme and brightness of the video you’re watching and gives it a more realistic appearance. If you use your Firestick with HDR10+, you’ll never have to worry about compromised image quality. When streaming a show or movie, you’ll feel like the device has transported you straight into the scene.

Portable Design

To activate the Firestick, users should plug it into the back of their television. While you explore its features, the device remains unseen. Hence, it’s a convenient solution for smaller homes that can’t house bulkier products. Even if you plan to change the layout of the home and reposition the TV, the Firestick doesn’t pose a problem. Its compact size means it will occupy tight spaces without issue.

Easy to Use Remote

Some streaming devices are packed with compelling features, but users are put off by the complicated design of the remote controller. That’s not the case with the Firestick. Its simple buttons are incredibly responsive and well-laid out, giving you complete control over your streaming experience. The 4K remote has a separate button for turning on the product and controls for adjusting the volume or muting the sound. Simply press the Alexa button to integrate the gadget with Amazon’s voice assistant.

Simple to Set Up

To set up Amazon’s media player, all you need is a reliable internet network and a television with HDMI support. Users don’t have to be tech-savvy to operate the device, and there’s no code you need to enter to power on the Firestick. The first time you connect the Firestick to your internet network, you’ll be prompted to punch in the Wi-Fi password. This process is relatively straightforward, and there are no additional steps afterward.

It takes most users less than five minutes to set up the product, so you can download your favorite apps and steam titles on your to-watch list immediately.

Apple TV Features

For many people, Apple TV is a go-to option that meets all their streaming needs. Still, it’s important to consider the features to determine whether it’s the best choice for you.

Let’s see what Apple TV has to offer.

Pricier Option

Although Apple TV products are reasonably priced, they’re more expensive than their Firestick counterparts. Depending on the model, you’ll need between $180-$200 to purchase an Apple TV player.

Since these gadgets are built to last and provide a consistent performance, they’re a high-return investment. However, they might not be the best option for users on a tight budget.

Square-Shaped Design

Most TV add-ons are bulky and come with numerous cables that can compromise your viewing enjoyment. Apple TV’s small size ensures that the box sits next to the TV without obstructing your view. Also, it’s equipped with an Ethernet port you can use if the TV is situated far away from the Wi-Fi router. If you keep the original packaging, the device can be stored when you travel as it will fit into any bag and prevent damage.

Video Content

Apple TV gives you access to over 15,000 channels. If you’re dissatisfied with the content on your streaming platforms, you can start making your way through the channels. The seemingly endless options ensure that there’s always something interesting to watch and keep boredom at bay.

Apple TV App

The streaming world has become oversaturated, with new titles added daily. Deciding what release to watch can be challenging, but Apple has a solution. The Apple TV app gathers and analyses your streaming data, organizing the titles you’ve already watched and compiling a list of suggestions. Perhaps the app’s main advantage is that it displays content from different platforms like Hulu or iTunes music in one place, so users don’t have to check each platform separately.

Sports fans will be glad to hear the app also includes a designated Sports channel that lets them tune into live matches and events. However, the app still isn’t integrated with Netflix. If this is your platform of choice, you’ll have to search for releases using the Netflix app.

Works with HomeKit

When you connect your Apple TV to Siri, it can become an invaluable asset to your HomeKit. Pressing the remote’s Siri button activates the virtual assistant, enabling you to manipulate the streaming player via voice commands. Moreover, you can learn more about the movies you want to see without scouring the internet. Siri will answer any questions about the lead actors, directors, and more.

Once your Apple TV is part of the HomeKit, you can control it through your iPhone even when you’re at work or on vacation.

Firestick vs. Apple TV: Which Is Best for You?

Firestick and Apple TV offer unmatched streaming possibilities to users. Both boast compelling features, so personal preference will guide you towards the device that suits you best.

Firestick is more affordable and comes with an easy-to-use remote. On the other hand, Apple TV is perfect for users who are comfortable operating Apple products and want to enhance their HomeKit.

Have you used either Apple TV or Firestick? Which features did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.

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