Firestick vs. Roku – Which Streaming Device is For You?

Firestick and Roku are two of the best-selling content players on the market. Although they share several similar features, they shine in different areas. If you’re unsure where you stand in the Firestick vs. Roku debate, we’re here to clear up any confusion.

Firestick vs. Roku - Which Streaming Device is For You?

This article will outline the main features of both devices and help you determine which streaming player will serve you best.

About Firestick

Amazon’s Fire TV sticks are handy steaming devices that elevate your television set. The digital media player allows you to stream video and audio content and download apps through your TV with ease.

Amazon offers several Firestick models, so customers can pick the price point that fits their budget and enjoy the product’s smart features.

When paired with a stable internet connection, the Firestick grants you access to streaming platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and more. Additionally, the device lets you tune into live TV shows and listen to audio content from Pandora, Spotify, and similar apps.

About Roku

Roku media players are easy-to-use devices that provide users with a hassle-free way to access audio and video content on their TV. Roku products support major streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube, but they also come with hundreds of exclusive channels.

The company collaborates with tech giants like Toshiba, TCL, and RCA to produce designated Roku TVs. These products boast hardware that provides Dolby Vision support. Combining the Roku media device with a designated TV allows you to enjoy a dynamic streaming range that gives each scene a realistic appearance.

The different Roku models cater to various budgets, ensuring that anyone can create an at-home theatre or gaming hub.

Firestick Features

Amazon’s Firestick is quickly becoming an industry leader in the streaming world, but that doesn’t mean it will meet all your needs. To ensure you go for the best media device, let’s examine what the product has to offer.


Many customers are attracted to the least expensive original Firestick models, but it’s best to hold off on shopping until the discount season. Depending on the model, a Firestick player will cost you between $30-$60. However, Amazon has several sales during the year when purchasing the latest model is more budget-friendly than going for the original. All Firestick products come with a well-integrated Alexa and offer hands-free control, but newer models feature several exclusive perks.

Before reaching for your wallet, check whether Firestick devices are on sale to get the best blend of affordability and quality.

Firestick Mobile App

The Amazon Fire TV app is free to download on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Users dissatisfied with the Firestick remote can download the app and transform their Android or iOS phone into a simple-to-navigate remote. To launch the app, all you have to do is check that the Firestick and smartphone are connected to the same wireless network. You can find movies using the built-in keyboard or voice commands, access games, and adjust the playback controls.

Moreover, the app is perfect for traveling since you don’t have to carry the remote to keep up with your favorite shows. The USB-style Firestick fits into any suitcase or bag, allowing you to stream content even when you’re far away from home.

Amazon Voice Assistant

The Alexa-enabled remote is equipped with a designated microphone button that activates the voice assistant and pairs it with the media device. You can use it to adjust the television’s volume and power and even access advanced playback commands. Once you press the microphone button, issuing the appropriate voice command will prompt Alexa to browse shows, movies, and apps from different platforms.

Thanks to the Alexa integration, users can also monitor their home security camera footage on their TV screens. Additionally, the Firestick enables Alexa to display the weather forecast, sports results, or Wikipedia info, a perk that many streaming devices lack.

Portable Size

At first glance, it’s easy to mistake the media player for a thin USB flash drive. Small and practical, the sticks connect to the TV through an HDMI port. The cordless setup means you don’t have to worry about faulty or damaged cables interrupting your streaming. As long as the Firestick is attached to the display, you can relax and catch up on new content without interruptions. The media stick is responsive and immediately acts on the commands coming from the wireless remote.

App Support

The Firestick platform has access to popular platforms like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube, giving users seemingly endless streaming opportunities. However, the top suggestions mostly come from Amazon Prime apps. Although Amazon produces many quality shows, you’ll have to explore the home screen before getting to non-Amazon releases.

The Firestick makes up for this slight drawback with its non-streaming selection. The media player works on an Android-based operating system, and users can download and launch apps available for Android and Kindle devices. You can even download games and play them on your television since no expensive gaming gear is necessary.

Roku Features

Roku players have become a staple in many homes. While the product may appear to exceed your expectations, it might not meet all your needs when it arrives. To prevent hasty decision-making, let’s look at Roku’s main features.


With prices ranging from $30-$100, Roku devices are budget-friendly gadgets that take the hassle out of content streaming. Except for the original Roku Express, all models support 4K and HDR streaming, providing you with excellent video and audio quality at a reasonable price.

There aren’t any additional fees once you purchase the device, but some content is subscription-based. For example, it’s impossible to view a Netflix or Hulu release without signing up for the platform’s service.

Streamlined Interface

The Roku home screen displays installed channels on the main menu, making the browsing process quick and straightforward. Users can narrow their searches down by entering information about actors, genres, or directors for a more personalized experience. Also, it’s possible to rearrange the channel layout so that your favorite channels show up at the top of the interface.

App Options

The multipurpose gadget streams titles from major apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu. However, it also has a special “Roku Channel” containing a wide range of free shows and movies, ensuring that you never run out of interesting content.

Additionally, users can access the gaming section and download arcade games to pass the time, and check the forecast by tapping one of the weather apps.

Mobile App

Free for Android and iOS devices, the Roku mobile app turns smartphones into reliable streaming remotes. The app scans media libraries and quickly finds titles you want to stream. Moreover, it comes with a built-in “Play on Roku” feature. The app accesses the images, videos, and music you’ve stored on your phone and transfers it to the TV screen when you enable this option. Another benefit is the private listening mode, where you can insert your headset into your mobile device and stream your favorite content without disturbing others.

Voice Control

Roku remotes allow users to execute a limited set of voice commands, but you can still search for shows and movies and select playback options hands-free. However, Roku players are compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa.

Automatic Updates

While some media players quickly struggle and require frequent manual updates, this is a non-issue with Roku. The product automatically searches for new features and updates its software, so your TV screen will never freeze due to outdated software.

Firestick vs. Roku: Which Do You Choose?

Although both Roku and Firestick are high-performing streaming companions, several slight differences set them apart. If you’re looking for a device with more apps, exclusive features, and free content, Roku is the way to go. On the other hand, users with several Amazon Smart products and a Prime subscription won’t go wrong if they choose Firestick.

Have you used Firestick or Roku before? Which features drew you in? Let us know in the comments section below.

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