How to Fix Common Wi-Fi Problems in Android

The 2019 version of Android is called Android 10, and it doesn’t come with any flashy new updates.

It does offer a slightly different look, and a few shortcomings have been polished up. However, some users also reported a few issues with Android 10.

Most have to do with Wi-Fi connections and more specifically, an inability to connect to a wireless network after the update. Fortunately, there are things you can do to fix this.

Check the Router and Modem First

Before anything else, it’s best to first look into your router and modem.

Also, perhaps the problems exist only with certain networks, like the one at home or at work. One of the ways to check is to use another device and see if the problem persists.

If possible, you can also try connecting the Android device in question to another Wi-Fi network. The point is to see if it’s your router that’s malfunctioning.

You can search for the brand and model of the router online and access its internal settings. Or you can just try resetting it first.

How to Fix Wifi Problem In Android

Reboot Your Device

After installing Android 2019, did you immediately notice that your phone wouldn’t connect to the network previously connected to? Like just a few minutes ago?

Sometimes the simplest solution could be the best, and in this case, that means you should reboot your phone.

Sure, it has just been rebooted during the installation, but it wouldn’t hurt to do it one more time. A reboot after an OS update can often give your device the wake-up it needs to work correctly.

Reset the Wi-Fi Networks

You might want to consider clearing the phone’s network configuration. Or possibly, all the networks saved on your phone. Android devices remember all the networks they’ve been connected to such that it can automatically connect to any known network within reach.

And to fix existing Wi-Fi issues, a good move is to wipe this clean. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open Settings on your Android 10 phone.
  2. Select either “System” or “General management” from the list of options (depending on your device).
  3. Choose either “Reset options” or “Reset.”
  4. Select “Reset network settings.”
  5. Confirm your selection.

Keep in mind that this will erase all saved Bluetooth connections as well. After you’ve removed all network settings, your Android phone will automatically restart.

Try the 2.4GHz Frequency

Most Android users are using the 5GHz frequency for connecting to their home network. It’s just that after an Android 10 update, it stopped working for many.

However, switching their router to 2.4GHz has been known to solve the problem. Naturally, this is not the perfect solution, but you may agree that it’s better to be able to connect to the internet than not.

problem in Android 2019

Search for the Offending App

Many things can cause Wi-Fi problems on Android devices. Sometimes it’s the update, other times the router, and still others a glitchy app.

You might not even notice any problem with a particular app until the latest OS update. If possible, you can try to run your phone in Safe Mode and see if the Wi-Fi problem continues. Or, you can uninstall recently added apps one by one and check.

Perform a Factory Reset

Sure, no one likes to go through a factory. That’s even knowing that your phone will return to the original settings and likely work much better.

But you will lose all your data (unless backed up), and you have to install each of your favorite apps again. Regardless, this is sometimes the best way to eliminate Wi-Fi connectivity issues with and definitely worth a shot if all else fails.

Wait for the Next Update

The fact is that the Wi-Fi problems of Android 10 are global and frequent, which means there’s certain to have been many complaints.

Usually, when this happens, a follow-up update would attempt to take care of this problem, like with an official fix.

Wifi problem in Android 2019

Keeping Your Android Device Connected

Every year or so, a new version of Android gets released, usually with a series of improvements but bugs will probably find a way in too.

If there’s an issue that affects every Android user in the world, the company will be quick to react. But if it’s less prevalent, as is the case with the Wi-Fi connection and Android 2019, users might need to wait a little longer.

Have you had any Wi-Fi problems with Android 10 and have you managed to solve them? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nader Kabir says:
Hi guys Big problem OnePlus 6 android 11
1) Can’t install OxygenOS Android 11 Open Beta 3 for OnePlus 6???
2) Very weak and slowly speed phone don’t use highspeed in working?
3) Very poor and very slowly speed wifi don’t use highspeed network?
4) quality camera photo very poor?
Please help me. Thanks
FOKUFF says:
Mate you forgot to mention steps “check if you have android”, “charge phone”, “check if it even works”, “check if you have wifi”, “check your password”, “check if your screen work properly”, “check your eyes – maybe there is no problem”…

“fix” problem yeah, thanks for nothing…….

Junaid khan says:
WiFi Mac address unavailable issue how can fix it pls request me

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