How To Find Free OnlyFans Subscriptions

When it comes to OnlyFans, it’s easy to find exclusive content by creators for a monthly subscription. That’s why the platform was created and most profiles follow the same model. However, others using the service might be interested in free subscriptions to sample the platform. While this is rare on OnlyFans, it isn’t altogether impossible.

How To Find Free OnlyFans Subscriptions

In this article, you’ll learn how to find free OnlyFans subscriptions.

Finding Free Content on OnlyFans

In most cases, subscribing to OnlyFans creators will involve some form of payment. The platform is saturated with exclusive profiles, so you may need to research for free options. The reason being, the platform doesn’t have a proper search tool for locating special accounts under a particular category.

Here are a few ways to locate free content:

  • Follow your favorite models. Sometimes they release freebie content as part of a promotion. You can also join their live stream for free in some instances.
  • DM and ask other people browsing for content if they know about any free accounts without subscriptions. You’re more likely to get this information through messaging since it’s a rare find on the website.
  • Checkout some of the people others are following. After opening their list, you can check for free accounts on the platform.
  • Take a look into other websites and forums like Reddit. You’ll frequently find threads dedicated to OnlyFans profiles that aren’t behind a paywall.
  • Follow your favorite content creator on their other social media accounts. OnlyFans is frequently just one profile they use. Content creators might link their social media to their profiles. You can follow them there, and while this information isn’t exclusive, they might notify followers of free promotions.
  • Utilize the “free trial” option for certain models. This is an option people on the platform might use. You can always discontinue your subscription.

When you search for free content, respect the content creator’s copyright. OnlyFans strongly prohibits any “leaked” content by paid models. Sharing or distributing such content can result in a temporary or permanent ban on your profile. If this happens, it’s best you report it to the platform. Content creators frequently use a watermark to indicate that it must be paid for.

Making a Free OnlyFans Account

If you’re a content creator using the platform, you may want to make your OnlyFans profile free. Models will occasionally use largely unpaid accounts as an additional promotion for a main profile or just as a hobby.

Here’s a simple posting method that will allow you to share free content:

  1. After making your OnlyFans profile and logging in, select “Create a new post” from your profile page.
  1. Select the dollar sign to specify your price for the content and leave it at $0.00
  2. Continue adding your caption and select the post button to finally get your content out there.

With this free profile, you’ll be able to set the price for every individual piece of content. If you suddenly decide that you don’t want to post for free, you can always change the price on your next post. However, it helps to communicate this beforehand if you’ve gained a steady base of followers. This can help build trust and retain them despite the price difference.

Others choose to have two accounts, one paid and one unpaid. This is a valid strategy acting as a funnel for attracting new followers.  If you choose to do so, make sure you link the two accounts together. The subscription account will require a subscription payment for monthly users.

The OnlyFans Account Process

Perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to start making exclusive content on the OnlyFans platform. The process might be longer than other platforms, as it doesn’t just require signing up for an account.

You’ll also need to link your bank account to your profile. Make sure to have some sort of I.D such as your driver’s license or passport nearby. You’ll need this so OnlyFans can verify you’re a real person and not a bot.

Here’s how to do so:

  1. Navigate to the OnlyFans website and select the “Sign up for OnlyFans” option.
  2. Choose a username, password, and agree to the terms of service. Alternatively, you can sign up using your Twitter account.

Once you input the relevant information, your account will be up and running. It’s that easy. Next, it’s time to connect your account to a method of payment.

  1. Click “Add Card.”
  2. Input the necessary information for your account. You must also confirm that you are older than 18 and are a resident in the bank’s jurisdiction. Click “Submit.”

Once the payment part is complete, you need to move on to the verification process to utilize your account fully.

Once you input all the relevant information, your OnlyFans account is ready. There’s no need to worry about the privacy of your documents, as only the staff can view them. Currently, content creators can only submit their official bank account details or platforms like Google Pay. Other payment methods, such as PayPal, are not accepted on the service.

Standing Out With OnlyFans

It’s great once your OnlyFans account is approved. Now you might be asking what else you can do to make your profile stand out from so many other content creators in your niche.

Here are some quick guidelines for better success:

  • Start to post consistently. Like other social media platforms, creators benefit from a consistent post schedule. Reliability appeals to followers, so posting anywhere from once to twice a day is beneficial. However, don’t overdo it; posting too much can result in a ban for your account.
  • Include important information in your description. A good OnlyFans subscription contains some general information about yourself and what type of content others can expect from you. Do not disclose any private information like your full name and location.
  • Start collaborating with other models. Other content creators can give you a boost on the platform if they have a large following.
  • Make a few freebies and unpaid promotions. These will standouts to potential followers, making them flock to your account.


Why can’t I find free accounts on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is set up so that models create exclusive content for payment. Most profiles will follow this method as it’s frequently the most lucrative.

Do I always need to pay for a monthly subscription to OnlyFans?

That entirely depends on the profile of the content creator. Free profiles will offer pictures and videos for a price to unlock rather than having followers pay monthly for content.

Finding Free Stuff on OnlyFans

When you’re looking for free content on OnlyFans, it could take some time. Your best bet is messaging other people that are on the lookout for free subscriptions. Free content is generally tough to find because most content creators make exclusive content for their fan base. You could also look into specific unpaid promotions and live streams.  Sometimes, content creators will choose to make free accounts rather than having users pay a monthly subscription. However, the setup process can be a bit lengthy.

Did the tips above help you find free OnlyFans subscriptions? Was it easy to set up your account as a content creator? Let us know in the comments section below.

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