How to Free Up Space on Your Amazon Fire Stick

When it comes to the convenience of streaming, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular and practical choices. It offers an array of premium channels and all you really need is a solid internet connection.

How to Free Up Space on Your Amazon Fire Stick

Whether you want to download more channels or just make sure that your content runs uninterrupted, without a hitch, you should always be certain to have enough space on your Fire Stick. So, what do you have to do to ensure that your Fire Stick runs smoothly?

Clear Cache

Fire TV Stick, just like any other streaming device, must have enough processing memory to stream the videos you watch. Some of them can stream in 4K as well. But, if you’re experiencing issues like lagging, and apps crashing, perhaps it’s time to clear the cache. Often, this relatively simple procedure does the trick and you can resume streaming without issues.

Cache is the data apps temporarily store on your device, like Fire Stick, while it’s working. The good news is that you can clear cache from your Fire Stick, but the bad news you can’t do it all at once. You need to go through each app and clear cache separately. This is what you need to do to clear cache on your Fire Stick:

  1. Click on the Home button and go to Settings.
  2. Find “Applications” and then select “Manage Installed Applications”.
  3. Select each app you want, and then select “Clear cache”.
  4. To go back and repeat the process with the different app, just press back button on your remote and start again.

If an app still isn’t working right after you’ve cleared cache, you can go back and clear data. This will free even more space from your Fire Stick, but will simultaneously erase all your personal data and return the app to its default state.

Free Up Space on the FireStick

Delete Apps

Sometimes just clearing cache isn’t enough. You require more space for your Fire Stick to download more apps. Or just to make sure the apps you do have are working optimally. Well, the trick to downloading more apps is to delete any unused apps.

There’s a chance that an app you’ve never used and have no intention of using, is taking up a lot of space on your Fire Stick. If you want to check how big each app is, this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to Home on your remote and follow the route Settings>Applications>Manage Applications.
  2. Go up and down with your remote and check each installed app. You’ll be able to see its size and the data it holds.
  3. To remove the app, simply select the one you want and select “Uninstall”. Then confirm, just select “Uninstall” again.

In case you find yourself frustrated because you can’t uninstall a certain app, unfortunately, that’s just how it is. Fire Stick comes with a certain number of pre-installed apps that you can’t get rid of.

Free Up Space on FireStick

Factory Reset

No one’s favorite solution, but it usually solves the issue that can’t be solved otherwise. You might have freed up a lot of space on your Fire Stick by clearing cache and removing unused apps. But you could still experience troubles adding more apps to your Fire Stick. Or the device is just not performing as it should. In cases like these, returning the Fire Stick to its default settings can be immensely helpful. To go through this process, this is what you need to do:

  1. Press the Home button on your Fire Stick remote.
  2. Find Settings and then “My Fire TV”.
  3. Select “Reset to Factory Defaults”. And then continue to select “Reset”.

Now all you have to do is wait for your Fire TV Stick to perform the factory reset. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to go through the setup and download all the apps you want.

How to Free Up Space on FireStick

Plenty of Space for Entertainment

An Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with limited storage. For the most part, you probably won’t have any issues with free space. But people who stream a lot can accumulate a lot of cache. This can clog the streaming process and make your Fire Stick lag. It can also prevent you from downloading more apps.

So, make sure you clear cache, delete the unused apps, and if all else fails, perform the factory reset.

Let us know what you think about freeing up space on the Fire Stick in the comments section below.

7 thoughts on “How to Free Up Space on Your Amazon Fire Stick”

Gary L says:
Someone invented the side loader, to aid in using the apps you really want, now it seems like we need some Hero to invent a side UNLOADER to get rid of the bloat Amazon foisted on us. 99% of the stuff they put on my stick is irrelevant to me. I don’t have kids, I don’t have Christmas, I don’t have or ever would use a cloud not owned be myself exclusively and cut off from any other cloud to store photos, etc. We purchased these devices so we could explore choices. I have room for JUST ONE APP that isn’t owned by Amazon, and that’s pure crap! Time to jail break!
anthony zilinskas says:
Gary is so right. amazon let us get rid of your junk.
AJ says:
I can get this message to go away by unplugging the power and plugging back in. The message will come back 24 hours later. Hard powercycle gets rid of it temporarily. This leads me to believe it is a memory / storage leak where data is being downloaded like ads, etc and not freed up, or collected and not deleted after transmit, or debug logs filling up and not rotating. or something of that sort.
Karyn says:
It’s Amazon causing the issue.

This happens EVERY Christmas. Amazon loads our devices with ads and other things (forgive that “other things” would be too lengthy to list… when we purchased Fire products we didn’t realize we were purchasing a box of ads).

I’ve been dealing with this issue for 4 years now and every year it’s gotten worse. This year it’s to the point that I can barely run ONE Add-on after deleting 9 others. NINE! That shows how much crap amazon puts in while you’re not looking.

For reference:

CURRENTLY have six 2nd generation FireTVs with 64 to 128 GB SD cards. I also have one 3rd generation (piece of crap).


As mentioned, every single Christmas all of the 2nd Generation FTVs have issues. It’s ALWAYS the same…too much data. I cleared all but three add-ons to no resolution.

Out of nowhere the boxes only work well with amazon programming.

I’m done. I doubt there’s a solution to the issue. I’ve tried for 4 years to resolve and nothing works.

I’m going to try alternative boxes. Amazon has just gotten WAY too far up our antenna.

There’s a veritable sea of alternative boxes out there.

Dr. Jim Roethele says:
Please provide an Fire TV update that will allow removal of unwanted apps that come with the fire tv and are currently unable to be removed
Karyn says:
I wish! I didn’t know I was buying a box of ads when I started with Fire.

It WAS an amazing product but this Christmas Amazon stuffed all of my FireTVs full of so much bloatware & nonsense. Can’t even run ONE of my own add-ons efficiently.

Truth be told… The Fire products are just advertisements in a box that we were stupid enough to actually pay for.

I’m investigating alternative boxes. Seems there are LOTS of them but most run stock. Xaomi runs tv adaptable. I’ll start there.

Scott Zabran says:
I added all the apps and how much space is being used. I came up with 2.5 gigs. The stick says i am using 5 gigs. Where is the other 2.5 gigs being used on?
Richard Melli says:
Amazon, has stuck it to us. Now the fire stick comes with so much amazon junk you stick out of the box has limited memory. If you stream you will be ask to get rid of apps within a week or two. Amazon is the cause of the problem, they include to much gabage apps that you do not want. They could design a way to easily uninstall any apps you do not want with the click of the fire stick. problem solved.
Charles says:
It isn’t the cache that is the problem, it’s all the bloatware that Amazon has added and continues to add. Total storage in all your apps cache may amount to a few hundred mbs while bloatware totals in the Gb.
Debra Gray says:
Storage space seems to fill really quickly. I’m having to clear the app caches and info constantly. And it is mostly on apps I don’t even use, they are something I can’t remove or even force stop. It is very frustrating. Not changing because I’ve made the investment, so will live with it for now.

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