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Overwatch League: Who are the teams?

Activision Blizzard has finally announced all 12 teams taking part in Overwatch League. 

The current Overwatch League teams are:

  • Boston Uprising
  • Los Angeles Valiant
  • Florida Mayhem
  • Los Angeles Gladiators
  • New York Excelsior (NYXL)
  • San Francisco Shock
  • Seoul Dynasty
  • Shanghai Dragons
  • London Spitfire
  • Philadelphia Fusion
  • Dallas Fuel
  • Houston Outlaws

These teams aren’t your usual eSport fare either, both Boston and New York City are owned by New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft and MLB New York Mets COO Jeff Wilpon respectively. The second Los Angeles team is fronted by Stan and Josh Kroenke, leaders in international sports teams, owning NBA, NHL MLS, NLL and NFL teams and stadiums. London’s team is owned by CEO and founder of Cloud9, Jack Etienne, who will be entering the Cloud9 team as London’s official Overwatch League team.

Boston Uprising


Boston Uprising takes its name from the city’s spirit of revolution and challenging the norm. Tapping into its home’s spirit of the Boston Tea Party and sparking the American Revolution, the team hopes its name evokes a sense of “resilience and determination”. Its team colours of blue and yellow are a nod to the Boston flag. Interestingly, it’s also backed by the Kraft group, so it’s going to have very deep pockets.

Colours: Blue, Black, Yellow

Hero: Soldier 76

Social channels: TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram

Los Angeles Valiant


The first of two LA-based teams, Los Angeles Valiant has a golden helmet logo to represent “aggressiveness and protectiveness”. They’re also comprised of some of the strongest US players from League of LegendsCS:GO and Dota 2. Not bad.

Colours: Green, Black, Light Green

Hero: Mercy

Social channels: Twitter

Florida Mayhem


This Miami-Orlando collaboration team has taken up the mantle of “Florida” to show state unification. Its choice of yellow for a team colour is supposed to signify the “Sunshine State” nickname Florida has and the red shows its ties to team owners Misfits Gaming. The name “Mayhem” and the team’s bomb logo are a nod to its “explosive” play style.

Colours: Yellow, Red, Black

Hero: Junkrat

Social channels: Twitter

Los Angeles Gladiators


Taking their name from the fighters of ancient Rome, LA Gladiators’ lion and shield logo is intended to symbolise the qualities of “ferocity and power” that the team will be known for. Their team colours of purple and white are meant to symbolise the colours of Roman emperors. The team is owned by brothers Stan and Josh Kroenke who also own the LA Rams.

Colours: Purple, White, Black

Hero: Reinhardt

Social channels: Twitter, YouTube

New York Excelsior


Also known as NYXL, New York’s Overwatch League team represents one of the US’ biggest cities and is owned by the New York Mets baseball team owner Jeff Wilpon. Their name comes from the Latin for “ever upward” and is meant to represent the “everyday heroism of New York”.

Colours: Black, Blue, Red

Hero: Lucio

Social channels: TwitterFacebookYouTubeTwitchWebsite

San Francisco Shock


Taking its name from the region’s reputation for earthquakes, San Francisco Shock’s entire logo is a homage to the city. The orange is intended to represent the orange of the Golden Gate Bridge, the seismograph wave is a nod to the quakes and the gold to the region’s history for the Californian gold rush of the 1800s. 

Colours: Orange, Grey, Gold

Hero: Doomfist

Social channels: TwitterFacebookYouTubeInstagram

Seoul Dynasty


Seoul is the home of eSports and, arguably, the place that kick-started the world’s fascination with eSports. Seoul Dynasty takes its name from the association for long-term success and plans to rule the battlefield. It’s an aspirational name more than anything. Interestingly, the team is formed from some of the strongest players in the APEX series.

Colours: Black, Gold, White

Hero: D.Va

Social channels: TwitterFacebookYouTubeTwitchInstagram

Shanghai Dragons


The China-based team uses the colours of Red and Black, along with the team name and logo, are all a nod to Chinese culture where “the dragon symbolises the spirit of that which is sacred, powerful and supreme.” The smooth line design of the dragon in the shape of an “S” is supposed to represent “the strategic skill and flexibility of the team.”

Colours: Red, Black, Yellow

Hero: Mei

Social channels: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

London Spitfire


Despite the fact that the Spitfire wasn’t even manufactured anywhere near London, the UK’s only team is named after the iconic warplane because it “imbues the team’s identity” with “the spirit of bravery”. The light blue team colour is the same team colour as its owner Cloud 9’s eSports teams and the orange is a nod to Overwatch‘s British character Tracer.

Colours: Light blue, Orange, Black

Hero: Tracer

Social channels: Twitter

Philadelphia Fusion


Philadelphia Fusion’s atom logo is designed to reflect the “velocity, dynamism and creative energy that is generated by bringing its distinct parts together to produce something new”. The orange and black team colours also a nod to Philadelphia’s hockey team, the Philadelphia Flyers who, coincidently, own the team.

Colours: Orange, Black, White

Hero: Winston

Social channels: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube

Dallas Fuel


Taking its name for the region’s reputation in energy production, Dallas Fuel takes its team colours from team owners Team Envy – who are also known as “the boys in blue”.

Colours: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Grey

Hero: Genji

Social channels: TwitterFacebookYouTube

Houston Outlaws


Houston Outlaws have gone whole-hog with the cowboy theme and, being based in Texas, it’s a little easy to see why. The team logo of a lone-star and bullhorns is nicely rounded off by being made entirely from duelling pistols.

Colours: Green, Black, White

Hero: McCree

Social channels:  TwitterFacebookInstagramTwitchYouTube

Overwatch League: Team rosters

Overwatch League teams have been slowly announcing their rosters since the signing window closed on 30 October. We’ll be adding more to this list as and when they’re announced. For now, though, here’s every known team roster.

London Spitfire roster

Just like that of New York Excelsior, the UK’s only team is rather, unfortunately, purely South Korean. Clearly, there was no talent in the UK worthwhile playing in Overwatch League – a mistake if Blizzard wants to win over more UK viewers.

  • Ji-kyuk ‘birdring’ Kim, South Korea, DPS
  • Dong-jun ‘Rascal’ Kim, South Korea, DPS
  • Joon-yeong ‘Profit’ Park, South Korea, DPS
  • Dong-eun ‘Hooreg’ Lee, South Korea, DPS
  • Jun-ho ‘Fury’ Kim, South Korea, Flex
  • Seung-hyun ‘WOOHYAL’ Sung, South Korea, Flex
  • Chan-hyung ‘Fissure’ Baek, South Korea, Tank
  • Jae-hee ‘Gesture’ Hong, South Korea, Tank
  • Hyeon-woo ‘HaGoPeun’ Jo, South Korea, Support
  • Won-sik ‘Closer’ Jung, South Korea, Support
  • Choi-tae ‘Bdosin’ Seung, South Korea, Support
  • Jong-seok ‘NUS’ Kim, South Korea, Support

Seoul Dynasty roster

YouTube video

As South Korea’s only team, Seoul Dynasty is comprised entirely of South Korean players. Seeing as it’s made up of players from the Lunatic-Hai pro team, it’s possible this could be the best team in the league.

  • Kim ‘EscA’ In-Jae, South Korea, DPS
  • Byun ‘Munchkin’ Sang-Beom, South Korea, DPS
  • Kim ‘Fleta’ Byung-Sun, South Korea, DPS
  • Moon ‘Gido’ Gi-Do, South Korea, DPS/Flex
  • Kim ‘Zunba’ Joon-Hyuk, South Korea, Flex
  • Koo ‘xepheR’ Jae-Mo, South Korea, Flex
  • Ryu ‘ryujehong’ Je-Hong, South Korea, Support/Flex
  • Yang ‘Tobi’ Jin-Mo, South Korea, Support
  • Gong ‘Miro’ Jin-Hyuk, South Korea, Tank
  • Baek Kwang-Jin, South Korea, co-head coach
  • Chae Ho-Jung, South Korea, co-head coach

San Francisco Shock roster

YouTube video

The NRG-run SF Shock team is comprised of various talented players instead of simply a rehash of their old team.

  • André ‘IDDQD’ Dahlström, Sweden, DPS
  • Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won, United States, DPS
  • Dante ‘Danteh’ Cruz, USA, DPS/Flex
  • Andrej ‘Babybay’ Francisty, USA, Flex/DPS
  • Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi, USA, Flex
  • Nikola ‘Sleepy’ Andrews, USA, Support
  • Daniel ‘dhaK’ Martinez Paz, Spain, Support
  • David ‘Nomy’ Ramirez, Mexico, Tank

Dallas Fuel roster

YouTube video

Unsurprisingly, the Team Envy-owned Dallas Fuel roster is basically the Envy roster with a couple of new faces.

  • Kim ‘EFFECT’ Hyeon, South Korea, DPS
  • Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen, Finland, DPS/Flex
  • Brandon ‘Seagull’ Larned, USA, DPS/Flex
  • Pongphop ‘Mickie’ Rattanasangchod, Thailand, Flex
  • Sebastian ‘chipshajen’ Widlund, Sweden, Support/Flex
  • Christian ‘cocco’ Jonsson, Sweden, Tank
  • Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, Canada, Tank
  • Jonathan ‘HarryHook’ Tejedor Rua, Spain, Support/Flex and Captain
  • Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy, Australia, Support

Boston Uprising roster

YouTube video

Boston Uprising has gone for an eclectic mix of players from Europe, East Asia and North America. At its core is a tough South Korean team, but made up of the globe’s best.

  • Kwon ‘Striker’ Nam-joo, South Korea, DPS
  • Stanislav ‘Mistakes’ Danilov, Russia, DPS
  • Jonathan ‘DreamKazper’ Sanchez, USA, DPS
  • Lucas ‘NotE’ Meissner, Canada, Flex
  • Shin ‘Kalios’ Woo-yeol, South Korea, Flex
  • Noh ‘Gamsu’ Yeong-jin, South Korea, Tank
  • Mikias ‘Snow’ Yohannes, USA, Support
  • Kristian ‘Kellex’ Keller, Denmark, Support

New York Excelsior roster

YouTube video

Interestingly for a US team, NYEX is made entirely from South Korean players.

  • Park ‘Saebyeolbe’ Jong Yeol, South Korea, DPS
  • Kim ‘Libero’ Hye Sung, South Korea, DPS
  • Kim ‘Pine’ Do Hyeon, South Korea, Flex
  • Joong ‘Janus’ Hwa, South Korea, Tank
  • Dong-gyu ‘Mano’ Kim, South Korea, Tank
  • Kim ‘Mek0’ Tae Hong, South Korea, Off-Tank
  • Hong ‘ArK’ Yeon Joon, South Korea, Support
  • Bang ‘JJoNak’ Sung-Hyeon, South Korea, Support

Shanghai Dragons roster

YouTube video

Shanghai Dragons are China’s only Overwatch League team so, as is expected, it’s primarily made of Chinese players.

  • Lu ‘Diya’ Weida, China, DPS
  • Fang ‘Undead’ Chao, China, DPS
  • Liu ‘Xushu’ Junjie, China, Tank / Flex
  • Jing ‘Roshan’ Wenhao, China, Tank
  • Wu ‘MG’ Dongjian, China, Tank
  • Cheng ‘Altering’ Yage, China, Support
  • Chen ‘Fiveking’ Zhaoyu, China, Support
  • Xu ‘Freefeel’ Peixuan, China, Support

Houston Outlaws roster


Houston’s team is primarily US-based with a couple of Europeans to mix things up.

  • Matt ‘Clockwork’ Dias, USA, DPS
  • Jiri ‘LiNkzr’ Masalin, Finland, DPS
  • Jake ‘JAKE’ Lyon, USA, DPS
  • Lucas ‘Mendokusaii’ Håkansson, Sweden, DPS
  • Matt ‘coolmatt69’ Iorio, USA, Flex
  • Alexandre ‘SPREE’ Vanhomwegen, Belgium, Flex
  • Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot, USA, Tank
  • Daniel ‘Boink’ Pence, USA, Support
  • Christopher ‘Bani’ Benell, Canada, Support/Flex
  • Shane ‘Rawkus’ Flaherty, USA, Support

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