How to Get Anniversary Packs in Apex Legends

The Apex Legends anniversary event is a great way to get cool loot for cheap (or even free) and an excellent chance for players on a budget to get a chance for an heirloom item of their choice.

How to Get Anniversary Packs in Apex Legends

Since the anniversary event runs throughout February each year, you have missed your opportunity at this year’s promotion. You can always check back on Apex to see ongoing events and the goodies each collection brings.

Here is more helpful information on Apex Legends anniversary, packs, and events.

How to Get Anniversary Packs in Apex Legends?

During the anniversary collection event, players could get event points by playing the game, dealing damage, and reaching the top 10 position each day. The event is more generous than others have been in the past, with a vastly improved prizing section and special anniversary packs to dispense the collection skins.

Each daily quest gave players 200 event points, and players could get up to 1,000 points total per day. The event had a point tracker that maxed out at 5,000 points. Since the event lasted for a while (and was extended for an additional week), players could fairly easily fill the event tracker within the allotted time.

Reaching 3,000 and 5,000 points on the tracker gave out an Anniversary Pack to the player, which guaranteed a skin from the time-limited anniversary collection. The skins available were recolors of existing limited skins with a new gold and red aesthetic.

While this doesn’t diminish the previous skins exclusivity, it is a great way to get more players to enjoy the game with some of the community’s favorite skins in a new color.

Other Event Goodies

Apart from the anniversary packs, the event rewards also included a whopping 10 Apex Packs to fill out your collection with items and crafting metal. Each pack brings you one step closer to getting heirloom shards through the game’s pity timer.

This pity timer guarantees that players will get heirloom shards for every 500 packs they open, making them achievable for players on a budget who spend enough time in the battle arenas.

The event collection itself is notable as well. All the items could be crafted with a 50% discount, so players who stashed their crafting metal over the past year could cash in with sweet loot, and maybe even have enough to buy all items in the collection. The reward for purchasing, opening, or crafting all items in the collection was quite unique this time around. Players received 150 heirloom shards – enough to craft any one heirloom item of their choice.

What About Other Events?

Apex Legends usually receives a new collection or holiday-based event each month or so. Collection events are an excellent way for players to get more meaningful choices on how they expand their cosmetics collections. They’re able to craft time-limited skins directly rather than opening packs in hopes of getting one from a lottery.

Events also bring limited-time game modes that can heavily alter the rules of engagement in the battle arenas. Most limited modes affect only the unranked queues, allowing a break from the usual hustle in the match to enjoy more diverse or challenging gameplay. Ranked matches are usually unaffected, so players who focus on competitive matches can still enjoy grinding through the ranked ladder.

Each event can bring something new to the table, or bring a general balance patch with it to spice up the metagame and grant some legends a bit more time in the spotlight.

Additional FAQ

How Many Apex Packs Can You Get?

All players can get 199 Apex Packs for free just by playing the game. These packs will be a part of the account leveling rewards. Apart from that, players get Apex Packs by filling out the current season’s battle pass and receiving treasure pack rewards. If you’re playing during season 8, you can get seven packs from the free-to-play portion of the battle pass, and an additional seven if you purchase the battle pass.

You can get up to 15 Apex Packs by finding a daily Treasure Pack in the battle arena. You’ll need to find a total of 60 Treasure Packs (one each day) to get all the treasure pack rewards this way.

Can You Buy Apex Legends Fight Night Packs?

Fight Night packs were part of the Fight Night collection event, which ran through January 2021. These packs are no longer available.

You’re always free to purchase packs for the current running collection event, if one is available at the moment. The event packs are guaranteed to contain at least one item from the collection. Purchasing all 24 items (or acquiring them via other means) usually grants players an exclusive reward that requires considerable time or budget investment to complete typically.

Are There Two Event Packs in Apex Legends?

Not really. The second-year anniversary packs were similar to all other collection packs and were a guaranteed way to get one of the items from the collection list. This is the only difference between an event pack and a regular pack. Unfortunately, purchasing an event pack doesn’t allow you to pick exactly what you receive. Thankfully, items are obtainable by using Apex Coins directly or even by using the crafting metal players accumulate over time.

The anniversary usually runs throughout February, and we’re sure a similar event with fantastic prizes will take place for the game’s third anniversary in 2022. Until then, look out for other collections or time-limited events and have fun playing more games in the Apex arena!

Where Can I Get an Heirloom in Apex Legends?

If you’ve filled out the anniversary collection, you have received 150 heirloom shards. These shards are enough to craft exactly one heirloom item of your choice. The currently-available options include Bloodhound, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder, Caustic, and the newly-released Bangalore heirlooms.

You can find heirlooms in the store:

1. Select the “Store” tab on the top from the main menu.

2. Click on “Heirlooms.”

3. You will see your currently available heirloom shards near the top. You need 150 shards for one heirloom item (hence the “/150”).

4. If you have enough shards, select the heirloom you want to purchase and press the “Purchase” button, then confirm your choice.

Each heirloom is a unique melee item that legends will use while holstering their weapons or performing unarmed attacks. They also come with a banner pose and an introduction quip (voice line) that can be equipped in the “Loadout” menu.

Happy Apex Anniversary!

If you’ve been a part of the Apex Legends Anniversary event in February, we hope you had a great time and received some awesome pulls from the Apex Packs. If not, you can still enjoy the many events Apex Legends during the seasons. Let’s hope there an even bigger anniversary event next February with more excellent prizes and game modes!

What is your favorite Apex Legends event? Let us know in the comments section below.

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