How to Get Ducats in Warframe

The only way to obtain Prisma weapons, Primed Mods, and other exclusive wares is by purchasing them from Baro Ki’Teer. To do that, you’ll need a lot of Ducats and Credits. However, getting the former isn’t efficient when compared to other currencies.

How to Get Ducats in Warframe

You might be wondering how to get Ducats in Warframe, but look no further. Our step-by-step guide will show you the best ways to hoard a pile of this currency. We’ll also answer some questions related to Ducats.

How to Get Ducats in Warframe?

Credits are earned from missions, killing enemies, and selling items. You’ll end up with millions in your pocket when you reach the “endgame” levels. Other than buying useful items, you’ll also need them to craft items in the Foundry.

On the other hand, Ducats can only be obtained from converting Prime Parts and Blueprints. The most you’ll get from one Part is 100 Ducats, but you can get as little as 15 Ducats from conversions depending on the item.

Ducats are inefficient to farm and dependent on luck. You get very few compared to Credits. However, they’re required to trade with Baro Ki’Teer.

There are only two ways to obtain Ducats in Warframe. The first way is to open Void Relics and convert the Prime Parts inside into Ducats. If you need a refresher on opening Void Relics and converting Prime Parts, follow the steps below:

  1. Assuming you have Void Relics, play some Void Fissure missions.
  2. After you open the Relics and reach the end of the mission, choose the reward with the highest rarity, usually with a gold band underneath.
  3. Return to your Orbiter.
  4. Open your Star Chart.
  5. Find a planet or moon with a Relay and join any session.
  6. Reach the Relay and enter.
  7. The large room in the center will have two Kiosks you can use.
  8. Press the “Interact” button and bring up the menu.
  9. Select the Prime Parts you wish to convert, along with how many of each if applicable.
  10. Select “Sell Items” to get your Ducats.

This method is completely free. The problem some players have is repeating the same mission repeatedly, which can get tedious. While you can always increase the drop chances of the rarest rewards with Void Traces, it’s not guaranteed. As a general rule, the rarer the reward, the more Ducats you’ll receive for it.

The exception is if a reward worth 100 Ducats was “demoted” to 65 Ducats. Sometimes, changes happen and that can affect your reward values. Old Relics get vaulted and new ones released, changing the initial value of the rewards. To avoid that outcome, make sure to look for the highest value rewards and do your research.

If you want the best chances, you can look for “Radshare” squads. Tenno joining these squads all agree to enhance their Relics to Radiant, increasing the drop chance for the best rewards. This significantly increases the chance of getting those and saves a lot of time.

It takes a lot of Relics and Void Traces to enhance your Relics with any significance, but a Resource Booster should help you farm Void Traces quicker.

The second way to obtain Ducats is to simply buy from other Tenno. Many of them will start selling “Prime junk” when Baro Ki’Teer is coming soon or is already here. It might cost you a bit of Platinum, but it’s an option if you’re in a hurry.

After getting your “Prime junk,” you can convert it into Ducats.

Where to Find Baro Ki’Teer?

Baro Ki’Teer appears every two weeks or bi-weekly. When you log into the game, you’ll receive an inbox message when and where he has arrived. Even before he arrives, many Tenno will flock to the particular relay he’ll make his appearance to witness his grand appearance.

If you’re curious as to where and when you’ll find him, you can simply type “when Baro” in the Region Chat. A bot will let you know the details.

Baro doesn’t always appear in the same Relay every time. He switches between them. If you want a clue as to where he’s headed to next, look for his icon on the Star Chart 24-hours before he’s scheduled to arrive. Follow the path of the moving icon to find out which Relay he’s headed to and plans to grace with his presence.

Alternatively, you can always wait to receive a message about his arrival, should you log on after he’s opened shop.

What Does Baro Ki’Teer Offer?

Baro Ki’Teer sells a variety of exclusive merchandise not found anywhere else. Most of them require you to spend Ducats in addition to credits. You have 48-hours to buy from him before he packs up and he’s off to his next destination.

One exception is the rather rare Pedestal Prime, costing 1,000,000 Credits each, not Ducats. Pedestal Prime is often bought in multiples as a way for Tenno to show off how many Credits they have at their disposal and used as s a decoration in the Orbiter.

Every time he arrives, he sells different things, too. This has led to the Warframe community making predictions about whether Baro will disappoint them or not. Sadly, he usually gets a lot of negativity directed at him.

Baro’s doesn’t just sell expensive exclusives to flaunt player wealth. His other wares are more practical. They range from weapons to Mods. He also sells cosmetics, and Tenno who loves “fashionframe” goes crazy for those.

Some of the Mods he sells can be obtained in missions, while others are exclusive to Baro. Primed Mods are examples of the latter and you won’t be able to get them elsewhere unless you trade for them.

Weapons like the Prisma series, Mara Detron, and the Glaxion Vandal are sometimes offered as well. Baro is also known as a vendor of previous event-only weapons, as some Tenno get their limited editions from him if they missed out on the actual event.

Occasionally, he’ll even sell Boosters and Beacons. Both types are desirable items, especially Beacons because they help players obtain certain equipment easier.

The only constant offering is the Sands of Inaros quest. It delves into Baro’s story and you also get the Inaros Warframe. You can buy this quest with some Ducats from Baro at any time.

Additional FAQs

How Do You Get Baro Ki’Teer Currency?

The only way to get Ducats is to convert your Prime Parts and Blueprints into Ducats. Every Relay has two Kiosks to make the conversion. Take a look at the steps above for more details.

Unfortunately, you can’t trade for Ducats directly with other Tenno. You can still get Prime Parts and Blueprints from them to convert for a fee, of course.

Is There a Way to Farm for Ducats?

There is one way to farm Ducats, and that is to open Void Relics. These can only be opened in Void Fissure missions.

Void Fissure missions are only available for a certain amount of time before they are replaced with others. Because of this, missions to farm Relics are constantly changing. You can keep track of these changes by checking the top-right corner of the Star Chart regularly.

Popular missions to open Void Relics include:

1. Capture

Capture missions are possibly the most popular missions. Since all you have to do is to capture a single enemy, many Tenno squads will bring their high Damage Per Second (DPS) Warframes and equipment. They can instantly knock the target down and capture them.

If you get a lucky tileset, you may find yourself launching the same mission before you realize it. Even random squads can repeat this mission at least five times in 10 minutes if everyone is strong.

2. Survival

Survival allows you to stay in the same mission and open Relics repeatedly. Since the longer you stay, the more Void Traces and rewards you get, some squads are in missions for hours. Certain Survival missions give you more Relics back to open later.

To maximize your survival during these missions, try to find a proper squad in Recruiting Chat. Discuss the squad’s Warframes and weapons to ensure you can survive. If not, you might fail and lose everything.

3. Defense

Defense is another option that can allow you to farm Ducats quickly. A team of Area of Effect (AoE) Warframes will swiftly take care of the waves of enemies swarming to attack the objective. If one Tenno has a Speed Nova build, you can clear a wave within a minute.

Every five waves you get to open a Relic and extract, so if you’re fast, you can open two of them in around ten minutes. Some Tenno prefer Defense missions due to being able to rank their equipment up and potentially get some Void Relics back as rewards.

4. Exterminate

Exterminate missions are like Capture missions, but the difference is you’ll have to kill enough enemies to complete the mission instead of capturing a single enemy. Warframes with high DPS and AoE are both great choices, such as Ember, Volt, and more. Occasionally, Capture missions will become Exterminate missions after you capture the target.

Combining your most powerful Warframes and weapons with large areas of attack is key with this type of mission because you can carve a bloody path through the hordes of enemies quickly. Volt also gives all Tenno a speed boost, affecting attack speed and running speed.

5. Interception

Interception missions usually aren’t the first choice for farming Void Relics, but with some coordination, squads can complete objectives without a hitch. As long as each capture point is held without losing it, you can open the Relic sooner.

Warframes with high AoE stats shine in Interception missions. Hydroid can simply become a pool of water and prevent enemies from capturing the points. He doesn’t even have to do much other than kill the occasional straggler.

What Do Ducats Do in Warframe?

Ducats are primarily used to trade with Baro Ki’Teer for his merchandise. However, there is a single weapon that requires them as an ingredient. That weapon is called the Paracesis. You can only obtain this special blueprint when you complete the short Chimera Prologue quest.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get Ducats in Warframe?

The fastest way to get Ducats without spending any Platinum is to assemble a squad of Tenno and “radsharing” Void Relics. The best mission for farming Ducats is a Capture mission.

Exterminate missions aren’t bad either, but the other missions are often slower than these two. Theoretically, you’ll be gaining a few hundred Ducats within minutes if your squad gets lucky.

High-Class Trading Becomes a Reality

When you get enough Ducats, you’ll be able to enjoy the many exquisite offerings Baro Ki’Teer brings. He’ll also call you a fancy Tenno! Check what he’s offering when he arrives, you never know what new Mods or weapons he might have in stock.

What was the worst instance of Baro Ki’Teer selling his wares? Do you like farming for Ducats? Let us know in the comments below.

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