How to Get the Mandalorian Armor in Fortnite

The Mandalorian is extremely popular now, so it is no wonder that developers added a Mandalorian skin as a reward for purchasing the Battle Pass in the fifth season of Fortnite. Apart from the main character himself, you can also unlock a beskar armor and the Child. If you’re interested in how to do that, read our guide to find it out.

How to Get the Mandalorian Armor in Fortnite

In this article, we’ll provide detailed instructions on unlocking the full beskar armor and completing corresponding quests. Additionally, we’ll answer some of the most common questions related to the Mandalorian-themed skins in the game.

How to Unlock Mandalorian Beskar Armor in Fortnite?

To get the full beskar armor in Fortnite, you have to complete a bunch of quests. Find the list of requirements and rewards below:

  1. Visit the Mando’s shipwreck at the Razer Crest to get the shoulder armor. To find the ship, open your map and head on to the “???” sign at Sandy Point. Once you see smoke, you’re close to the ship.
  2. To get a helmet, you need to complete bounty in five minutes.
  3. To get the left shoulder armor, you have to eliminate five other players with five different weapons.
  4. You will find a chest with the left leg armor in the north, close to the Coral Castle island. Head on to the Shark-faced mountain – the chest is hidden on the second floor.
  5. To get the right-arm armor, conquer the boss NPC Ruckus. You will find him at the Slurpy Swamp.
  6. The left-arm armor is located in a chest at the top of a mountain in Catty Corner.
  7. To get the right leg armor, you need to find 500 gold bars.
  8. Finally, to receive the body armor, complete the legendary quest.

A List of All the Steps to Complete the Mandalorian Beskar Quest

There’s a total of eight beskar quests in the fifth season of Fortnite. Here’s how to complete all of them to receive all the parts of the beskar armor:

  1. Open the map and head on to the Razor Crest – it’s located at the east of the desert beside the Zero Point, specifically at Colossal Coliseum. If you haven’t unlocked that area yet and don’t know where the Zero Point is – it’s in the middle of the map. When you’re close enough, you will see smoke. Go further to find a shipwreck. Simply step on the ship to complete the quest – however, be prepared to fight with the Mandalorian who guards it.
  2. To complete the second quest, you have to visit a small island at the northwest corner of the map. There, you will find a shark-shaped cave – it’s almost in the center of the island. Go inside the shark’s mouth and climb to the second floor. Open a vault door and take a piece of armor from one of the shelves in the vault.
  3. For the third quest, you have to find the tallest mountain at the south of the Catty Corner located in the south-east. If you’re having trouble recognizing the tallest peak, look for a flag at the top of it. There, you will find a chest – to unlock it and complete the quest, you have to be wearing the Mandalorian armor.
  4. Find any NPC to complete the fourth quest. After a conversation with them, you will receive a bunch of small quests, but you don’t have to accept all of them. Pick the one where you need to eliminate another player within five minutes. Once it’s done, you will receive a helmet.
  5. The fifth quest is quite simple – eliminate five other players using five different weapons. You don’t have to do it within one match.
  6. The sixth quest is a legendary one. Open your quest list and complete any of those marked in orange or red. These quests change every week, so we can’t assist you further with that.
  7. To complete the seventh quest, find Ruckus at the Slurpy Swamp. It’s located beside the dam, near Hydro 16. Head on inside the building and be prepared to fight – Ruckus is wandering around with a legendary assault rifle. Ideally, bring your team with you for help – but beware, as only one of you can kill Ruckus and complete the quest.
  8. To complete the last quest, you have to find 500 gold bars. Of course, this can be done over several days. They are located in chests around the map and can be obtained by completing bounties. Another way to collect them is to accept quests from NPCs.

How to Put On Mandalorian Armor in Fortnite?

You can out on the Mandalorian armor the same way as you would put on any other skin – follow the steps below:

  1. From the main game menu, open the “Locker” tab.
  2. Select “Edit Style.”
  3. Pick the Mandalorian skin.
  4. Select “Save and Exit.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Read this section to find out more about the Mandalorian-themed skins in Fortnite season 5.

How Do I Unlock Baby Yoda in Fortnite?

Baby Yoda, or the Child, is undoubtedly the cutest skin addition you could get in the game. It can be used with any skin, not only the Mandalorian.

Of course, as it’s desired by so many players, getting it isn’t as simple. First, you have to get the Battle Pass. Then, you have to reach level 100 to unlock the Child. If you don’t mind spending real money, you can purchase the first 25 tiers for 1,800 V-Bucks, but you will still have 75 tiers left, each of which costs 150 V-Bucks.

If you prefer to grind your way through the tiers, be prepared to spend a lot of time in the game.

Can I Buy the Beskar Armor in Fortnite?

To get the Mandalorian skin you have to simply buy the Battle Pass for $9.99, but there’s no way to obtain the beskar armor by spending real money. You will have to put in some effort to complete the required quests.

Will My Beskar Armor Be Carried Over to the Next Season?

No – as with any other achievement or skin in Fortnite, you only own it for one season. Once season 6 starts, you will have to purchase a new Battle Pass, complete new quests, and choose between different skins.

However, sometimes skins make a comeback after a couple of seasons. As the Mandalorian is very popular right now, it is likely that developers will decide to bring it back at some point.

Consider the Effort

Hopefully, with the help of our guide, you will manage to get the desired beskar armor. Maybe, you will even unlock the Child, although it requires either a lot of patience or a lot of money. Keep in mind that those skins won’t be carried over to the next season – thus, consider whether putting in so much effort is worth it. However, we can hope to see the return of the Mandalorian, as long as the series remains popular.

What’s the most expensive or hard to achieve skin you ever got in Fortnite? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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