Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Forms is a web-based application used to generate forms that help in data collection. It’s a straightforward method of creating registration forms, polls, quizzes, and more. With Google Forms, you can also edit your forms online in real time and check the results instantly.

Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts

The platform also has a simple and easy-to-navigate user interface that makes it easier for you to share the forms directly with the respondents or the respective target market. When using Google Forms, keyboard shortcuts can greatly help you make your work easier and save much of your time.

This article highlights the Google Forms keyboard shortcuts that you need to know. Read on!

Why Keyboard Shortcuts Are Important in Google Forms

The Google Forms keyboard shortcuts can help you do much within the shortest time possible. While you can do most things by clicking around, the keyboard shortcuts give you a shortcut route that enables you to achieve more than usual.

Besides, the keyboard shortcuts give you a better experience and make your work easier. They give users a chance to interact with different parts of the keyboard since the mouse is not regularly applied. As a result, creating and editing your Google Forms becomes a fun and exciting experience.

In addition, keyboard shortcuts have made it simple for people with different mobility complications to easily use Google Forms in their work.

Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts That You Need to Know

When using Windows /Linux, use Ctrl + N to create a new Google Form and Ctrl + Shift + S to save it. If you are a Mac user, use Command + N to create a new form and Command + Shift + S to save the form. To see a preview of your Google Form on Mac, use Command + L, and use Ctrl + Shift + L on Windows/Linux.

General Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts

Below are the general keyboard shortcuts that you need to know.

Ctrl + Enter – Submit the form

Ctrl + Z – Undo

Ctrl + Y – Redo

Ctrl + X – Cut selection

Ctrl + V – Paste from clipboard

Ctrl + F – Find (opens the Find dialog box at the top)

Ctrl + C – Copy selection

Ctrl + Shift + C – Copy the form

Ctrl + Shift + R – Print the form

Ctrl + Shift + S – Open the settings menu

Ctrl + A – Select all

Ctrl + Shift + V – Copy the form elements

Ctrl + Shift + P – Print preview

Ctrl+ / – Open the keyboard shortcuts help

Google Forms Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

When editing your Google Forms, the shortcuts outlined below can be of great assistance.

Ctrl + D – Duplicate the highlighted item

Delete – Delete the highlighted item

Ctrl + G – Group the selected items

Ctrl + Shift + G – Ungroup the highlighted items

Ctrl + A – Highlight all the items on the page

Ctrl + Shift + Z – Redo the action that was last undone

Ctrl + Z – Undo the previous action on the page

Ctrl + V – Paste the item that was copied or cut

Google Forms Navigating Keyboard Shortcuts

When navigating across your Google Forms dashboard, you can utilize the keyboard shortcuts below.

Enter – Submit the form

Esc – Close dialog or form

Tab – Move to the next field

Ctrl + Enter – Save and proceed later

Ctrl + Shift + Enter – Submit the form

Shift + Tab – Move to the previous field

Ctrl + / – Display all keyboard shortcuts

Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts for Building Forms

Building Google Forms is pretty simple if you understand how to play around with various keyboard shortcuts. Let’s check them out!

Ctrl + Shift + T – Add a text question

Ctrl + Shift + J – Add a date question

Ctrl + Shift + P – Add a paragraph question

Ctrl + Shift + D – Add a time question

Ctrl + Shift + C – Add multiple choice question

Ctrl + Shift + R – add a question that requires a file upload

Ctrl + Shift + S – Add a multiple-choice question in the form of a grid

Ctrl + Shift + N – Include a checkbox grid question

Ctrl + Shift + L – Include a linear scale question

Google Forms Editing and Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts

Editing and formatting Google Forms is one of the major struggles among most people. The below shortcuts can help you navigate the process.

Ctrl + C – Copy the text

Ctrl + U – Underline

Ctrl + Z – Undo the latest changes

Ctrl + Shift + S – Remove or apply a bulleted list

Ctrl + Y – Redo the latest changes

Ctrl + I – Italic

Ctrl + B – Bold the text

Ctrl + X – Cut the text

Ctrl + V – Paste the text

Keyboard Shortcuts for Editing Text in Google Forms

Always ensure that your Google Forms are well-edited before sharing them with your target audience. Use the shortcuts below to summarize the process.

Ctrl + Shift + Down – Move the questions down

Ctrl + Shift + Up – Move the questions up

Ctrl + E – Edit the questions

Ctrl + Alt + C – Copy a question

Ctrl + D – Duplicate the question

Ctrl + Alt + V – Paste the question

Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts Used on Different Platforms

Learning and mastering how to use Google Forms keyboard shortcuts makes it easier for you to achieve more in a short time. What you need to understand is that the shortcuts vary depending on the device you are using.

The keyboard used on Windows/ Linux varies slightly from those applied on Mac. For instance, you use shortcuts such as Ctrl + E to edit questions on Windows/Linux, while we use “Command” instead of ” Ctrl” on Mac.

Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts on Mac

Command + Shift + L – Preview the form

Command + Shift + Z – Undo the recent changes

Command + N – New form

Command + Shift + C – Copy the form

Command + Shift + H – Insert an image

Command + Shift + S – Save the changes

Command + Shift + P – Print the form

Command + Shift + X – Cut the form elements

Command + Shift + Y – Redo the changes

Command + / – Display the keyboard shortcuts

Command + Shift + D – Delete the form elements

Command + Shift + V – Paste the form

Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts on Windows/Linux

Ctrl + Shift + C – Copy the form

Ctrl + Shift + X – Cut the form elements

Ctrl + Shift + D – Delete form elements

Ctrl + Shift + P – Print the form

Ctrl + N – New form

Ctrl + Shift + V – Paste the form

Ctrl + Shift + H – Insert an image

Ctrl + / – Display keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Shift + Z – Undo the recent changes

Ctrl + Shift + Y – Redo the recent changes

Google Forms Keyboard Shortcuts

Google Forms is a great application used by millions of people across the globe. You can easily transform your Google Forms user experience by using keyboard shortcuts. All you need is to learn how and when to apply the shortcuts while working on your Google Form.

Do you have any other keyboard shortcuts fellow users should know? Type them into the comments below.

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