Can a Group on GroupMe Have Two Owners?

Managing more than one group on GroupMe can be time-consuming for a single admin. But what if there were two of them? That way, you’d be able to split responsibilities and even manage to come up with plenty of awesome content.

Can a Group on GroupMe Have Two Owners?

In this article, you’ll find out everything a group owner should know about this amazing instant messenger.

Group Owners

When you create a GroupMe group, you automatically become its owner. Unfortunately, there can only ever be one owner at a time. However, you have the option to make another member an owner or to transfer the ownership if you want to.

To change the owner, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and log into your account;
  2. Check if the new owner is a member or not. If they aren’t, add them to the group;
  3. Choose the new owner from the member list.
  4. Tap on the member’s name and select Make Owner.

Another way to do this is to choose the group, click on Settings, go to Change Owner option and select the new owner.

To transfer the ownership:

  1. Open the app, then click on the group avatar;
  2. Choose Settings, then click on Change Owner;
  3. Choose a new owner, then click Yes or Make Owner to confirm.

Note: Bear in mind that you should be very careful, as this action can’t be undone.

GroupMe Group Have Two Owners

What Can the Admin Do?

The owner, i.e. the admin of a group, has a range of options at their disposal They can add new members or remove and block existing members. They can control the members who have left the group at some point. Also, they have the possibility to clone a group.

Adding or Removing Members

Here’s how to add a new member to the group:

  1. Open the chat, tap on the group avatar, and then choose Members.
  2. Click on the + icon, or choose Add Members.
  3. Type the name, number, or an email of a person you want to add.
  4. Finally, choose the person’s name and tap the Checkmark icon.

Another way to add a member is to send a user a share link. By clicking on it, they’ll be able to join the group.

To remove a member, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the avatar of the group you’d like to edit and click on Members.
  2. Click on the unwanted person,
  3. Choose Remove from (group name). Should you want to delete several members, find the three dots icon, and then click on Remove members.
  4. Finally, choose the people you want to delete and click on Remove.

Deleted users will be able to join the group again only if some of the existing members invite them.

Managing Former Members

Members removed by the group admin can’t re-join the group, However, those who decided to leave on their own are able to re-join anytime they want. As mentioned, group admins have the “power” to control former members, that is, to block or unblock them. Here’s how:

  1. Open the group tray.
  2. Look for the Former Members,
  3. Choose the Former tab.
  4. Find Members Who Left menu
  5. Choose Block for all ex-members you don’t want to re-join the group.

To unblock the members, find the Banned Member list. Choose the ones that you want back in the group, then tap Unblock.

Cloning a Group

If you ever need a new group but want the members from an existing one, GroupMe offers you the opportunity to clone a group. The procedure is quite simple. For iOS and Android:

  1. Open the Chats and find the group you’d like to clone.
  2. Tap on the group avatar and choose Settings.
  3. Choose Clone Group.
  4. Give a name to the new group and choose its avatar. Members will be added automatically. Should you want to add new ones, just type their number, name, or email, or simply find them in contacts.
  5. Finish by tapping on Done or on the Checkmark icon.

If you’re using the Web version:

  1. Log in to your GroupMe account first.
  2. Find the chats and choose the group you’re about to clone.
  3. Choose the group avatar, and then click Settings.
  4. In the menu, find and choose Clone Group. As with the app version, members will be added immediately.
  5. Finally, choose Add Members at the end of the window to finish creating the group.
GroupMe Group Two Owners

Two Many Owners!

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by the number of GroupMe groups you’re managing, don’t delete them. Other members will surely be sorry to lose all the content they’ve been sharing for quite a while. Instead, find the right candidate who could manage the group and transfer the ownership to them. That way, you’ll have more time for yourself, and others will still have their favorite group.

How many GroupMe groups do you manage? Have you ever tried to change ownership within a group? Let us know in the comments section below.

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