Why Was My Grubhub Order Canceled?

In the past few years, Grubhub has become a juggernaut of the culinary takeout world. It’s a service that has rendered food delivery phone calls completely unnecessary. Through their desktop website or dedicated mobile app, you can now have food delivered directly to your doorstep.

Why Was My Grubhub Order Canceled?

However, issues occasionally arise. Orders get canceled by Grubhub and you’re left empty-handed. Of course, they’ll refund you fully. But it still pays to know a little more about order cancelation process. Read on to find out all you need to know.

Why Your Order Was Canceled

There are multiple reasons why your order may have been canceled. Most likely, it boils down to the actual merchant. You see, Grubhub is a service that delivers food from the merchant to you. It accepts your order, filters through it, sends it to the restaurant, processes it, picks it up, and delivers it to you.

Grubhub doesn’t make the food and the only interaction that it has with restaurant personnel is via the delivery driver who picks up the order itself. Whenever you make the order through Grubhub, there’s a confirmation period that can take up to a few minutes. After this process, the order is either confirmed or declined. If the former, you’ll see the approximate delivery time and you’ll get a receipt.

However, in some instances, an accepted order may be canceled. To make things worse, this can happen after an hour or more, when all the time you’ve been patiently waiting for your order.

Again, there are multiple reasons behind this.

grubhub why was order cancelled

The Merchant Closed Up Shop

Things get confused and wrong calculations are made. The staff at the restaurant you’ve ordered from may have thought that they’d be able to wrap up your order and send it off, but failed to do so. In this case, they’ll contact Grubhub and ask them to notify you that the order was canceled. You’ll receive your refund, of course.

The Merchant Is Too Busy

It happens. Restaurants get overwhelmed. They plan your order, but it turns out that it might’ve been too big of a bite for them to chew on. Usually, they’ll just refuse your order, but they may make a wrong calculation from time to time, and will be forced to cancel.

Equipment Malfunction

All payment interactions performed on Grubhub are done via card (except the delivery driver tips that aren’t obligatory). This means that there are procedures in place that are supposed to work. One equipment malfunction (which may vary from router issues to things far more complicated), however, and the restaurant may not be able to accept your payment. This is often the reason for canceled orders.


If you’re a customer, you can rest easy, as you won’t be tricked out of your money. As a rule of thumb, if you ask for a refund, you’ll get it.

Naturally, this is a huge downside for restaurants. Why? Because all refunds are charged to the restaurant. This means that a customer may complain about a missing item (without it actually being missing) and they’ll probably get refunded. In other words, customers might try and scam the restaurant, making false claims about their order. And Grubhub has decided that it won’t handle such minor customer complaints.

grubhub order cancelled

Of course, the restaurant can fight back through official legal channels, but they’ll probably decide not to pursue the matter in these circumstances.

As a customer, it’s up to you whether you’re going to try and take advantage of a restaurant. Keep in mind that it’s their hard-earned money that’s on the line. Oh, and if you “trick” a restaurant in this way, they probably won’t deliver to your address ever again.

Cancelations and Refunds

Incidences of order cancelations on Grubhub are very rare, especially owing to the fact that it’s the restaurant that would have to pay off the full refund, not Grubhub. However, you should think about the restaurants when making a complaint – if it’s a minor one, you’ll get a refund – but is it really worth it?

Has a restaurant ever canceled your Grubhub order? Have you ever asked for a refund? What are your thoughts on Grubhub’s refund policy? Feel free to hit the comments section to let us know.

16 thoughts on “Why Was My Grubhub Order Canceled?”

Pissed off says:
This has happened to me more than once, more than twice when dealing with grubhub. I’ve placed food orders, waited 3 hours just to get a text/email saying my order has been cancelled. Grubhub explanation is usually vague or makes no sense. I just ordered from Macdonald’s. Placed the order at 3:45 they didn’t tell me it was cancelled until 6:40. The reasoning? Restaurant is out of menus item’s..it’s a burger place! It’s very unprofessional. I don’t so much mind them cancelling the order. it’s the hours they have you waiting, thinking the food is coming– just for your order to get cancelled. They could’ve cancelled it 30 minutes to an hour after I placed the order. I would’ve just went to doordash. They also don’t even give you a coupon or anything. I prefer doordash. I have never had an order cancelled when I use doordash. It’s just doordash don’t have all the restaurants grubhub do on their list. I cringe when I have to use grubhub. The order is either missing items or they’re cancelling your order with bs reasonings. I’ve had orders from grubhub that wasn’t even what I ordered, everything was wrong, right down to the dipping sauce. This is after waiting more than hour for food to come. I should also mention, the restaurants I’m ordering from is no more than a mile from my house.
Michael says:
First experience tonight with Grubhub and my order was cancelled. Not a very good first impression…. I’ll give it one more go at some point to see what happens.
Linda says:
I ordered 3 times 2 yesterday and one today why were my. Orders canceled
Allison says:
grub hub cancelled my order which sucked but then tried door dash no problems what so ever
Stacy says:
Yeah that’s bad business especially when a low blood sugar is depending on eating to stay undangerouly sick…
Michelle says:
Wish I would’ve seen this blog earlier. We just ordered here on Fort Bragg, NC. The driver cancelled our $60 order because someone would not drive from the on post medical center to the post’s main gate to meet him. His name is Elvis by the way. Before a driver accepts the order they should know if they can access a military installation or not. If you can’t, then dont accept, Period.
K Lee says:
Usually when a Grubhub cancels a delivery order its because there’s so driver around the area to pick up & deliver the food.

If the “assigning a driver” status is still up & running and it has been 1 hour, Grubhub usually cancels the order.

Or again, the restaurant is too busy etc..

Grubhub will notify you through email or phone to let you know that your order has been canceled & you will be getting a full refund through Grubhub. Not a refund from the restaurant.

GE says:
Ps. Never had this problem with Doordash. In fact I haven’t had any problems with Doordash. I have had many problems from Grubhub.
GE says:
Grubhub has canceled at least three orders as soon as I ordered. When I called the restaurants they said that they usually see canceled orders but could not find mine. Grubhub is insta-canceling orders and restaurants would never know! I told the restaurants so that this feedback can add up with others and they can reconsider doing business with Grubhub. If I had not called the restaurants I would have thought to blacklist them. Grubhub is tarnishing reputations!
Avirgintomorrow says:
Drivers openly brag on social media that they cancel orders with tips under 20%. The company should so something about that. Isn’t that extortion?
William Cassidy says:
My order was cancelled an hour and a half after I placed my order.
Kevin Murray says:
I’m just going to hit them were it hurts and stop using this BS service…you have all these restaurant s complaining and crying about COVID putting them out of business and then you try to give them some business and they cancel your order…ef that…go out of business then.
Carol A says:
Me as well. 3 times in 3 orders, (one a large lunch order for work) cancelled. All the food sitting at the restaurant waiting. I think because delivery drivers are getting paid either way so they opt to not bother.
Cancelled on me today a half-hour before scheduled delivery. The restaurant was closed when the driver arrived. So GH gets no actual confirm from the restaurant, but sends me a message that the food is being prepared. Then just expects it to be ready and cancels at the last minute if it’s not. This is pretty lame.
Pamela says:
I used to love Grubhub. Unfortunately, I have been burned twice. Every time I order here lately, they have cancelled my orders twice.
L Steinbeck says:
GrubHub took an order we put in for a group of 12 people from work on a Thursday, then canceled it on Friday one hour before they were supposed to deliver. When we called they said they had too many deliveries.

Poor service.

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