When Is GTA 6 Coming Out? No One Knows the Release Date Yete

After years of more or less creative rumors and indiscretions, Rockstar Games has finally spilled the beans and announced that it is working on the next main chapter of the GTA saga. The American giant doesn’t give us many hints for the release date. Still, through Twitter, the company states that, as it has done with previous iterations, the development team wants to go beyond what has been done in the past by making the next experiences better.

When Is GTA 6 Coming Out? No One Knows the Release Date Yete

Release Date

For now, Rockstar Games has only revealed that the next installment in the GTA franchise is in development. Without any official announcements, the release date is uncertain, as are the details of the game, or whether it will be called GTA 6 at all. In the meantime, rumors about the game are numerous.

Following the developer’s announcement, the editorial staff of Bloomberg has come out with a report that pleases all who have patiently been waiting for good news about the likely GTA 6. This report highlights many details about the game’s development, the main character(s), and the city players will explore. Although Bloomberg is a very reliable platform, this is still a report, and it is possible that with an official announcement, things will change. So always keep your expectations tempered.

Apparently, the new chapter has been in development since 2014, with a group of designers from Rockstar’s Edinburgh office reportedly leaving the company earlier this year due to frustration related to the lack of progress. The same Rockstar insiders close to the game’s production say that GTA 6’s release date would be scheduled for 2024.

As always, in this case, even if we are talking about something said by Bloomberg, this news is still rumors, so we should take this news with due caution.

Adding to the long chatter about the release date of the next GTA was the insider Roberto Serranò. Through a question-and-answer session organized on Twitter, Serranò stated that we might see an announcement this summer, but the Rockstar game will not see the light of day until at least 2023, a launch window that is still quite undecided and far away.

Not too long ago, GTA 5’s voice actor for Franklin gave some possible hints about Rockstar’s timeline for GTA 6. He said that GTA 5 took four or five years to conclude, including all the cinematics and voice acting.

Considering the development process of AAA titles, it’s likely that Rockstar is trying to polish the game as much as possible. If you were following the news on Cyberpunk 2077 around its release day, taking more time might be the right step.

Finally, well-known insider Tom Henderson also opened up on the issue, saying that as far as he has heard, the game’s development is still far from over, and we will most likely not see the game before 2025. Subsequently, industry journalist Jason Schreier also wanted to state that what he heard from Henderson matches the rumors that came to him some time ago.

What We Know About the Game

On September 18, a Twitter user shared the game’s first footage, claiming to have leaked the code for the sequel. Later, in a note posted on social media, Rockstar Games confirmed the GTA 6 leak and asked news platforms not to share it further and take existing features down.

When talking about the Grand Theft Auto saga, the first thing that comes to mind is the freedom of action granted through a large map full of missions, situations, possibilities, and characters. It’s unlikely that Rockstar Games will abandon the open-world, free-roaming structure for greater linearity, even if they add more roleplay potential.

Rockstar Games, however, has always accustomed us to raising the bar with every game it has produced beyond the GTA franchise. Because of this, it’s reasonable to expect a whole slew of new features that will be added to further freshen up a brand that has been able to innovate itself game after game. This comes after the announcement where development on remasters was slashed to allow the studio to focus on delivering next-generation entertainment.

One of the most interesting novelties of GTA 6 would be related precisely to a couple of new perspectives that will be included in the game.

The first would concern the evolving city, or rather, cities. This would mean that whenever the player ends up in a previously explored neighborhood, he might find it changed due to the time passage. The September 18 leak confirmed that Vice City (inspired by Miami) will be at least a part of the game’s setting, but not much more.

The rumor of changing cities comes directly from a Take-Two patent, which refers precisely to new technology in development at the company. If used in GTA 6, it would allow for the addition of various aging effects on buildings, vehicles, and streets over time due to car and pedestrian traffic.

Another rumor stems from the community actions for GTA 5. The increase in activity on online RPG servers created precisely for fans to role-play in the world of GTA 5 seems to have particularly affected Rockstar. In fact, according to the various rumors swirling around in recent months, GTA 6 may also feature a new mode focused entirely on role-playing.

Let’s go back to the Bloomberg report we mentioned before, which starts by focusing on the development phase of GTA 6.

Bloomberg’s report begins to shed light on what will be the playable protagonist in GTA 6. According to this report, in the next GTA, players can impersonate a woman of Latin descent who will find herself living in a criminal context based on some Bonnie and Clyde inspirations.

The dual-character setting was likewise corroborated by information in the September 18 leak, so it’s likely to remain in some capacity for the foreseeable future.

Another novelty regarding the setting comes in the evolution of the game map. Recently, the Take-Two patent filed by Rockstar has got fans thinking a lot, so much so that some speculation seems to lead to the possibility that there will be the possibility of traveling to different cities in the next GTA.

This innovation in game processing could allow Rockstar Games to add new cities to the map to give players a sense of progression not only within the main narrative but also in all that pertains to world-building.

It also harkens back to an old leak, according to which the regions featured in GTA 6 would be two: one set in the United States of America and one in South America. Bolstering this rumor (indirectly) is Rockstar itself, by releasing the biggest expansion for GTA Online: The Cayo Perico. It’s fairly reasonable to think that this expansion is nothing more than a little early spoiler of what could be the South American setting of the new GTA.

Yet another leak seems to suggest that there will be a return to two cities already seen in the much-loved San Andreas. Specifically, the player will likely have the opportunity to move between San Fierro and Las Ventura, virtual versions of San Francisco and Las Vegas, respectively. How this information aligns with the September 18 leak is unknown.

Picking up on the South American setting, the plot might be somewhat inspired by the TV series Narcos, with the player experiencing the story of a criminal climbing the ranks and making a name for himself. The source of this speculation was a Reddit user who claimed he was in contact with “very reliable” gaming journalists. According to this user, the storyline would take place over several years, with the settings changing depending on the historical period being experienced. Some of the game mechanics would also be linked to this time transition. For example, a car purchased at the beginning would become vintage (and therefore more valuable) in the game’s later stages.

Finally, the title could inherit from Red Dead Redemption 2 a whole series of activities that are unlockable only by exploring and meeting a variety of characters, who will either be looking for our help or try to screw us over in any way.

What Platforms Will the Game Be On?

That the next title in the Rockstar saga is coming to next-gen consoles is pretty much a given, but through leaks, it now seems to be confirmed that it will also be coming to “old” consoles, although as of today, we have no official information about it.

Due to a longer development process, Rockstar might decide to forgo compatibility with PS4 and Xbox One series. Since the likely release date for the game is in 2024 or even 2025, console developers might already announce next-gen consoles. Keep in mind that the gap between consoles is roughly seven years and both Xbox X/S and PS5 were released in 2020.

PC gamers should have it easier since Rockstar has consistently added PC support, albeit with a two-year delay for GTA 5.

What Do You Expect From GTA 6?

Now that we have gone through official news, reliable leaks like Bloomberg, rumors, news, and possible details about GTA 6 online, we just have to wait for more official information and the trailer. We don’t know how much we have to wait for concrete information about the next chapter of the saga. That doesn’t stop gamers from creating wish lists for what is likely to be an excellent game.

What do you think about the latest news we just talked about? What would you like to experience in the new GTA 6? Let us know in the comments!

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