How to Hide the Bottom Navigation Bar on the Kindle Fire

Since the main purpose of your Kindle Fire is for reading, it’s crucial to have as much space available on your screen for the text. The issue is the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen, which is useful for browsing through your device but useless when you just want to read. It takes up unnecessary space, not to mention very distracting. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to hide that navigation bar through your Kindle’s native options, but there is a way of doing it by using third-party apps. We will guide you through how to hide the bar and give you some alternatives to the default one.

How to Hide the Bottom Navigation Bar on the Kindle Fire

Downloading the App

As this app is not available on Amazon Appstore, you will have to download the app from an APK site and side-load it.

Configuring Your Kindle Fire

  1. Swipe the drop-menu from the top of the screen.
  2. Press Settings.
  3. Scroll to find the Personal field.
  4. Press Security.
  5. From the Advanced field, tap on Apps from Unknown Sources.
  6. You will get a warning but ignore it and press OK.
  7. Restart your Kindle Fire.

Getting the APK

  1. Go to “Android-apk” and search for “Ultimate Dynamic Navbar Lite”.
  2. Download the latest version.
  3. Install Ultimate Dynamic Navbar.

Ultimate Dynamic Navbar Lite

This app will do two things for you. First, it will remove the default navigation bar, and then the app will replace it as the navigation bar with the ability to hide. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Ultimate Dynamic Navbar Lite.
  2. Click On in the top right corner.
  3. Open “Navbar Spoofers”.
  4. Press “Hide navbar by build.prop modification”.
  5. A pop-up will appear saying “This will hide your actual navbar”.
  6. Press Yes. Your device will reboot, and now the default navbar is erased and the Ultimate Dynamic Navbar has replaced it.
  7. The new navigation bar is hidden and you can bring it up by pressing the bottom of your screen.

Navigation Bar Alternatives

Now you can hide your navigation bar and you can have the whole screen for reading without any distracting buttons, but you can also replace the boring looking Navbar Lite with something a lot nicer. Here are the best alternatives you can download to make navigation a little bit smoother. Just remember to remove Ultimate Dynamic Navbar after you have installed one of these since you don’t want to have multiple navigation bars active.

1. Pie Control

Pie control is a very customizable navigation tool, with an easy-to-use interface in the shape of a pie. With it, you can effortlessly manage things, while also having something nice to look at. You can change the shape, size, and color of the pie or the icons. You can customize what you can access with the interface and add higher levels of icons. You can also set where you want the pie to appear and how to access it. It’s just very convenient and responsive, and it is hidden when you don’t need it.

2. Edge Launcher

The design of the interface is very polished and you can effortlessly access settings, apps, documents, or anything else for that matter. Edge Launcher is probably one of the smoothest and most powerful navigation tools out there, and it’s incredibly customizable so you can make it fit your Kindle needs.


3. Meteor Swipe

The interface is extremely polished with many different themes to choose from. You have the ability to set multiple panels and can access contacts, apps, shortcuts, and folders from it. It also supports widgets, plugins, mouse, keyboard, and more. There are also icon packs, so you can make the tool look the way you see fit.

4. Yandex Launcher

Yandex Launcher is an amazing launcher that will make navigating through your Kindle a breeze. With an incredible-looking interface, the seemingly endless customization options include different backgrounds, themes, and icons. The animations are smooth and opening up apps has never been easier.

Now Your Screen Looks Amazing

Now that you’ve hidden your navigation bar and possibly replaced it with one of the stylish alternatives mentioned, your screen should look so much more sleek and modern, no? You can now enjoy reading books on your Kindle at full screen and navigating through your device is even easier.

Did it work for you? What’s your favorite navigation bar alternative? Tell us in the comments below!

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Martin says:
Will fhis work with the 8th gen fire hd 8? Some apps buttons are right under the bars top and bottom so i can used it to the fullest..

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