How AirTags Charge

If you’re wondering how AirTags charge, then the answer is simple: They don’t. AirTags run on CR2032 batteries that can’t charge. The AirTags run on this battery power for about one year before the battery runs out.

How AirTags Charge

Fortunately, there are some potential workarounds. This article will explain what you can do when AirTags run out of power.

Charging AirTags

You can put the AirTags in a case and then place them on the items you need to track. As mentioned, unlike the regular phones used today, AirTags can’t be charged. It’s essential to check the battery level from time to time during the one-year useful life. This guarantees that they are indeed working as they should.

To find out the battery level, do the following:

  1. Go to “Find My” app.
  2. Choose the “Items” tab. This is where all AirTags are listed in case you own more than one.
  3. Select the relevant option. You will see a “Low Battery” sign next to the AirTag if its battery is low.

Since there’s already an estimated useful life, you should get new batteries 10-11 months after purchase. This way, your AirTag will remain active, and you won’t be in a rush to find replacement batteries.

Changing the AirTag Batteries

The AirTag battery is standard and coin-shaped. Swapping the battery is relatively straightforward, and the batteries are quite accessible. You can buy them on Amazon or other retail outlets. The battery shouldn’t have a bitterant coating. The bitterant layer is a safety precaution that discourages kids from swallowing batteries. However, if you buy such a battery for your AirTag, It may fail to work.

If you want to change the battery, look for an option that is brand compatible. After finding the correct battery for the replacement, do the following:

  1. Press down the AirTag’s stainless steel backing.
  2. While still pressing down, rotate the cover counterclockwise until it stops rotating.
  3. Pull the AirTag’s two halves apart.
  4. Take out the battery within the AirTag and then insert your new battery using the same orientation. The positive side needs to face up. If done correctly, a chiming sound is produced.
  5. Next, replace the bottom, ensuring the three tabs align with the AirTag slots.
  6. Rotate the AirTag cover in a clockwise motion up to the point where it stops.

Note that you can set up the Find My app to be notified if the battery is running low.

While the battery lasts for one year, the condition you keep it in and how frequently it’s used greatly affect the duration. To use the AirTag, connect it to your macOS or iOS devices through Bluetooth. Every AirTag can be customized, which is great if you have multiple gadgets.

If someone places an AirTag on your belongings, you’ll get an alert with the message “AirTag detected” on the phone. You can then remove the AirTag and disable it.

Associated Benefits

The most obvious benefit of using an AirTag is how incredibly easy it is to track things you lose or misplace. For example, if keys are misplaced or left somewhere, AirTags can pinpoint their exact location.

If your lost item is found by someone else, there’s a feature that allows them to use their smartphones to identify the owner. Labeled AirTags with an email address or phone number inform people of who contact should they find your item. This is achieved by scanning the AirTag to capture the owner’s details.

Factors That Affect How Long the Battery Lasts

Compared to other options on the market, AirTag batteries have a longer lifespan. However, different people use them differently, affecting their durability. You will find that some AirTags drain faster than others. Here are some factors that contribute to the battery drain.

Environmental Conditions

The AirTags should be operated at negative four to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. AirTag drains faster if used in extremely high or low temperatures. If used in harsh conditions, they can shut down. As such, you need to replace or check the battery often in extreme weather.


If you often misplace your valuables and use AirTags to locate them, the battery tends to drain faster. To preserve the battery, the AirTags should be used when necessary. The battery can be replaced before you embark on a journey to keep your luggage and other valuables safe and easy to track in case they’re lost.

The Manufacturer

The AirTags use CR2032 batteries which are made by different manufacturers. The durability of these batteries has a lot to do with the manufacturer. You need to source batteries from a certified and reliable dealer. Their high-quality batteries will last and are compatible with your AirTags.

Playing Sounds

If you play sounds on the AirTags, you should expect to replace them before one year ends. Don’t play sounds if you want them to last, as this drains battery power faster.

Keeping the AirTags On

As long as the AirTags are on, they’re using power. Switch the AirTags off if they’re not in use to maximize the battery’s durability.


Does battery charge affect the range of AirTags?

No, the battery power doesn’t affect the range. AirTags use the Apple device network to locate your lost items. However, should the battery die, the AirTag won’t transmit, and you can no longer find your valuables. For that reason, ensure there’s sufficient power in your AirTag battery at all times.

Keep Track of Valuables With the AirTag Technology

Most people who’ve lost valuable items know how useful AirTags can be. With AirTags, you can track misplaced items such as umbrellas, car keys, luggage, pets, among other things. However, you can’t recharge the AirTag battery. To be safe, check the batteries regularly to confirm the charge is at the right levels, especially before traveling. If the batteries are running low, get a compatible replacement and change them correctly.

Have you ever run out of battery power on your AirTag? If so, how hard was it to replace it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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