How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Updated Oct. 29, 2022, by Steve Larner, to reflect current Minecraft Bedrock and Java versions.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

Concrete (added in v1.12) is a vibrant and sturdy building material in Minecraft. It adds a terrific look to any project you undertake in your game. Best of all, the material is craftable in up to 16 colors and is not combustible like wool.

In this article, you’ll get the nitty-gritty details on how to make colorful concrete in Minecraft Survival.

Ingredients Needed to Make Colored Concrete

The ingredients you’ll need to make concrete include powder, gravel, sand, and the dye of your preference. Before you start the crafting process, decide on the material’s color so you can work on finding the ingredients.

Here’s everything you need to make colored concrete in Minecraft.

1. Get Some Bones to Make Bonemeal for White Concrete

Perhaps the easiest colored concrete to make is white. The first ingredient you’ll need is bones, which you get by killing skeletons. The more bones you have, the more bonemeal you will get when you use a crafting table. Bonemeal is required to make white concrete. For other colors, you’ll need dyes instead, as described below.

2. Kill Some Squid to Get Ink Sacs for Black Concrete

You don’t have many options to get ink sacs in Minecraft, such as various plants or flowers. You either kill some squid, use a wither to kill animals, scour village chests, or visit a Wandering Trader.

3. Collect Some Sand and Gravel

Two critical ingredients needed to make white/colored concrete are sand and gravel. You can find sand near beaches and many lakes or ponds. On the other hand, gravel gets found almost everywhere when you dig around. Mountains are an excellent source.

3. Create/Collect a Water Bucket

This one may be self-explanatory, but find a bucket in village chests or make one with three iron ingots shaped into a “V” on a crafting table.

Fill it with some water by right-clicking (or pressing the equivalent gamepad button) on a non-running water source (tap on the water in PE). Water must be still (NOT running), such as a pond or a lake at the beach. Water is needed to convert concrete powder to solid concrete.

4. Obtain Your Dyes to Make Colored Concrete

Dyes (16 total available) get crafted from plants (mostly flowers).

You can mix plants (cornflower for blue dye, red rose for red dye, etc.) and other select items (ink sac for black dye, Lapiz Lazuli for blue dye, etc.) on a crafting table to make other colors. For example, mixing one lapis lazuli (blue) or cornflower (blue) plus one red rose produces two purple dyes.

You can also make dyes by smelting plants like a cactus or a sea pickle. Wandering Traders may also have dyes available to you, and you can uncover more in chests within villages. In summary, you can obtain dyes from trading, chests, smelting, or crafting.

How to Make Colored Concrete in Minecraft Bedrock

Once you make the concrete powders and have all the supplies, you can start making your colored concrete in Bedrock.

  1. Start by placing a crafting table down, then right-click it (or the equivalent function) to use it.
  2. To make “white concrete,” place a “bone” in any location on the “crafting table” to obtain three “bonemeal.”
  3. Place one “bonemeal” anywhere on the crafting table to get three “white dyes.”
  4. To make “black concrete,” place an “ink sac” or a “wither rose” in any location on the crafting table to get one “black dye.”
  5. Place one “white or black dye,” four “sand,” and four “gravel” in any order to make eight “white or black concrete powder blocks,” then skip to “Step 7.”
  6. To make other “colored concrete powders,” return to “Step 5” and choose a different “colored dye” aside from white or black.

  7. Find “water” or place some on the ground using your “water bucket,” then lay the “colored concrete powder” next to it or in it to make “colored concrete blocks.”

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft Fast

Here’s how you can create a large number of concrete blocks in double-quick time:

  1. Stack some concrete powder blocks.
  2. Place water next to them.
  3. Break the blocks, making the powder fall and turning it into concrete fast.

How to Make Concrete Slab in Minecraft

Unfortunately, the game still doesn’t allow you to make concrete slabs. In the current version of Minecraft, you’re only limited to concrete blocks. In terms of slabs, some of your options include the following materials:

  • Oak
  • Spruce
  • Acacia
  • Birch
  • Stone
  • Cobblestone

While concrete blocks are a fundamental building component in Minecraft, learning this skill opens the door to many construction options. You can build stunning roofs, towers, walls, and more. All you need to do is mine the necessary supplies and decide on the perfect color—the remaining steps will be a breeze.

Is concrete among your favorite building materials? Don’t you wish Minecraft offered colored concrete stairs and slabs too? What constructions have you built using it? Tell us in the comments section below.

Minecraft Colored Blocks FAQs

How Do You Turn Concrete Powder Into Concrete?

You’ll need a water source to turn concrete powder into concrete. So, you can place your powder next to the water, use a water bucket on it, or drop it into the water to get a concrete block.

How Do I Get Concrete in Minecraft?

The only way to obtain concrete in Minecraft is through crafting. Once you’ve created concrete powder using various ingredients, you can turn it into a concrete block with water.

What Are the Different Types of Cement Blocks?

The term Minecraft uses for cement blocks is concrete powder blocks. Depending on their color, there are as many as 16 types of concrete powder. For instance, you can craft purple, red, blue, or even lime concrete powder blocks.

Where Can You Find Concrete in Minecraft?

You can’t find concrete in your surroundings. Instead, after crafting concrete powder and combining it with water, concrete will form in the same place where you previously placed concrete powder.

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I use white and gray concrete in my secret underground base My secret base is so big that When digging straight beneath near my secret base. Sometime I fell in my own secret base ?
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