AirTags vs. Samsung Tag – Which Tracker is Better?

We’ve all experienced the panic of losing or misplacing important items. Maybe you’re in a hurry and can’t find your car keys. If only there were a way to track these missing things, a magical device that’s accurate and helps you quickly locate your lost item.

AirTags vs. Samsung Tag - Which Tracker is Better?

A device like this does exist and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With it, you’ll never have to fear the loss of a precious item, something you accidentally misplaced or left behind.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of two different devices. Apple and Samsung have gadgets to help you locate your missing things.

Apple AirTags

Apple has developed an item perfect for people who constantly misplace things. Or for those who want peace of mind knowing that they can easily track its location if they lose something. Its small circular compact design is not only ascetically pleasing, but it also doesn’t attract too much attention.

We’ll discuss its strengths and weaknesses so that you can make an informed decision to see if this item suits all of your needs.

Apple AirTags Strengths

Easy to Set Up

One of the best features is how easy Apple’s AirTags is to set up. All you need to do is place the AirTag next to your iPhone. The phone will immediately recognize the device and begin the setup process.

You’ll be prompted to name the object you’ll attach it to, something like “keys” or “backpack,” and then register the item with your Apple ID. Additional software isn’t required.

Precision Finding

The AirTag uses Bluetooth and Apple’s “Find My” app. When you are close to the lost item, you can use the app to have the AirTag play a loud tone, making finding the item much easier. If your missing item isn’t nearby and other iPhone users are close to it, you’ll get a ping with its current location.

However, if you use an iPhone 11 or higher, you’ll get an even more precise location if the item is nearby. The app will point you directly towards your missing item with a message like, “Go 10 feet to the right,” pinpointing the lost item’s exact location.


The cost for the peace of mind in easily locating a lost item is less than what you probably pay for a week’s worth of coffee at your favorite coffee shop. Apple offers a discount for purchasing a four-pack. They also offer free engraving of emojis, initials, and numbers for a more personalized look.

Long Battery Life

The AirTag battery will last a little over a year, is easy to replace, and uses a CR 2022 watch battery. The best part is, when the battery is close to needing replacement, your iPhone will remind you to replace the battery.

Apple AirTags Weaknesses

Works With iPhones Only

If you’re not an iPhone user, you’re out of luck. AirTags won’t work on other smartphones. This item is exclusively for iPhones and is not compatible with other brands.

Requires Additional Accessory to Attach

Although the design of the AirTag is sleek and cool with its metallic finish, there’s no way to attach it securely to anything. Apple does offer three different accessories for connecting it to your item. Unfortunately, they aren’t free, which adds to the overall cost.

Not as Precise With Older iPhones

Although the AirTag works great with any iPhone, you’re really missing out on its highly accurate precision if your phone isn’t an iPhone 11 or higher.

Easily Scratches

If you like to keep all of your expensive things nice and shiny, you’ll be disappointed that AirTags scuff easily from regular use. Scratches won’t affect its performance, but they will affect its appearance. You can purchase accessories that protect it from scratches and keep your AirTag looking new.

Samsung SmartTag

Samsung has developed the perfect item for those who easily misplace their most important things or prefer to live worry-free. Items that are misplaced or lost can be easily tracked and located thanks to this Samsung gadget. We’ll discuss the SmartTag’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can quickly determine if this is your product.

Samsung SmartTag Strengths

Easy Setup

Setting up your Samsung SmartTag is relatively simple. Open the “SmartThings” app on your Galaxy phone and place the SmartTag next to it. The app automatically pairs the device to your phone and completes the startup process. With just a few taps, your SmartTag will be ready for use.


The SmartTag isn’t expensive and can easily fit within most budgets. Many people probably spend more money per week on fancy coffee than they’ll spend on this tracker. Additionally, Samsung offers discounts when purchasing sets of two or four SmartTags.

Use as a Home Remote

Samsung’s SmartTag isn’t only a tracker to help locate your lost items; it has another use. It can also be used in your smart home to turn on lights, adjust the temperature, and anything else you have connected. It’s easy to set up using your Galaxy phone’s “SmartThings” app.

Augmented Reality Feature

For lost items within close range, not only will the SmartTag guide you to their location, but you can also incorporate your phone’s camera for an augmented reality view. This really comes in handy for a hard-to-label pair of lost keys that somehow found their way under your refrigerator or buried deep within the cushions of your couch.

Samsung SmartTag Weaknesses

Poor Battery Life

The SmartTag’s battery has a considerably short life span of approximately five to six months, much less than its competitors. Although it runs on a regular watch battery, it does use up a lot of the battery’s power. For some, it can be troublesome to remember to replace the battery a couple of times a year.

Works With Samsung Phones Only

SmartTag is not compatible with other devices. It’s designed for use exclusively with Samsung phones.

Subpar for Far Away Lost Items

When your lost item isn’t within proximity, its tracking ability is based on the number of available Galaxy phones near it that have the “SmartThings Find” app. Like iPhone’s “Find My” app, “SmartThings Find” will ping your phone with a location each time that Galaxy phone is near your lost item. So, receiving accurate pings is relative to the number of Galaxy phones in the area.

Which One Is Better?

The answer to that question depends on exactly what your needs are. The obvious choice for most people would be what type of phone you are already using.

If you’re using an iPhone, then the AirTag is the one for you. Similarly, if you have a Galaxy phone, then you’d naturally choose SmartTag. Both are bound to the same restrictions of only working on a specific type of phone. But as far as features and ease of use, they are neck in neck in superiority. There aren’t many differences between the pros and cons of each.

Additional FAQs

I want a tracker that will work with both iPhone and Android. Are there other similar trackers available?

There are other similar trackers on the market that aren’t limited to your smartphone type. A popular one that has been around for a while is Tile, which is compatible with iOS and Android.

Another option is CubeTracker. However, it does require a monthly subscription. Another easy-to-use tracker that works with iPhone and Android is TrackR.

Are these tracking devices safe? Are there any health risks to having one on my keychain?

These devices operate with the same technology used with cellphones and other wireless devices. There’s no research proving that having these devices close to our bodies pose any health risks or physical harm.

Never Lose an Important Item Again

With trackers like Apple’s AirTag and Galaxy’s SmartTag, you have a better chance of finding your missing car keys, misplaced backpack, or even a cat or dog that has disappeared. These trackers can make your life a little more worry-free, knowing that if you lose an important item, you have a good chance of quickly locating it.

Have you used Apple’s AirTag or Galaxy’s SmartTag to find something you’ve lost or misplaced? Let us know in the comments section below.

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