How Often Does Google Maps Update? When Will it Update Next?

Have you ever looked up your home or school or another place of interest on Google Maps, zoomed in, and exclaimed, “Hey! That’s not what it looks like now!” Maybe you installed or removed a swimming pool, or your neighbor’s old red barn burnt down two years ago, and yet there’s the old view of the property. What’s up with that? Google Maps doesn’t update in real-time or even with a great deal of frequency. In fact, for some places, the maps may be years out of date! Many people have wondered how often Google Maps updates and how to find out when it’s going to update next for a given spot. This article discusses how Google Maps, Google Earth, and Google Street View work and how often they update.

How Often Does Google Maps Update? When Will it Update Next?

Understanding Google Maps

Before delving into how often Google Maps updates, you need to understand how it works—at least a little. Google Maps is part of the bigger “Google Earth” program and is the most commonly used part of Google Earth. Companies, travel sites, and more attach maps to their websites to show their location and how to get there. Google Maps provides personalized directions to help guide you to your destination.

Google Maps includes the Google Earth imagery and adds streets and highways since that is its primary purpose. Google Maps also zooms in more than Earth, down to small sections of a city. The more you zoom in, the more streets you see. The advanced imagery created by Google Earth, as further discussed below, provides clean results when zooming down to specific roads. Although Maps doesn’t display actual images and shows line imagery for roads, it serves its purpose well. From this point, it is up to Google Street View to handle the details, which are discussed more below.

When does Google Maps Update?

Google doesn’t have a fixed schedule of updates for Google Maps, or if it does, it doesn’t release that information to the public. Regardless, the update frequency depends on what part of the world is getting imaged from empirical data collection. Of course, multiple areas get imaged at the same time. In small, highly populated portions of the continental United States, updates happen as often as every week. For places more isolated, the frequency could be as slow as every couple of months, years, or even longer. Regardless, the bottom line is you cannot find out when your area will get updated in Google Maps, although you can see where Street View will go next—more details on that later.

According to The Google Earth Blog in 2016, the more populated a place is, the more often it gets updated. Cities like New York, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and other important metro areas in the U.S. see more updates than small towns. Rural areas, including much of the United States outside of the coasts, get updated at a much slower rate, only when something is considered important enough to update. For example, if a new land development sprouts up with dozens of houses where there was once a field, Google will update this portion of the map quickly to ensure that they’re offering users not just the ability to see what’s around them but also new addresses of their friends.

Smaller things, including examples like your new pool, aren’t deemed important enough for Google to update their content. This makes some sense, especially considering how often billions of people worldwide change their homes or backyards. After all, those areas do not serve as traveling necessities.

Understanding Google Earth

Google Earth uses satellite-based photography from NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey’s (USGS) Landsat 8 satellites. These tools offer very detailed views covering almost the entire surface of the planet. Google accesses these images and uses a sophisticated algorithm to detect cloud cover and replace overcast areas with previous footage to get an uninterrupted view of the world. All this information is put into a copy of the Google Earth Engine, which crunches all the data and creates the map.

The Landsat program is government-funded, but the data it gathers is available to the entire world. Scientists, researchers, environmental groups, and Google employees are just some people who access the information to learn more about the earth and how it changes over time. According to Google, the data they compile from the Landsat program amounts to almost a petabyte or 700 trillion pixels. It would take almost a billion 1280×960 computer monitors to display the entire map at once!

How often does Google Maps update and when will it update next2

Understanding Google Street View

As with the regular Google Maps program, Google does not release the exact update schedule for Google Street View. Like with Maps, how often Street View is updated will depend on the area you live in. Google is constantly updating metro areas because of the turnover of buildings, restaurants, companies, and more. However, if you live in a rural area, there’s often no need to update Street View until several years have passed. Remember that Street View involves a full vehicle equipped with thousands of dollars worth of camera equipment driving down roads, so don’t be surprised if Street View is only updated in your neighborhood every half-decade or more.

Google’s Schedule for Street View

Although you can’t get a specific schedule of when and where Street View will capture images from the ground, you can see the scheduled areas coming up on a specific Google Maps Street View webpage. This page is a good indicator of where Google Street View has been and where it is going next. Here’s how to use it.

  1. Access the Google Maps Street View webpage.
  2. Scroll down a little, and you will see a section with the current month and year. Choose a country from the dropdown options to see what Google will scan next using their specially outfitted cars.
  3. Click Find out more to break the schedule down further to specific areas, such as cities in the U.S.

The information provided only goes down to the city level, and the schedule includes a monthly range for each area. Regardless, Google Street View won’t tell you which parts of town are set to get updated, but you at least see a general time frame.

Other Updating Features in Google Maps

Google added a feature in the past called “Location Sharing” that allows you to share your location with friends and track friends in real-time when they share their location with you. Google Maps also added content like integrated music player support (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), a speedometer, and accident reporting to help make the platform more powerful than ever. These features are updated regularly.

A more useful addition is the ability to find parking in your city. When traveling, you should see a rounded ‘P’ at various points on the map. This action shows you where there is parking to help you find a lot near you. Furthermore, other icons appear on your routes as well, such as accident reports, speed traps, construction, and even detours. These features also get updated, and they do so almost repeatedly every day because people interact with Maps daily.

In closing, Google Earth, Maps, and Street View all work together to deliver viewable locations. Maps and Street view provide integrated road mapping and updated situations to help guide you to your destination more easily. Street View breaks down Maps into more detail to see views as if you’re walking down the street, and although you cannot get a precise schedule for when a location or property gets imaged in Street View, you can, at the least, see what areas are scheduled based on a monthly range. As for Google Earth and Maps, you cannot view any form of schedule for receiving updated views.

30 thoughts on “How Often Does Google Maps Update? When Will it Update Next?”

Randall Hershey says:
Chariton County Missouri went to county road names in 2011. When is google maps going to change to the road names, as some deliveries here can be found because of this.
John says:
I was looking on google maps and noticed ice starting on all the ponds I never noticed before.
I hope that means there was an update.
Lorraine Kollock says:
Our picture of our house in Lancaster, PA hasn’t been updated in 10 yrs. We moved here 8yrs ago and have updated quite a bit. It isn’t a rural area. I would say it’s suburban. I would like people to see what it looks like now.
William J Littler says:
I have noticed over the years that my property boundaries move slightly south over the years, features are no longer in the places where they were in 1998, is this consistent with improved method of measurement from Google Maps?
Willoughby says:
I’m loking at my parents home, and it has not been updated since 2008 (it’s in the middle of nowhere).
goof says:
my house was first recorded in October of 2007, then updated in July of 2009, then updated once again in July of 2011 and hasn’t been updated since lol
Wilson Nyogbe says:
How can I find out when Google streets last updated my address? I need to know when the photo of my house was taken.
Andy says:
This is not quite correct. Google uses whatever imagery is available. In the US, the most comprehensive, high-resolution imagery is free from the USDA National Agriculture Imagery Program (NAIP), which provides pixel resolutions of 0.5 or 1 m. Landsat resolution is 30 m and you’d have a hard time seeing more than a fuzzy blob instead of a house. Your tax dollars at work!
Jan says:
On my Android phone, Google Maps shows a picture of my house that’s about 10 years old. on my Google Earth app it shows a picture of my house about 5 years old. I can tell by the different things that are landscaped. A friend of mine has the foreflight app on his iPad and it shows Landscaping that was done within the last 2 years. Three different apps three different photos. How does that happen?

I have gone to Google Play Store to update my apps. they’re updated. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my apps on my Android phone, both Google Earth Google map to no avail.

Can anyone tell me how to get the most current satellite picture on my Android Google Earth and Google Maps apps?


Jeanette Murphy says:
we live in Whyalla South Australia. Have just discovered our google street map hasn’t been updated in 10 years……
Wilson says:
I want a brand new view on google maps in NJ
Kimberly L says:
Of more interest.. when one provides feedback in the map app…. Where does it go? Is there a specific division that reads the feedback?
Thats Lame says:
Follow Your World ends on September 30, 2019. Google ends that program since they prefer to spy on you more instead of catering to people’s updated locations. Its a shame really. No option for the public to use, just for them themselves only. Maybe peek through your windows too.
Cynthia SCHLOMKA-KNAUFf says:
Please update Google maps. Our address was changed in Feb 2019 from county rd 140 to county rd 13. We didn’t move the county just changed our road
S. L says:
They don’t. We are looking for land. Go to find out there’s a house with paved driveway on the land that Google don’t show any dwellings on the land.
Sarah says:
Check your county’s GIS site; those let you check plots of land for who owns them.
Jack says:
Equally awful is the unrequested ‘blurring’ of another’s property. Google never check ID nor reverse the decision which stays forever. By far the worst aspect of Google Maps.
Gary says:
I’ve done an experiment between the mobile & web version of google maps and google earth and found that google maps mobile app has the latest images from 2 to 3 years, google earth (web & app) and google map web version images are at least 6 years outdated

I live in the Savannah Georgia area and done the comparisons by viewing construction sites I’ve worked on between Hinesville Georgia and Beaufort South Carolina, the images so far had to have been taken in 2013

Bryan says:
It is clear that Google is no longer actively updating Google Maps as quickly as it did in the past. Most areas of North Carolina have not been updated for 3-10 years.
Raven says:
This article is not correct. I live in a well populated area just outside of Baltimore. It has not been updated in 6 years. i live on a main street as well. Google updated side streets 2 years ago but nothing on main streets.
Rick says:
They have not updated “ The Villages “ in Fla in several years
Waseemullah says:
In mine area i think the pics are back away from 2000
Jessica Martin says:
I am upset, because my house hasn’t been updated.
Papertowelupmyass says:
Can they update my local satellite imagery? It’s Asheville NC, and Hendersonville NC. The 3d and 2d view hasn’t been updated since 2015 it’s very frustrating and confusing when I want to go find a place that just got built in the past year or so.
ssf says:
mine is 2013 consider yourself lucky
Col says:
Our house hasn’t been updated in about 7 years and it looks extremely different (better) now. So frustrating we can’t have it updated. We live in a pretty known area in FL too. They should allow us to send our own pictures in somehow.
Gary says:
“Updates every couple of weeks”. Not even remotely true. There was a very large wildfire near my house last December (Thomas fire, if you’re a fire fan). Somewhere around 800 homes burned to the ground. None of that shows on Google Maps or Google Earth.
Amiri R Nichols says:
Yea, that’s what I was thinking.
Mine hasn’t been updated since 2014.
I guess they’d need another division to handle that amount of info and/or some areas aren’t as important than others….
But why not another division? That would create more jobs.
I’ve been restoring my property and it’d be nice to be able to show it off without only having the pics on my phone.
What’s really baffling is that it’s “Google”…….probably the most known brand in the world, if not top 2 or 3.
Not to mention they like to advertise how innovative they are…
Get it together Google.
Alberto says:
When I create a pin drop and label it and save it to my places and I go back in and try to navigate to it. doesn’t give me the option to navigate or directions there’s no info available how can I fix the problem
Jason says:
Google Maps doesn’t update aerial imagery every two weeks. Kansas City’s imagery hasn’t been updated since 2014 from what I can tell, which was 3-4 years ago. A site with much more recent imagery is Unfortunately this site doesn’t have the 3D view, which is what I like most about Google’s.
Eduardo says:
I wonder if the Polygon view (or the standard computer graphic generated view) is updated with the same frequency of the Satellite view or if it is independent… Any idea?


Jo H says:
My mum lives approximately two miles away from me, the view of her house is up to date whereas ours is about two years old!
Amanda Hilton says:
It says on google maps that it was taken in 2012. I think it might have been more than a couple years since its like update.
Peter says:
It would be a great feature if you could determine how old the images you are looking at with google maps. eg. if there was a way to drop a pin and get the publication date of the street view and Sat View.
how often are satellite images updated for iran?
Ambet says:
How can I find out when Google streets last updated my address? I need to know when the photo of my house was taken.
Noah says:
The desktop client for google maps allows you to see in the top left corner hen the image was taken.

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