How to Convert Word to JPEG

Converting your Word documents into picture files sometimes takes longer than expected. The main reason for this is that many operating systems don’t have tools that can do this. More often than not, you have to convert your document into a PDF first.

There are of course exceptions to this rule. It all comes down to your device and platform. Here are some examples and guides that should cover almost every situation you may encounter.

How to Convert Word to JPEG using Online Tool

TinyWow: A convenient tool online that offers free mass conversion while maintaining its quality. This tool never fails to amaze me. There are lots of features you’d like to check out. For now, we’ll guide you through “How to convert word documents to jpeg.”

Let’s get started.

  1. Launch your favorite browser and visit this link
  2. When you reach Tinyhow’s page, navigate and choose the “Word to PDF.”
  3. Then click the “Upload from PC or Mobile” button.
  4. Choose your .DOC file, then click open.
  5. Wait for it to generate.
  6. After it generates, you can download your file in pdf form.
  7. Go back to Tinyhow’s homepage.
  8. Find and choose the “PDF to JPG” option.
  9. Then click the “Upload from PC or Mobile” button.
  10. Choose your converted file, then click open.
  11. Wait for it to generate.
  12. Then an image will be shown to you with a download button.
  13. You can click the download button to save your JPEG output.
  14. You can see all your download files in your PC’s Downloads Folder.

How to Convert Word to a JPG on a Mac

To convert your text document into a picture, you must first convert it into a PDF, using the following steps:

  1. Double click your Word document to open it.
  2. Click the File button.
  3. Select the Save As option.
  4. Click on the format menu and select PDF.
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Right click your PDF file and select Preview.
  7. Click the File button.
  8. Click the Export option.
  9. From the Format menu, select the JPEG extension.
  10. Click Save.

You should be able to do this on any Mac with the Preview app. It does a good job so there’s usually no reason to install other apps.

How to Convert Word to a JPG on a Windows 10 PC

You can’t convert a Word document directly to a JPG on Windows either. But, you can turn it into a PDF and then into an image file.

You simply need a PDF to JPEG converter. Download yours from the Microsoft Store. Use the following steps to convert your document.

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Click the File button.
  3. Select the Save As option.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the PDF file extension.
  5. Open your PDF to JPEG converter.
  6. Click the Select File button.
  7. Open the PDF file.
  8. Choose a save location.
  9. Click the “Continue” to convert.

How to Convert Word to a JPG on a Chromebook

The Chromebook doesn’t come with pre-installed converters either. So, to change your doc file format into a JPG, you need a converter tool.

SmartPDF is a smooth-running app that can do everything for you. It can convert your Word document into a PDF and then to a JPG.

  1. Search the Google Web Store for the SmartPDF app.
  2. Install the app.
  3. Launch the tool.
  4. Drag and drop your document to open it.
  5. Choose the PDF format from the first column.
  6. Press the Convert button.
  7. Reopen the file as a PDF.
  8. From the second format column, select the JPG extension.
  9. Click on the Convert button.

Note that this is an online service so you’ll have to download your files after you convert them. Along with DOC, JPG, and PDF files, the SmartPDF tool also accepts and does conversions for PPT and XLS files.

How to Convert Word to a JPG on an iPhone

iOS devices don’t come with the Preview App installed. Therefore, you need to use something else to change a document into a picture.

From the App Store, you can install The Document Converter. It’s a simple and fast-working app that accepts a variety of file extensions such as DOC, PDF, DOCX, TXT, JPG, and others.

  1. Find and install the app in the App Store.
  2. Launch the app and select an input file.
  3. Pick your output format from the list.
  4. Select PDF first.
  5. Tap the Convert button and wait.
  6. Open the PDF file in the app.
  7. Now select the JPG format for the output file.
  8. Tap Convert.
  9. Save or share the file directly from the app.

Note that this conversion tool requires at least an iOS 10.0 or newer. However, it’s free to use for a limited amount of conversions.

How to Convert Word to a JPG on an Android Device

Android users have access to Word to JPG Converter by SmartApps38. This tool skips the Word to PDF conversion and allows you to directly choose JPG as an output format.

  1. Install Word to JPG Converter from the Google Play Store.
  2. Launch the app and open a document.
  3. Select the output format you want – JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.
  4. Tap the Convert button.

This app goes through each individual page and takes a high-quality screenshot. It then saves each picture under your desired format. For multi-page documents, you can find the converted files in ZIP archives.

Note that you can only adjust the image quality for the JPG format. Also, the app can open both DOC and DOCX file formats.

How to Convert Word to a JPG with an Online Web Service

There are a variety of free and paid online converters that you can use on a Windows or Mac computer.

In most situations, there aren’t many differences between the free and the premium version of an online converter tool. However, when you pay for the service you may receive benefits like:

  1. A higher upload limit.
  2. Changing directly from Word to JPG without going through a PDF conversion tool.
  3. Better JPG picture quality.
  4. Batch file conversions.

The following converters do a good job even in their freemium versions, and they won’t force you to create an account either.

You can drag and drop your Word document in the converter box. The tool then automatically converts your document into a PDF file and offers you a preview. You can save it as a PDF and download it. Or, you can choose the PDF to JPG option from the right panel menu.

This is another very simple and fast conversion tool. You can choose to upload multiple files or drag them in the queue. There is, however, a limit of 20 files that you can queue at the same time.

Once you drag a file you notice a message that says “converting.” Once the process is over, you can download the ZIP archive containing all the pictures. Similar to how the previously mentioned Android app works, this tool also takes snapshots of each page and saves them in a JPG format.

Convertio is an online tool that works a bit slower but creates very high-quality JPG files. Without an account, you can only add one DOC file at a time.

Click the Upload File button and select your file, or use the drag and drop function. Then, hit the Convert button and wait for the program to work its magic. Once the process finishes, you can download a ZIP archive with photos for each page.

Note that the app doesn’t hold your files for more than 24 hours. If you register an account, you can even delete uploaded and converted files manually.

This online converter is one of the most popular web tools for all types of file conversions. Without a premium account, you can still convert fairly large documents with impeccable quality.

One of the biggest advantages of this app is the customization. You can play with many settings such as compression, color, DPI, and so on.

It’s also possible to upload a DOC file and convert it directly into JPG format. Again, each page gets its own file. You can download the photos individually or in an archive after the conversion.

This app works really well for both Windows and Mac users. But its freemium offering has some limitations.

Additional FAQ

Why can’t I save a Word file as a JPG?

Most word processors don’t have built-in options to save a document as an image file. To do this you often need a screenshot tool. However, since taking a screenshot may not always allow you to create a photo with the best resolution, using a proper converter is recommended.

How to take a screenshot of a Word file and save as JPG?

If you’re on a Windows PC, taking a screenshot is very easy. You can use the Alt + PrintSCR command to take a screenshot of your screen. Make sure that your Word document is in the foreground as you do this.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eAfter you do this, the OS saves the image in the clipboard.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eOpen Paint, Snipping Tool, or any other photo editing software. Paste the screenshot into the editor and work on it until you’re happy with the result. Crop the picture and then save it in your desired format.

Final Thoughts

Some apps allow you to convert your DOC files directly into JPG files. Others require you to first turn them into PDF files. Regardless, the end result is usually the same in terms of quality. The choice of tool matters more than how many conversions you do.

The technology almost always works the same, as it takes snaps of the individual page documents and saves them as separate JPG files.

What are your favorite converter tools that you use for single or batch file conversions? What problems do you often encounter when you try to turn your Word files into JPGs or other image files? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments section below.

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