How to Delete Your Netflix Watch List

As the most popular online streaming platform in the United States, Netflix has tons of video content. As such, you’ll probably need a couple of lists to make things easier.

It is for this reason that Netflix created two lists: My List and the Viewing activity list.

In this article, you’ll learn what these two lists are, how to remove titles from a list, and such.

What Are These Lists

Netflix’s My List is the custom curated list that allows you to pick your favorites and access them quickly. Viewing activity is a list of everything you’ve watched on Netflix under a certain account. You can remove items from both of these lists.

For the most part, deleting these lists works the same on most devices.

Deleting My List

My List is easily accessible via Netflix’s homepage. All you need to do to access it, whatever device we’re talking about, is go to your Netflix account’s homepage and navigating to My List (usually in the upper part of the screen).

Once you’ve clicked on My List, you’ll see a list of entries that you’ve added over time. To delete the entire list, you’re going to have to remove the items one by one.

Non-Mobile Devices

  1. Navigate to the My List link
  2. Select the entry that you want to remove
  3. Select the checkmark icon (it will turn into a plus icon, indicating that you’ve removed the entry from the list)

Next time you go to the My List section, you won’t find that item on the list. Do this for every item on the list and you’ll have successfully deleted the My List.

Mobile Devices

The Android and iOS Netflix apps both have the My List link available on your profile’s main page.

  1. Tap My List
  2. Select the entry that you want to remove
  3. Select the checkmark icon

Repeat this process for all the items on the list.

Deleting Viewing Activity

The Viewing activity list is more like a watched history. Still, it is a list that automatically curates all that you watch on Netflix. Naturally, you can hide the entirety of your viewing activity if you choose to do so. The Viewing list is accessed via your account settings.

Here’s how to delete items from Viewing activity.

Non-Mobile Devices

  1. Navigate to your profile image
  2. Select Account
  3. Scroll down to the Profile & Parental Controls section
  4. Select the profile you want to delete the items from
  5. Go to Viewing activity on the list
  6. There should be a slashed circle icon next to every entry
  7. Select it

Repeat this process for every item on the list that you want to remove. To remove all items at once, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select Hide all.

Mobile Devices

Android devices are capable of displaying your Viewing activity list. Here’s how it’s done.

  1. Go to your profile by clicking the More” button in the lower right of the screen
  2. Tap the profile photo in the upper corner of the screen
  3. Select Account
  4. On the next screen, tap Viewing activity
  5. Hide each entry that you want to remove using the slashed circle icon

There’s a Hide all function with Android mobile devices, as well.

Unfortunately, you can’t access this list using the iOS app. The only way to hide items in the Viewing activity list on an iPhone or iPad is to go through your browser. Here’s how to do this with Safari.

  1. Open Safari
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in and go to your profile
  4. Tap the two A icon on the left of the address bar
  5. Tap Request Desktop Website
  6. Repeat the steps as if you were using a non-mobile device


When removing these items from either of the two lists, you should consider what happens afterward.

My List

My List is there solely for the convenience of selecting your favorite titles to watch. Although you’re prompted to add your favorite items to My List the moment you start a Netflix account, it is not responsible for suggesting titles that you might want to watch. It is essentially a “watch later” list automatically customized by Netflix.

The order of My List is determined primarily by the most recent items that you’ve added. However, if a new season of a show that you’ve added becomes available, this will push the item toward the top of the list. Finally, if a title is soon to become unavailable on Netflix, it will also be pushed toward the top of My List.

Deleting the list in its entirety, however, won’t do anything except for losing quick access to your selected content. (It’s another matter if you have to share your Netflix account and you don’t want that person to know what’s on your My List.)

Viewing Activity

On the other hand, your Viewing activity is the entire watching history of your Netflix profile. Based on these entries, Netflix recommends titles that you may like. The Recommended for You section is entirely based on this list.

As you will be warned after deleting an item from the list, within the next 24 hours, the removed item will no longer appear on your Netflix homepage. It won’t be regarded in what Netflix recommends for you. The only way to put it back into the equation would be to watch the title again.

Removing all items from the Viewing activity list will essentially get Netflix to the state that it was in when you first created the profile.

Additional FAQ

How do you delete things off your Continue Watching list on Netflix?

So, you’ve started watching a TV series or movie and you hated and simply stopped watching. Well, it’s still going to appear in your Continue Watching section. Don’t fret over it whatsoever. Clearly, you don’t want to watch this entry ever again so you might as well remove it from your Viewing activity. Yes, this will remove it from the Continue Watching list, as well. Plus, you won’t get any recommendations based on that entry.

How do you delete a profile off of Netflix?

To delete a Netflix profile, you’re going to have to access your Netflix account via a browser or the Android app. Either way, it works the same across devices. Go to your Netflix account and navigate to the profile icon in the upper-right corner. Select Manage Profiles. Select the profile that you want to delete. Go to Delete Profile. Confirm deletion.

How do you disable Are you still watching on Netflix?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an official way to disable the sometimes annoying “are you still watching” prompt on Netflix. There are, however, some third-party extensions for various browsers that can help you disable this function and keep Netflix playing your episodes until you tell it to stop. For Chrome, such a browser extension is called Never Ending Netflix.

How do I remove one device from Netflix?

Netflix doesn’t allow you to remove a single device from your account. However, if your reason for doing this is to kick a user off of your account, there is a way to do this. You’ll have to log out of every single one of your Netflix devices and change your account information. It’s imperative that you do this as soon as possible if you suspect that the user is trying to kick you out of your own Netflix account. If you run into similar problems, contact Netflix support.

How does Netflix know when I fall asleep?

Netflix doesn’t just blatantly stop playing whatever you’re watching after a few episodes. The sleep detection system actually uses an accelerometer to detect when you’re not moving for extended periods of time. This automatically pauses Netflix. Although this is a fairly sophisticated technology, it may not work perfectly, which is why you might want to turn it off using something like the abovementioned extension.

Deleting Your Netflix Lists

You can delete some or all items in the two main Netflix lists. With some effort, you can do it using any device. Keep in mind, though, that this might change your Netflix viewing experience.

We hope that we’ve provided you with enough information to successfully locate, manage, and delete items from the two lists on Netflix. If you have any additional questions or anything more to add, feel free to jump to the comments section below and speak up.

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