How to Find Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces is a fantastic way to hold live audio discussions. Anyone with an Android or Apple mobile device can experience Twitter spaces. However, some Twitter fans don’t know how to find or use it. Finding Twitter Spaces from outside the platform is possible, but we recommend logging in first.

How to Find Twitter Spaces

If you don’t know how to find Twitter Spaces, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will answer all your questions.

How to Find Twitter Spaces You Can Join

Finding Twitter Spaces may appear complicated, but it’s actually a relatively straightforward process. You can locate suitable Spaces like so:

  • Check live Spaces by other hosts on top of your timeline.
  • Search for live Spaces on Twitter. Just enter the term “filter: spaces” in the search box and activate it. Select the most attractive Twitter Spaces and join them. You can also enter a language query in the search box to locate Spaces held in your locality.
  • Visit profiles with a purple ring, as it illustrates live Twitter Spaces.
  • Focus on Tweets that contain the Spaces Card. Tap on the Spaces Card to learn more about the live event. If you want to participate in it, set a reminder. Twitter will send you a notification once the host starts their Space.
  • Check if some of your Twitter DMs, emails, or social media messages invite you to speak or co-host a Twitter Space.
  • Regularly check the Spaces tab. It contains the latest events by Twitter users you follow.
  • Verify if any of your reminders are about the Twitter Spaces you requested to join.

How to Join Any Twitter Spaces You Find

After locating your favorite Twitter spaces, you need to know how to join them.

  1. Click on your favorite Twitter Space. You will preview the hosts and listeners.
  2. Touch the “Start Listening” option to get inside your favorite Twitter Space.
  3. If you want to view other attendees, touch the Guests icon. A list of the Space host, co-hosts, speakers, and listeners will emerge. If you wish to see or hide captions, use the three-dot menu.
  4. Locate “Adjust Settings.”
  5. Then “View Captions.”
  6. If you want to become a speaker after joining a Twitter Space, Touch the Request icon and see if the host will permit you to speak. You can’t participate as a host, co-host, or speaker when accessing the Space from a desktop PC. You can request to speak if you’re on your Android or iOS Twitter app.
  7. To send your remarks, click on the heart icon. It has five reaction emojis. If you want to express laughter, for instance, choose the laughing face emoji.
  8. To share this Space with a friend, there’s a Share icon above it. You’ll get a link to send to your fans or friends.
  9. To exit the Space, move to the top right corner and tap the “Leave” icon.

How to Find and Use the Twitter Spaces Icon

When the Twitter Spaces feature emerged, users couldn’t use it without logging in first. Today, users can share the Spaces they have made through tweets and links. Hence, anyone can find a Space without signing in to their Twitter account. If you wish to locate many Twitter Spaces, log into your account first.

Twitter simplifies your search by highlighting your friends’ favorite Spaces. Here’s how to find the Twitter Spaces icon and use it to create your first Space:

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Touch the blue + icon. Many options will pop up, and you should locate the Spaces icon. It has an audio button.
  3. Click the Spaces icon to start creating your Twitter Space.
  4. Follow simple instructions like assigning a name to your Space and adding relevant subjects.
  5. You can use the Record Space button to keep a record of your live stream.
  6. Touch the Start Your Space icon to complete the task.
  7. Tap the People icon to add the Twitter followers you want to invite to the new Space.
  8. If you want to turn some speakers into co-hosts, enable the Allow mic access icon.

Note: If you host a Twitter Space, tweet your link to friends by clicking the Share via a Tweet button. Additionally, send the link to your fans via DM. This will allow your followers to join your live audio conversations.

Finding and Joining Twitter Spaces From a Desktop Site

Twitter first designed Spaces for Android and iOS app users. Thus, app users can locate new Twitter Spaces on the Spaces tab. They can also find and enter live spaces by those they follow via the purple ring. Unfortunately, anyone using Twitter’s desktop site lacks these privileges. However, they can find and join a space by clicking links on tweets.

They can also find shared links in their Twitter DMs, email addresses, or social media pages.

Desktop site users can set a reminder if they want to know when a Twitter Space will start. Furthermore, they can search for relevant Twitter Spaces with specific keywords. Lastly, desktop site users can listen to recorded Twitter spaces on their interface.

Managing Your Listening Activity and Presence in a Twitter Space

Did you know that Twitter Spaces are open to the public? Anybody can enter your Space even if they don’t follow you on Twitter. Everyone you have invited into the Space will view one another. A profile of a person participating in a live audio discussion will have a purple ring.

If you want to keep your Space activities private, Twitter gives you that option. Here’s how to manage your activities and presence in your Twitter Spaces:

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon.
  2. Click on “Settings and Privacy.”
  3. Select the “Privacy and Safety” option.
  4. Scroll to the bottom area and touch the “Spaces” option.
  5. To block others from your listening activity, disable the Allow followers to see which spaces you’re listening to.

To lock out some Twitter followers from your Spaces, you should remove them. Select the guest list, open a profile, and hit Remove. Click the Block and Remove option to stop a person from accessing your Space and Twitter profile. If you join Space as a co-host, you can remove any user you wish.


Who can speak in a Twitter Space?

Twitter only allows people you invite to speak in your Space. If you want to alter Speaker permissions, create your Space first. After that, tap the Space icon and then choose Adjust Settings to view Speaker Permissions. You can permit everyone or only the people you follow to speak in your Twitter Space.

What is co-hosting, and how does it work?

Twitter allows up to two co-hosts to speak in a Space event. If your live-stream event is large, you don’t have to host it alone. You can delegate the hosting work to two more people. Assign your admin rights to the first co-host to take a break. If you exit the meeting, they’ will take over your duties. A co-host will lose their status if they leave the Twitter Space or demote themselves to the listener position.

Schedule a Twitter Space?

Twitter allows you join other people’s Spaces as a listener, speaker, or co-host. To find the best Twitter Spaces, sign in to your account and check your DM for invitations. Visit different profiles and click those with a purple ring or a Space Card. Once you find suitable spaces, click on “Start Listening” to join. After participating in various Twitter Spaces, you will understand how to set up and host your own.

Do you use Twitter Spaces? How did you find the most interesting options? Let us know in the comments section below.

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bina says:
can I listen to space without logging into my account? Is there a way I can be a listener of the live space but not seen by others and the host?
Steve Larner says:
I don’t think it is possible to listen to Twitter Space without being logged in.

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