How to Get Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight

If you want to load up on Teachable Perks before your next Dead by Daylight session, you’re going to need some shards. Getting your hands on iridescent shards is one of the main ways that you’re going to level your character.

How to Get Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight

If you’re new to this in-game currency, or just have some questions about iridescent shards, you’re in the right place.

Find out why DBD players search high and low for these shards and discover some strategies to get them a little faster.

How to Get Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight

With the integration of the 2.0.0 patch back in 2016, Dead by Daylight players were also privy to a new way to progress in the game: The Player Level.

The feature is a representation of your overall progress on your account, including each character you use to play per session. Leveling up a Player Level depends on XP or experience points from trials, or “rituals”, that are offered on a daily and weekly basis.

Each time you complete a trial, the game calculates XP based on different factors like:

1. Quality of Emblems

As you may already know, you can earn emblems for various tasks while playing the game. These emblems take the place of the previous Bloodpoints system when the game first launched. You can earn different emblems depending on whether you’re playing as a Survivor or a Killer and they correspond directly to the amount of XP earned in total for the session.

In short, the more emblems you get and the higher the quality, the more iridescent shards you earn. The actual amount of shards you may be able to accumulate based on Emblem points is relatively paltry, though, so don’t count on it as the main factor when playing matches.

It’s a very complex point system, but if you want a full breakdown of the points per emblem, the DBD Gamepedia web page is a great source.

2. Total Time Played

In addition to emblems, the game also takes the total time you survive in the trial under consideration to tally the final score, and thus, iridescent shard payout. You get approximately one shard per second of the time played.

The maximum amount of XP per 10-minute match is 600 XP. If you go beyond that 10-minute mark, you aren’t earning XP for time anymore.

Why Is XP Important for Getting Shards?

Earning iridescent shards is directly tied to your level. Each time you level up, you get a certain number of shards per XP. On average, expect to earn 0.072 shards per XP, excluding bonuses like the 300 XP you get for the “First Game of the Day.”

For example, you can start earning shards at level 2. If you want to earn 50 shards, you need to earn 720 XP in the trial. At level 3, it goes up 900 XP for 65 shards.

It’s important to note that the shards aren’t capped, and you continue to earn approximately 0.072 shards per XP until you hit level 99.

Once you pass level 99, you get a Devotion level, and your Player Level resets to Level 1 again.

How to Get Iridescent Shards Fast in Dead by Daylight

The traditional way to get iridescent shards in DBD is by grinding, but impatient players may be able to farm iridescent shards to get them a little faster.

Farming techniques are typically frowned upon by the gaming community as some players feel consider it cheating. However, if you really want to get shards without putting in (much) work, here are a few ways to do it:

Method 1 – Play as Killer and Go AFK (Away From Keyboard)

This method is exactly what it sounds like. Start your match with you as the killer, find a hidden corner and go away from your keyboard for a little while. This may seem a little unethical, but remember that the game primarily rewards time spent in the game, and not necessarily for what you do or your skill level as you play.

This is one of the easiest ways to farm XP for iridescent shards:

  1. Find a match with you as the killer using the “Search for Match” button.
  2. Minimize the game on your screen.
  3. Go do something else in real life for about 10 minutes.
  4. Come back to the game to collect your “hard-earned” XP.

Method 2 – Upgrade Your Gameplay Strategy

You can also play the game and bypass that entire AFK conundrum by updating your strategy while you play. Keep these things in mind to maximize your potential points:

  1. Keep your matches under 10 minutes long. Anything after that is a waste of time XP-wise since you don’t earn anything for time played.
  2. Concentrate on scoring emblems in safer categories like cleansing totems, healing teammates, and repairing generators to up your chances of surviving the full 10 minutes. Remember, it’s not “cowardly”, it’s a smart use of your time.

How to Get More Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight

The game rewards the time you spend playing, so any actions that extend your gameplay to the 10-minute mark help yield more shards at the end of the match. That includes things like:

  1. Staying alive for the full 10-minute mark and making sure you die or end the game at that mark.
  2. Only engage in low-risk actions that yield points like cleansing a “Hex Totem” for 50 points or 20 points for unhooking a survivor.
  3. Concentrate on achieving iridescent level emblems for Lightbringer, Benevolent, and Unbroken. Avoid trying to achieve the highest rank for the Evader emblem because chases severely limit your chances of making it to the 10-minute mark.

How to Spend Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight

You can use iridescent shards in a couple of ways. The first is to exchange them for Teachable Perks at the Shrine of Secrets. Perks cost around 2000 shards, with ones tied to specific DLCs costing 2700 shards.

Generally, there are four random perks at any given visit and they’re refreshed weekly on Wednesdays 00:00 UTC/GMT.

You can also use the shards to buy characters and skins for owned characters in the DBD store.

How to Get Iridescent Emblems in Dead by Daylight

Iridescent emblems are an accumulation of different actions during a match. Both survivor and the killer have their own set of achievable emblems.

For example, as a Survivor character, you have access to four separate emblem categories:

  1. Lightbringer – actions like generator repair and cleansing totems
  2. Unbroken – survival time in the match
  3. Benevolent – healing or unhooking other survivors
  4. Evader – leading the Killer on a chase without sustaining damage

Each emblem rank, except for Unbroken, depends on you gaining as many points as possible in the match. In this instance, the Unbroken emblem levels by gaining the least number of points per action in the category.

If you’re playing as the Killer, you can also gain emblems in different categories, depending on your actions. The Killer emblems include:

  1. Gatekeeper – time elapsed for slowing down the progress for generator repair
  2. Devout – sacrificing and killing survivors
  3. Malicious – interrupting healing, preventing other players from helping each other, hooking survivors
  4. Chaser – finding and chasing down survivors

Unlike Survivor Emblems, the goal of every Killer Emblem is to gain as many points as possible in each emblem category.

You can achieve different ranks or levels of each emblem for both Survivors and Killers. The points and percentage thresholds vary, but the possible emblems you can achieve in a match are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Iridescent. If you’re looking for more shards, the Iridescent Emblem is the one you want to in as many categories as possible.

Additional FAQs

What’s the Best Way to Get Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight?

The best way to get iridescent shards in Dead by Daylight is to play the game. The game rewards players, not necessarily by skill, but by who puts time into it. So, the more time you spend playing the game the more likely you’ll earn XP that can go towards iridescent shards.

Can You Buy Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight?

No, you can’t buy iridescent shards. This form of currency is a way to reward players for the time they spend grinding in the game. Shards are therefore reliant on the XP you earn per match.

How Many Iridescent Shards per Level Do You Gain in Dead by Daylight?

The full breakdown of shards per level gain can be found on the Gamepedia page. Essentially, you earn an average of 0.072 shards per XP in the game. If you have 1,200 XP to jump from Level 4 to Level 5, you can expect around 85 shards for leveling your account.

Is There a Hack for Iridescent Shards in Dead by Daylight?

The most recent hacks available online were patched as of the 2.0.0 update and players aren’t talking about new hacks online anymore. You’d have to search pretty deep online to find something recent since hackers don’t want the developers to get wind of it.

Also, it’s important to note that not only is hacking a game frowned upon by other gamers in the community, it’s also illegal and can result in a permanent ban. If you do choose to try a hack, don’t do it on an account that you care about.

How Long Does It Take to Get 9000 Iridescent Shards?

According to the DBD Gamepedia webpage, you’d need to play around 140 games at 10-minutes per match. In total, that’s close to 23 hours of gameplay, depending on how much XP you receive per match.

What Is Dead by Daylight’s Shine of Secrets?

The Shrine of Secrets is where you can equip Teachable Perks with your unlocked characters. You can buy Teachable Perks with 2,000 iridescent shards. Keep an eye out for weekly updates.

How Do You Farm XP in Dead by Daylight?

You gain the most XP by playing the game. Keep your matches at 10-minutes or less and try to survive (or keep the game going if you’re the Killer) for the entire 10-minute mark. Gaining iridescent level emblems can help, but it doesn’t yield as much XP as that magic 10-minute mark.

Get Used to Grinding

If you want more iridescent shards to buy Teachable Perks or unlock characters, the only sure-fire way to do it is to play the game. Hacks are patched almost as soon as they’re made public and you can’t really farm a game of this type.

Just remember to play smart as you grind. Focus on a strategy that yields the maximum XP and try to stay in the game for the full 10-minutes (no more and no less) to squeeze every last point from each match.

Which method did you find yielded the most XP and iridescent shards? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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