How to Get Rid of Chat in Valorant

If you’ve ever played an online multiplayer game, you know that the in-game chat system is integral to the experience. Not only does it help you coordinate with your teammates, but it also allows players to engage in a little good old-fashioned trash talk.

How to Get Rid of Chat in Valorant

Every IP global chat function works a little differently, though, so, even if you are familiar with all-chat systems, you may need a primer on how Valorant’s works.

Keep reading to find out to chat in the game or how to disable it if you just want to play in peace.

How to Chat in Valorant

If you’re familiar with Riot’s other game, “League of Legends”, you already know how to start the all-chat system:

Press the “Shift + Enter” buttons together.

This command brings you directly into the all-chat box so you can start sending messages globally.

If you just want to send messages to your teammates, press the “Enter” key. Alternatively, type” /all” in front of the messages to send them to the global forefront. This turns the previously private chat with teammates public in-game.

There are three types of chat messages available in the all-chat system:

  1. Team – chatting between your teammates
  2. All – global chat
  3. Broadcast – automatic messages from the game

You could see all three chat types in the same match, so if you’re ever confused about who’s talking to you, look for the prefix in brackets. Each message line contains a tag for the type of message in brackets.

How to Get Rid of Chat in Valorant

Talking smack is an integrable part of the online multiplayer gaming experience, but sometimes it can be too much. So, if you’re enemies or teammates are pushing the limit, there’s a simple solution; Turn off your chat. Check out the steps below to get started:

  1. While you’re in the game, press the “ESC” key to bring up the options menu.
  2. Press the “Text Chat” button for the enemy (or teammate) you want to mute.
  3. Exit the menu.

Disabling the chat for individual members of the match won’t remove the chat system completely. You just won’t receive messages from selected members.

Players occasionally run into an issue where the chat box gets stuck on the screen. It usually happens if you press the “ESC” key while typing in chat. If this happens, this solution can help:

  1. Click into the text box as if you’re going to type a message.
  2. Click anywhere outside of the text box.

Doing this resets the text box and slowly fades it out.

How to Fix Unavailable Chat Service in Valorant

Communication is essential when you’re playing multiplayer online. When a chat system goes down it can put a damper on sessions, especially when teammates don’t have a mic for voice chat.

Riot’s Valorant is no stranger to these chat bugs, and if you’ve played the game for any length of time, you may have run into the dreaded “Chat Service Unavailable” error. As of the 1.02 patch, Riot’s yet to address the chat system error that plagues many players. Luckily the gaming community has found some possible workarounds for this issue:

  1. Log out of the game, restart, and log in again.
  2. Reinstall the game.

Unfortunately, there are no official fixes for this error right now, but with patch 1.03 on the horizon, players will hopefully see an official fix soon.

Additional FAQs

How Do I Change Chat to All in Valorant?

Switching from a private chat to a global one is simple. You just need to type “/all” before the message and send it out to the world. The “/all” prefix opens the chat up globally.

How Do I Open Team Chat in Valorant?

There are a couple of ways to open the chat box in Valorant:

• Global chat – Press the “Enter + Shift” keys together

• Private team chat – Press the “Enter” key

If you want to switch your private channel back to everybody in the match, simply type ”/all” before the message and send it.

How Do You Reply to Whisper in Valorant?

How Do You Reply to Whisper in Valorant?

Whispers are the online multiplayer game’s version of DMs or direct messages.

It means you can send players messages privately. To whisper to someone in the match, follow the steps below:

• Press “Ctrl + Enter” keys at the same time

• Type the player’s name that you want to whisper to and the message

Just remember that you can only whisper to players that you’ve added.

You may also run into a prompt in-game that tells you to press the “TAB” key to complete a whisper. That simply means that you’ve already started typing a name and the game wants to auto-complete it.

You can allow it by pressing the “TAB” key, but the same rule applies: you need to add the player to your list before you can whisper or send a private message to them.

How Do You Uninstall Valorant?

Whether you want to uninstall Valorant to fix the chat error message or you’re just plain over the game, uninstalling it is a simple process.

• Go to the “Start Menu

• Select the Settings or gear icon

• Press the Apps button


• Search “Add or remove programs”

• Select Valorant

• Press the “Uninstall” button

Riot has an anti-cheat program that you may also need to uninstall if you want a clean slate and remove all traces of Valorant completely.

To uninstall the anti-cheat program:

• Go to the Settings menu

• Select Apps or search for “Add or remove programs”

• Click Riot Vanguard (the anti-cheat program)

• Press the “Uninstall” button

If you’re uninstalling the game to fix the chat bugs, you may not have to remove Riot Vanguard as well. Try removing the main game first to see if it fixes the error message before going through the extra steps of removing all traces of the game.

Putting an End to Annoying Chat Spammers

The chat system in any online multiplayer game is an important element for an immersive experience, but some players abuse the system and make gaming uncomfortable for everybody.

If you’re experiencing annoying chat spammers or simply want to talk to your teammates in a private channel, there’s a simple solution. The power is at your fingertips, so feel free to jump from whispers to private chats throughout your match.

Do you use all the chat types when playing Valorant? Let us know in the comments section below.

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