How To Get Snapchat Points [November 2019]

While there’s certainly no shortage of social networks on the web today, Snapchat happens to be one of our favorite social media platforms!

While the app may have faced some pushback over the last few years due to controversial design choices, Snapchat is still one of the biggest social media networks in existence. Thanks to Snapchat’s unique disappearing video messaging, it has been able to thrive in spite of competition from the likes of Twitter and Instagram.

With Snapchat’s disposable photos and videos, you don’t have to worry about how your hair looks, or whether or not the photo you post will come back to haunt you years down the road.

Apps like Instagram have attempted to take Snapchat’s ideas and to iterate (or in some cases, simply copy) the features to some success.

Still, we can’t help but feel Instagram and similar apps lack the sense of fun that Snapchat has retained since its inception.

Some of that fun comes down to the strange quirks and hidden features that still live inside of Snapchat. Snapchat’s map interface, for example, allows you to see an instant location of your friends assuming they’ve activated the feature and have opened the app recently.

The Memories feature inside Snapchat allows you to save your favorite snaps to the app for later viewing or sharing, and the My Eyes Only folder adds a password-protected folder within your phone so you can protect those not-so safe-for-work photos.

Filters allow you to take fun, reality-bending pictures and videos to share with the world.

But one of the strangest aspects of Snapchat, something that’s been around for years with little to no changes, is Snapchat scores. Your score is the number that appears below your profile that rates how often you use the app to chat with your friends and followers.

Despite being around since the launch of the company, plenty of users still don’t know what the points mean or how they function.

Your Snapchat score fluctuates as you use the app, but if you’re looking for ways to maximize your score potential—or just looking for a guide to understanding what the points mean—we’ve got some advice for you.

Being dedicated enough to Snapchat to increase your score will certainly take some work, but with some tips and tricks, you can boost your score in no time. Let’s take a look at the ways you can gather some additional Snapchat points just by using the app itself.

The Basics of Snapchat Scores

To new Snapchat users, the app can seem pretty overwhelming at times. Snapchat’s recent redesign was supposed to make it easier for new users to learn how to use the app, but it only made long-time users feel alienated and lost within the app they once knew so well.

All of this makes sense—even after the redesign, there are panels, swiping gestures, secret menus, Bitmoji icons, and so many additional design features within the app that it can truly be difficult to jump right into Snapchat with complete knowledge of how everything works.

For example, even accessing your Snapchat score can be confusing for both new and old users alike. New users may not be able to find the profile menu within Snapchat’s menus, while old users may not know how to access the relocated profile display in the first place.

Whether you’re an old Snapchat veteran or a brand new user to the platform, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at how to see your score, how scores work within Snapchat and some proven tips on how to raise your score. Read on to learn how to get points in Snapchat!

Accessing Your Score

Start by opening Snapchat on your iPhone or Android device. Just as it did before the redesign, Snapchat loads you into the camera viewfinder interface when you first launch the app, allowing you to take a photo or video immediately.

However, the shortcut to access your Snapchat score has changed since the 2018 redesign. While older versions of the application allowed you to swipe down from the camera interface to view your profile, swiping down no loads the search interface, displaying Top Stories from around the globe and stories locally posted around your area.

Instead, you now have to tap on the profile icon in the upper-right hand corner of your display. If you’ve created and synced a Bitmoji with your Snapchat account, this profile icon will be your Bitmoji’s face; otherwise, you’ll see a Snapchat silhouette as your profile image.

Once you tap on this icon, Snapchat will reveal the brand-new profile display for the redesign, which has been reworked to include a dark-gray backdrop instead of the old translucent window, in addition to the list of your currently posted stories (if you have any).

Like the old interface, you’ll find your Snapcode, which allows for easy sharing of your Snapchat profile with new friends, a Share icon for your profile, the list of trophies you’ve earned, and the ability to access your Bitmoji account using the shortcut posted there.

While this page looks fairly different compared to the old profile page in Snapchat, one thing that hasn’t changed is the information below your Snapcode. In addition to your username and your Zodiac sign that displays your birth date range, you’ll find a corresponding number that links your account to your point collection.

Depending on how new you are to Snapchat, this number could be as low as a couple of hundred points, or high enough to reach hundreds of thousands of points. This number is your Snapchat score, displaying the full number of points you’ve made over a certain amount of time. Tapping on the score will allow you to see both your sent score and your received score within Snapchat.

Unfortunately, Snapchat has never fully explained how their points system works, so it can often be difficult to keep up with exactly how these points are accumulated.

Still, just by conducting a few tests and following some basic math, we can view a simple breakdown of these points based on what we do know.

    • Sending or receiving a snap awards you with a single point, though some snaps do seem to award additional points for unknown reasons.
    • Sending snaps to multiple people at once doesn’t award you with additional points. Just because you send the same snap to thirty, sixty, or one hundred people from your Snapchat friends list doesn’t mean you’ll get additional points.
    • Posting a snap to your story gains you a point, but viewing stories do not.
    • Likewise, posting video stories with multiple videos (reaching over the ten-second mark) doesn’t seem to gain you any additional points.
    • Forming or continuing a streak doesn’t gain you additional points. And just as you can’t continue a streak by sending a chat message, sending chats doesn’t increase your Snap score either.

As mentioned above, these are just what we know definitively nets you those coveted points. That said, there are some weird outliers where points increase in large amounts without any kind of explanation for why the points increase in the first place. Still, we can use the guidelines above easily to determine exactly how to score some bonus points.

How Do I Increase My Snapchat Score?

If you’re a Snapchat user seeking to raise your score as quickly as possible, let’s take a look at how to game the points system in Snapchap to help you gain more points.

If you’re looking for a way to raise your points on Snapchat, you aren’t alone. Millions of people have searched Google trying to find hacks to get more points as fast as possible in Snapchat.

Though we can’t vouch for any of these “hacked” methods and Snapchat can permanently ban your account for breaking the rules, so you should probably stick with approved methods for gaining points.

As such, we here at TechJunkie focus on real methods rather than on hacks. These legit methods are “white hat” methods that avoid getting you into trouble that some of the “black hat” methods you will find.

This is our quick guide to a few methods you can use to gain new points quickly on Snapchat.

Interact With Celebrities

While plenty of celebrities have moved onto Instagram to reach their followers as opposed to Snapchat, you can still score some additional points through Snapchat by adding and interacting with celebrities on the platform.

Entertainers, singers, and actors all have large followings on Snapchat that allow them to present their lives to their followers in a more traditional way than their fans may be used to. This platform also helps celebrities have additional control over their personal and professional appearances that they might normally not have.

Whether your snaps get seen or not really depends on the celebrity in question—some will open them and some won’t bother. More often than not, it really depends on the size of the celebrity in the first place.

However, the celebrity in question doesn’t necessarily have to look at your Snap for you to gain the point. You just have to send the Snap to get credit for it.

For this to work, you’ll need to rely on sending snaps to celebrities you’ve added to your account using their Snapcodes or their usernames. If you haven’t added any celebrities to your account yet, don’t stress.

Not only are most celebrities ready and willing to accept fans on their accounts. While this is by no means a full list of celebrities, here are some solid celebrities to start with on your quest to gain more snap points. These celebrities are known to be active and have large followings on Snapchat.

  • Ariana Grande, musician: moonlightbae
  • Casey Neistat, YouTuber: caseyneistat
  • Chelsea Handler, comedian: chelseahandler
  • Chris Pratt, actor: ChrisPrattSnap
  • Christina Milian, musician: cmilianofficial
  • Chrissy Teigen, model: chrissyteigen
  • David Guetta, musician: davidguettaoff
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, actor and pro wrestler: therock

  • Ellen Degeneres, comedian: Ellen
  • Gwen Stefani, musician: itsgwenstefani
  • Jared Leto, actor: jaredleto
  • Jessica Alba, actor: jessicamalba
  • Jimmy Fallon, comedian: fallontonight
  • John Mayer, musician: johnthekangaroo
  • Justine Ezarik – ijustine
  • Kate Hudson, actor: khudsnaps
  • KT Tunstall, musician: realkttunstall
  • Lady Gaga, musician: ladygaga
  • Macklemore, musician: mackandryan
  • Marques Brownlee, YouTuber: mkbhd
  • Meghan Trainor, musician: mtrainor22
  • NE-YO, musician: NEYO1979
  • Reese Witherspoon, actor: snapsbyreese
  • Ruby Rose, model: rubyrose
  • Sam Sheffer, YouTuber: samsheffer
  • Shane Dawson, YouTuber: lolshanedawson
  • Taylor Swift, musician: taylorswift

By adding celebrities to the list of people you follow on Snapchat, you’ll not only get an inside look at their lives, but you could catch a glimpse behind the scenes of their work as well. And, while plenty of Snapchat users may hate the new update, Snapchat’s redesign actually rewards following celebrities.

Almost every user mentioned above is now considered an “Official Story,” which means searching for their username to follow their lives is even easier before. Searching their name in Snapchat will likely load their verified account, which means you don’t have to worry about accidentally adding a fake account.

Snapchat’s update also separates these stories from your friends, putting them on different tabs to the left and right sides of the camera interface. This makes it easier to differentiate between different types of stories.

This does mean, however, that you’ll have to use the search function to send snaps to your celebrity followers, as they won’t appear directly in your friends list following the update. To do this, just look for the profile when you search for their name, then select their icon to begin chatting with the user.

Instead of sending your Snap-celebrities a chat, tap on the center camera icon to open a viewfinder. Take a snap of whatever you want and send them the snap to receive a point. In our tests on Android, it seems like the app doesn’t refresh your score until you close and reopen the app, so don’t panic if you didn’t receive your addition points right away.

We do suggest sending various snaps to a large number of celebrities instead of just spamming the same person over and over again. Remember that the person might be receiving notifications of your Snapchat activity, which means you won’t want to blow up their phone or you may face getting blocked.

Finally, remember that sending the same snap to thirty celebrity accounts at once will only net you a single point. For the best results possible, give each celebrity individual attention with a Snap. This will take more time but it’ll be worth it if your objective is to score more points.

Start New Streaks with Friends

This one isn’t quite as fast as spamming celebrities on Snapchat with snaps of your surroundings, but it is a surefire way to make sure you’re sending and receiving a large number of Snaps while you’re on the platform.

Streaks are one of the most popular aspects of Snapchat, with thousands of users competing to see who can get the longest streak in Snapchat history with their friends. Streaks offer a fun way to track your Snapchat activity and can encourage you to continue to chat with your friends.

By starting additional streaks with your friends, you’ll guarantee that both you and the other person are sending snaps to each other at least once a day, raising your Snapchat score by two points per streak.

If you manage to get fifteen streaks going, that’s a minimum of 30 points a day for sending and receiving snaps from your friends. Plus, once you get your streaks high enough, you can join our readers in competing for the longest streak on Snapchat to date.

This is an incredibly fun and effective way to easily gain Snapchat points. So, if you want to increase your Snapchat score, get in touch with a few friends to start some new Snapchat streaks.

Find a Friend Who Wants to Gain More Points

Building off the idea of starting streaks with your friends on Snapchat, you can ask people on your friends list if they’re interested in building up points together, thus guaranteeing that you won’t be spamming a person who isn’t interested in Snapchat points.

Ask your friends to see if anyone is looking to raise their score; once you find one or two people, it won’t take long to increase your sent and received scores, quickly leading to a huge gain in your account.

As long as you have agreed with your friend to spam each other with snaps, no one can possibly get upset, and your score can rise quickly throughout the day.

Sending three hundred or four hundred snaps to another person each day (with the same amount received by your account) means you can reach upwards of 800 points a day, or 5600 points a week. Give it a couple of months of snapping back and forth, and you’ll reach your high score goal in no time.

While this method may take a little bit of time and determination, it is the easiest and quickest known method for increasing your Snapchat score.

Final Thoughts

Snapchat points are an interesting feature that most users don’t completely understand. While the points aren’t actually worth anything themselves, Snapchat scores do offer a fun and unique way to track your activity with your friends.

Once you understand how Snapchat points work (as much as you can), you really can start to game the system to maximize your points. Sending messages to celebrities, starting new streaks with your friends, and agreeing to raise your score with a friend are all quality ways to raise your score without bothering your friends and family with massive amounts of snaps or stories posted to your account.

Since your points within Snapchat raise depending on the amount of content you send, it’s pretty easy to raise your points on the platform by finding the right people to send photos and videos. Sometimes you can even find new friends online, within communities like Reddit, that will agree to exchange Snaps with you in order to maximize their points.

It really is pretty simple to build up your score on the platform once you know what you’re doing.

Hopefully, our guide has helped you get your score as high as you want it, while also offering a brand new way to meet up with friends and celebrities on the platform.

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Let us know in the comments below how well your hunt for high Snap scores has gone, and we’ll let you know if any new methods for raising your score become obvious.

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