How To Increase the Pen Size in Snapchat

Snapchat is constantly releasing updates to add and improve on various functions. For a long time, it wasn’t possible to change pen size when adding text to or drawing on snaps. However, a recent update changed all that. Now, Snapchat users have even more power over their photos.

How To Increase the Pen Size in Snapchat

How to Draw On Your Photos

Let’s start with the basics. Drawing on photos is easy and fun. Simply snap a new photo and look to the editing options on the right hand side.

Tap on the pen icon, then use your finger to draw on your photo. You might notice that a color bar appeared on the right hand side. Use this bar to select a new color for your pen.

Don’t like your new masterpiece? Once you start drawing, an undo symbol will appear in the upper right of the image. Tap this once to undo all the drawing you’ve done since the last time you lifted your finger. Tap it again to keep going. Be careful though, there is no button to put back work that you’ve removed.

How to Edit Pen Size for Drawings

If the pen is too large or too small for your liking, use your fingers to pinch it smaller or pull it larger. Just place your thumb and forefinger on the screen and spread them apart for a larger pen. Do the same and move them closer together for a smaller one.

Once you’ve adjusted the pen size, the pen will disappear. Tap and drag your finger to draw again. You’ll see that you’re now using your new pen size.

Other Drawing Options

Of course, you’re not limited to just color if you want to add some artwork to your drawing. Snapchat lets you draw with some fun symbols as well. Tap the smiley icon on the right side to see more pen options. A series of symbols will appear. Tap on one to draw with that symbol. Tap the bottom symbol on the bar and drag down to see even more options.

You can edit the size of the symbols you’re drawing with too. However, Snapchat is still facing a few glitches in that department. If you make the symbol too big, it won’t draw properly. Instead, a single copy of the symbol will appear every time you put your finger down.

How to Add and Edit Text

If you’re more of the literary type, consider adding some text instead. It’s easy. All you need to do is tap on the T at the top of the editing menu on the right. This will bring up your phone’s typing pad. Then type whatever clever or catchy line has come to mind.

When the typing menu comes up, a color bar should also come up. Use this to change the color of the text just as you would the color of the pen.

You can also try tapping the T again and again to change the size and format of the text. These options are very limited. You can only make the text big or small. You can also only center the text or make it left focused.

After you finish typing, hit Done to accept the change. You can move the location of the text around your photo with your finger.

Not Good Enough?

Don’t worry. Snapchat is always full of surprises. There will be another update along in no time.

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